Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rank Cracker Review: Beat Your Competitors With Their Own Gun

Product Name: Rank Cracker
Created By: Matthew Woodward
Rating: 94/100


Rank cracker is an awesome tool that you can use to replicate your competitors backlinks. However it requires you to use third party seo tools such as traffic travis to extract backlinks pointing to your competitors website then you need to import those data into rank cracker.

Backlink analysis software that i found works best with this tool is Traffic travis but you can use any tool that you use for backlink analysis.

What this software does is that it will tell you how you can get backlinks from that exact place and suggest the best tool you can use to get links from those places.

Currently it supports SeNukeXCR, Magic Submitter, Ulitimate Demon, Sick Submitter, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Wiki Bomber, ArticleKevo, SB Bomber, SiQ Submitter And NoHandSEO

You can tick out the software you currently have and this software will find out common footprint your competitors are using.

Special Feature: If somehow rank cracker come up without any tool for some website it will extract the contact information so you can directly contact the owner for links to add up.

It let you send emails to the owner either individually or in bulk so it saves time by mass emailing to link
acquisition prospects.

This tool can also be used for removing bad links pointing to your website just use rank cracker on your own website.

Final Verdict

Personally if you ask me rank cracker is worth to try considering it's free and you can use it with some free backlink checker tool such as backlinkwatch if you want to use this tool without spending your dollars.

Currently i am using it on some of my hobby project just to get contact details of website owners.

You can try rank cracker for 100% free as you have nothing to lose.

Long Tail Pro Review: Does It Work?
Product Name: Long Tail Pro
Type of Software: Seo
Rating: 99/100
Official Website:


Long tail pro is keyword research software that you must have in your seo arsenal they are many features which i have found can help your online marketing effort and at the same time save your time. This review going to be in faq style where i try to answer every general question being asked about this software.

Why Should I Target Long Tail Keywords?

When you compare the conversion rate of longs tails with generic keywords longs tails bring the most conversion why? as people search long tails are looking for specific item and if you have them in your website then you will have big chances to get a sale. For example if a user is searching for a "gym accessories" he or she might look for various option available online it might be from your website or from your competitors this decreases the conversion rate moreover geric keywords are more competitive and it can take good amount of time to get your website rank for such term.

Now take the same example of a user search for some "gym accessories under 100$" now that user is searching for a items at specific price range so you can aspect more better conversion if have the same item at that price range and this keyword would much easier to rank on compared with the first one.

How It Will Help Me In Ranking?

 Long tail pro suggests keywords that you can use on your titles for better organic traffic it also analyses titles of your competitors and checks various criteria such as domain authority, moz rank, inbound links they have as well as age of those domains names which will give you an estimated idea about why your competitors are ranking for those terms. You can use those date to make necessary changes on your website to rank better on serp.

I Want To Build A Niche Site How It Can Help Me?

Niche site building is a good way to earn some extra cash while spending few hours a week but the major problem with this strategy is you need to get a keyword rich domain name and it's really hard to get one these days with market being more saturated and domains being registered at lightning speed it really difficult to get domains with your desire keyword. You have to dig a lot to find some empty seats.

While you search for your long tail keywords this software automatically searches for available domains simultaneously which saves a big amount of time as compared to doing it manually. You can also specify your search to find domain names with specific extension such as if you only want to check available .com domains.

What Makes Long Tail Pro Special?

When you upgrade you LongTailPro To platinum version it unlocks many new features, i really like to highlight KC(Keyword Competitiveness) feature which makes calculation based on various metrics such as links, authority, domain age and titles of the top 10 search results and provides and estimate keyword competitiveness score.

Before Long tail pro when we usually start a project we just jump blind folded we don't know weather we will be able to rank our website or not? or keyword which we are going after is competitive or easy but with KC feature you can determine the competitiveness and only work on those low hanging fruits it's a good way to save your time and only work on keywords that you can rank upon.

Start You 10 Days Free Trial 100% Risk Free

Friday, November 14, 2014

My Honest Review On Power Suggest Pro
Product Name: Power Suggest Pro
Rating: 98/100


Power suggest pro is a powerful keyword suggestion tool that can literally suggest you thousand of keywords based on real time search data.

Many bloggers at some moment run out of blog post ideas they just can't think of what to write next, this tool is great way of finding about what people actively search for.

But, wait there are some free tools available so why you should pay for power suggest pro well, when you think about free there is only one tool i guess it's good and that is google's keyword tool and let me show you how google keyword planner fails at some points while power suggest pro scores the best.

