Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic Article Rewriter Review: Reasons Why i Paid For It

As being a freelance seo for 3 years i had used several seo techniques in which article marketing was best but at the same time it was a tedious job often taking a large part of my routine and since i have to complete my contract on a tight schedule i was feeling much frustrated with my work but not any more currently i am using magic article rewriter and till now i have satisfied with what it has done for me here is my complete review on this tool.

Now I don't spent hours on writing part:

Why should i spent as i can create multiple copies out of a single article in addition to that articles are unique with it's really powerful semi automated rewriting software you can get your articles rewritten at enormous speed. Previously it use to take whole day to rewrite an article but now in just 1-2 hours i am able to rewrite dozens of articles.

I don't have to hire writers now

Hiring content writers has always been my last option well i hate hiring them because they charge me 15- 20$ for each article which always squeez out my seo earnings and as i have said before i am a freelance seo expert so i don't have someone throwing thousand of cash to fund their seo project so i always have to work with a tight budget and most of the time i usual hire when it seems that i can't complete my job within deadline

Magic Article rewriter can save your funds so no need to throw your cash on writers anymore. 

Article Directories Don't Hate Me AnyMore:

Who wants to publish duplicate content You, Me Nahhh we want original content exactly that's my point and most of the directories generally reject your duplicate article what it means to you? No backlinks baby, and we all know why we want that got damn links for ranking so overall posting duplicate content = Rejection = No links = No Traffic. A big thumbs down to your article marketing campaign.

Magic Article rewriter can save you from all these nightmares as it generates original content which search engines loves and so do these article directory owners. 

Protected By Refund Policy

Magic article rewriter comes with 30 days refund policy which handles by clickbank, which acts as a bridge between you and the vendor so when you buy this product clickbank keeps hold on the money for 30 days and doesn't releases it until 30 days passes by after that it releases the fund to the vendor so for some reason if you are not satisfied with this product so you can claim full refund, with no question asked.

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