Recently, i was planning to sell my internet marketing ebook so i had to do some keyword research based on what people would buy my my marketing course. I discovered vast different in the search results of google keyword planner compared with what power suggest pro has generated.

Here is the first screenshot with google keyword planner.

As you can see from above screenshot i didn't get an accurate data on what people actually search for what i did get is some generate keywords.

I did the same search on power suggest pro and you can see the difference.

Same Search On  Power Suggest PRO

As you see this is what i was looking for so with that you can write a content based on the keyword above to get most out of the organic searches or you can use this data for your ppc campaing what more fasinating thing i like about this tool is that it not just provide keywords but also competition so that i can target the easy keywords with least amount of competitor, along with that it extract keywords from various search engines and when you are at internet business every search engines count.

But what i found missing on this tool was it doesn't tell you  the search volume of each keywords but that's not a big deal you can export this data on excel which you can upload on google keyword planner to get search volumes withing minutes.

Local Market Research

Local marketing builds on local searches while other keyword research tool just tell you bunch of keywords but power suggest pro can give suggestion based on location.

Screenshot of geo targeting feature.

Reveals Buying Keywords

Some keywords generates traffic while there are some keywords that bring sales just like the following keyword look how easily power suggest pro reveals buying search terms

Final Verdict

Market research is extremely important if you understand what people searching for one must remember that it becomes much easier to generate a sale after you understand the problem of people and you offer them solution with your product and with power suggest pro market research has become much simplified and easy.

Try Power Suggest Pro 100% Risk Free

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Instamember Review : The Best Wordpress Memebership Plugin
Product Name : Instamember Wordpress Plugin
Rating: 98/100


There is a big money that can be made with a membership website, you charge monthly premiums which makes it lucrative business then collecting pennies with advertisements.

Here i am going to review instamember a plugin that going to help you build your membership website the review going to be in a faq style where i will try to answer every general question arises regarding this product.

Question 1: Why Only Instamember Not Anything Else?

Answer: As a membership site owner what should be your first priority, to get members and make money so first thing you should look in any plugin is it's and it should not take much maintenance time if are spending a large part of your scheduel in maintaining your website then you have surely made a wrong choice with instamember you won't going to have that problem as it's a plugin that installs on your wordpress blog and everyone knows how easy is to maintain a wordpress, so a lite plugin like instamember maintaining your website takes just couple of minutes it's interference is user friendly and clean.

Question 2: Anything It Can Do To Improve My Sales?

Answer: If you have a product the best way you can boost sales is by recurring affiliates, but problem is it's really a tough job to manage affiliates you have to setup payment processors at the same time manage their affiliate income which makes it impossible to launch your affiliate program individually.

Instamember team understand the need of an affiliate program for a successful membership website and that's why they have added inbuilt affiliate management option which automates everything from managing account, making payments and everything.

This is an unique features that i haven't seen in any other plugin and i can't imagine an membership website without an affiliate program.

Question 3: How Do I Charge My Members?

Answer: Instamember supports leading payment processors such as paypal or they can pay their subscription with any debit or credit card.

Question 4: How Much Time Does It Take To Setup Everything?

Answer: It  just going to take your 5 minutes yes, within 5 minutes you will setup your membership site up and ready to go.

Question 5: Have Found Anything Bad About Instamember?

Answer: I haven't found anything bad to talk about other then the fact that it's has lots of features like that affiliate one, if you have small subscription website you won't going to need affiliates right away so that option going to be your future requirements.

 >> Satisfied?? Get Instamember Here <<

Point Blank Seo Link Building Course Review
Product Name: Link Building Course
Created By: Point Blank SEO
Official Site:


I usually don't buy link building course because i use to believe i already know enough but i am a constant subscriber of seo blogs i am following pointblankseo from over a month after reading many post over a week i realize how much more i have to learn, when it comes to link building you have to think out of box.

Things like getting links from twitter profiles, or getting links via paying some webmaster for hosting was something that i have neither heard or read in any blogs all i use to get same old rehashed ideas like do article submission do forum postings blog commenting and everything else was just repeated over and over again.

Experience With Link Building Course

This course is truly a gem and highly recommended not just for beginnings but also for an expert now i believe seo is ever changing and you need to keep updated with new link building ideas.

Rare Collection on Link Building Ideas: If you are "pissed off" by reading same techniques over and over again then this course will truly blow your mind some tips were short but they were so unique that i called myself why i haven't thought this way i was surprise that links can be achieved with so many different tactics but we are still using old school methods.

Access To Resources: They also get you acess to hundereds to website where you can easily get links for that too with high page rank and authority currently i am using those resources on one of my project and i am watching good results on my rankings.

SEO Tools: There are dozen of tools out there but we either don't know about it some of them can cut your seo time in half on this course you will also get to know about lots of recommended seo tools.

Latest Information: Problem with seo methods is that they gets outdated really fast what techniques working right now might not work in future what best part about this course was all content were upto date according to the latest seo trend.

But above all best things i like overall was all these things i have found in one place i don't have to wander around to find all these.!! If you are doing seo or if you are an seo expert then missing out these can be like dropping off a diamond.

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Niche Website Success Review : Lisa Irby Success Blueprint Revealed
Product Name: Niche Website Success
Created By: Lisa Irby


Lisa irby is a well know internet entrepreneur she has started her online business career with several failed projects until she was successful with her website 2createasite she has good experience in niche website building as she owns several niche websites along with a successful webmaster forum called websitebabble.

What i Liked?

The best thing about lisa is that she always take genuine approach while doing affiliate marketing and even selling her ebook she has always been honest like there are other affiliate marketers selling their courses based on some extra ordinary success with various false claims like "you don't have to work" or something like "success while you sleep".  They take very hard selling approach, which i always hate

But the truth is until you take action there won't be any reaction to earn some real money you need to work hard. If there was some job that doesn't require any hard work then no one would share it with others.

Niche website is all about creating a niche profitable website it has covered everything you should need to build your own niche website empire you just need is time and dedication.

What You will going to learn,

  •  How to choose right niche to being with: Every niche is not good money makers so first chapter will help you select the right product to promote.
  • Keyword Research: You will learn tricks to find out what search phases people going to use to find your website.
  • Monetization: You will learn how you can earn money with your visitors of your website.
  • Blog vs. Static Website
  • Website/Blog Building Tips
  • Organizing Your Content
  • Traffic Building Tips (SEO, Social Media, List Marketing, Pinterest, etc.)
  • How to Write Quality Content That Stands Out
  • Conversion : How you can turn visitors in readers and readers into buyers
  • Adsense Earning: Adsense is the biggest ppc program by google you will learn how you can boost yoru adsense income.
  • Video (YouTube) : Youtube is the second favorite place for searching videos this chapter will help you how you can use youtube videos to earn money.
  • eBook Creation: eBook selling is pretty much hot business you will learn how to create an ebook and selling it.
  • Legal Information
  • Free Workbook!

Final Verdict

Niche website success is great course and highly recommendable for anyone from beginners and to some professionals. It's not a get rich quick scheme neither some auto pilot income program which are mostly scam. You will get genuine training and ideas that work!! Good Luck.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Lazy Money System Review : Make Money Being Lazy
Name: The Lazy Money System
Owner: Hans Peter Jeschke


The lazy money system might sounds like scam to someone who is novice but it's not the things that makes something scam is the business model it follows if it's unclear then you can bet that it can be a scam.

Earning from bidding on keywords is something that is being done in the past but only with google adword, it was really a hot money maker of that time, those who have mastered it perfectly made a lot of money just by reinvesting their money and keep repeating their strategy over and over again, it was like a goldmine at that moment things were easy as it required literally no hard works just right strategy to make good amount of money then came the big problem when google adword change their ad police which doesn't allow you to direct link to an affiliate page thus making money with ppc suddenly vanished. There are lots of people regret of not starting ppc soon while others who have made good bucks move on to something else.

So after that this strategy was not much being talked about and thus it went unpopular with time until bing advertising was launched as you might know that bing is the second most visited search engine after google and the good news is that it allows you to link to your affiliate page directly.

Suddenly the dead tricks of ppc came alive again with bing so now you can call it a golden chance to start things back and repeat the history it is the right time to take action until things goes away from your hand second time.

But wait? before driving into ppc world you need to understand that ppc might not require you to start a website, neither it require you to write articles, forum posting, selling or blogging but it still requires good planing and right technique without that you will only burn your pockets rather then earning.

The things that going to bite your hard earned money are

Choosing bad product: If you fail to choose right product even if you scratch your head with any amount of keywords you will neither make sale or any profits so choosing a right product is extremely important.

Bad Selection of keyword: Each keyword will get you different results some will squeeze more money while making zero sales while some good ones will generate good sales but less investing.

So as you can see you need to keep investing until you hit the right set of keywords along with right products to create a successful ppc campaign

Other factors also need to be taken care of are your ad description which often a pitch which leads to good click through rate on your ads.

Now What "The Lazy Money System" Will Do For You?.

What i have said above sounds too complicated and techie then good news is that you don't have to do all these things, hans peter(lazy system creator) will give you Exact Keyword he uses along with Exact Ads titles and description he used along with Exact High Converting Product he promotes. He also guide you in signing up with bing account and also tell you how to get free 50$ bing coupon.

So your part is to copy what he has done and make money that's it no more work on your side....

Try lazy money system 100% risk free with 30 days money back guaranteed!!

Buyer Protections And Guarantees

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Article Marketing Robot Review : Is It An Useless Tool?

Product Name: Article Marketing Robot
Created By : Vincent Severson
Official Website:
Article marketing has been an oldest method of link building most seo's says article marketing doesn't work these days as nobody likes to republish duplicate articles on their website so no one going to use content of an article directory but this might be true but they all miss one point.

Even if your submitted articles might not get republished but what about links from article directories itself, these directories has good amount of link juices as well as since your article is relevant with website so they also pass out relevancy that's what i like about these article directories.

Article Marketing Robot : Your Best Friend In Article Submission

When it comes to article submission you can go with either two path one that follows manually visiting each and every article directory and registering and after that submitting your content and since there are literally millions of article directories out there things can become much more time consuming.

The idea is not to work hard but work smarter with article marketing robot article directories submission can take couple of minutes with this incredible software you can take a break for cup of tea and in that time this software keeps on submitting your content in it's in build list of article directories.

 What i liked about AMR

After trying several submission tools one thing i have noticed is that article directories often doesn't allows automated sign ups which is a big issues and most of them use some sort of captch to avoid such sign ups you would be glad to know that amr comes with decaptcher feature which solves captcha code automatically so it makes this software unique and unbeatable as compared to the other ones in the market.
Note:  To avail decapther facility you have to sign up with decaptcher service price is 2$ for 1000 images.

Link Reporting: Another feature which i found missing on other submitters was link reporting the problem with article submission is that you have to visit on each article directories to check whether your articles were approved or not so it doesn't makes sense why one should submit articles using a software as at the end you still have to visit thousand of article directories and moreover each one them have different approval time so you have to keep checking each day.

But what i liked about amr is that with their live link reporting this software automatically checks your articles status by loging on to article directory sites.

Thirdly, it automatically spins your content after each submission so each directories gets unique content so you get good approval rate.

Before You Buy 

Before you get article marketing robot make sure you add fresh article directory list as what i have discovered is that amr is using some outdated list and some of the directories have shut down so you need to add some fresh directories that you can find it anywhere like in blogs, forums just google it.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Info Cash 2 Review A Product By Chris Carpenter
Product Name: Info Cash 2
Created By: Chris Carpenter
Website: Visit Official Site

Chris Carpenter and creator of best selling ebook google cash has brought a new product called info cash 2 a video training program where you can learn step by step affiliate marketing methods via ppc which enables you earn money.

Without a website.
Without any face to face selling
Neither doing any phone calls
OR doing anytype of hard selling

Why I Like "Info Cash System"

Google has long been hating affiliate marketers or network marketers so they reject any ad campaing with an affiliate link which leaves one door open for affiliate marketers is to go seo route but problem with ranking organically takes month to comes into effect.

What info cash system going to teach you is utilizing facebook graph search a new feature which allows you to search internet without leaving facebook so if someone using facebook currently wants to search for best cat bread they can search it without opening a new tab and go the google for the searching they can search it within facebook, the results are provided by bing search engine.

How This Going To Make You Money

Currently there are not much competition out there and you can get flood load of traffic to your affiliate page or anything you are promoting just by spending pennies on clicks.

It's a only golden chance right now and big money can be made with this opportunity but you need to act fast before it gets overloaded with other money seekers but to harvest this moment effectively you need to bid on right keywords that convert you need to understand what people search for what search pharses people use to buy until you don't know these thing you can't make money out of it.
The links above and right ones are paid search results as you can see there are not much advertisers right now you can easily get your affilite page at those spots, and moreover since search results are powered by bing you can advertise your affiliate program directly as bing allows affiliate marketers.


Support: Support is based on comment which is present in each training video this is where you can ask question directly to chris and other info cash members and get instant replies.

What's More on Info Cash 2

The video traning doesn't end here it stretches way beyond to creating your own blog and email list building which will teach you how a simple blog can help you make good passive income just by spending two hours a day.

It also covers up basic training like setting up your affilite account, restration of name of your website like and hosting and various other basic trainning.

What's Even More on Info Cash 2

The video training continues to third section which teaches you starting your own informational product and make bigger bucks by selling it, In this phase of training you will learn all sorts of marketing techniques you need to promote your products via email, info graphics utilizing product launches recruit affilites plus live support 24*7

Need Free Bonus? !!

As i have mentioned chris has also created google cash a very popular ebook he is giving out for free to all new info cash member as a free bonus.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CPAFix The Dojo Review : What's Inside

Product Name: The Dojo
Price: 147$ (One Time)
Website: Visit Official Site
While writing this review i was bit excited because i run a forum myself so forum kind of stuffs excites me everytime.

CPAFix The Dojo What is It

The dojo is premium section of a forum called affilaitefix in this section you will find out vast variety of affilite marketing training videos and webnairs bring shared daily exclusively for dojo members.

You might think 147$ is too much for a forum membership but you are getting way beyond benefit with such deal i think they are grateful enough to provide this at such rate.

First of all they are charging it for lifetime membership so there are no monthly headaches lifetime access for premium content is itself a big money saver compared to lots of training courses which are charging 150$+ for monthly coaching.

The best part about this program is it's forum based if you have every bought some trainning programs most of them contains 10-20 lessons with some videos but have you every imagined if you have any problem in between these courses you can't ask anyone about it this leaves you confused and training program must be in such a way that it doesn't leave you confused.

Since the dojo is a forum so you can easily post your question in there so if any problem you have can be answered immidieately either by some experts or some senior dojo members.

The Problem With Free Forums

Some people might argue that there are so many various free forums available so why should pay on dojo first of all in a free forum where anyone can join may provide you with wrong ideas and wrong information as anyone can join those forums and present themselves as an expert you might get some answers from people that doesn't even know what they are taking about here are few screenshots of such stupid replies you get in these free forums.

While dojo is not just a forum where you get expert answers to your question but don't forget you will are getting lifetime access to videos and webnairs which are added daily remember expert internet marketers are busy guys they have more important things to handle then wondering off some free forum.

Remember nothings comes free if you need quality info you have to pay for premiums and it's fair as they are giving you their precious time.

So get started with dojo and get ready to open the door of affiliate marketing.!!

Buyer Protections And Guarantees!!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ak Elite Software Review : Don't Buy It

Ak Elite Review: Don't Buy It Until You Read Our Full Review

Product Name: Ak Elite
Created By: Brad Callen
Rating: 98/100
Website: Visit official Website
Ebook selling is a big business on amazon and according to recent research and revenue data amazon has claims that their kindle book sales have surpassed physical book sales,

The power of amazon makes it easier for anyone to come and sell their ebooks on amazon. Moreover you don't have to worry about selling in fact amazon will sell your ebooks for you Yes, really amazon is the biggest shopping sites and it promotes it products on it various sales channel but it's is selective in what it going to promote you have to show them that you have something that people wants and how you gonna do that? Simple by making some initial sales and with the help of ak elite you can get those initial boost for your kindle books and leave the rest to amazon.

How Ak Elite Can Help You Get Your Amazon Success?

Selling you ebooks is not simply limited to creating and selling it, it's far more than that let say you created an ebook on some topics that you know now how do you know that there is a demand of what you have created remember if there are no buyers then even if your ebook is a masterpiece you will struggle to get sales,

So here "keyword research is important" so with ak elite you can search what people are searching for so that you can create ebooks based on demands, ak elite not only just tell you about demands but it also analyze competitors so that you don't have to face too much competition, this powerful software analyses each and every top listing for the selected keyword and tell you why they are ranking at the top and give you suggestion on how you can outrank them.

Analyzing competition is really important, many people don't understand the importance behind it like if you have created an ebook on some hot topics and their are too many sellers then obviously it will decrease your chances of getting a sale and moreover if competitors are well funded so that's gonna hurt you even more.

Not all ebooks make money some make more some makes less but if you have ak elite by your side you can identify hot niches those niches which does have high demand but have low supply, a perfect setup for making big money.

Ak Elite Book Club : A Last String In Getting Better Ranking on Amazon

It's a well know fact that positive reviews affect buying decision according to the survey conducted by Dimensional Research sponsored by zendesk, they found that 90% of the consumers online make their buying decision based on positive reviews about the product.

Ak elite book club is a part of ak elite system and being a member you can easily generate positive reviews on your kindle eBook thus boosting your sales to the new heights.

How Ak Elite Book Club System Works?

Inside ak elite book club there going to be other members like you all you have to do is review their ebooks and they in turn do the same so it's a win win formula for both the member all this happen under a secure system create by software, which insures that both member have exchange there reviews on each other kindles.

But Wait!! There is lot more happening apart from these reviews

Brad callen team studying on amazon kindle search factor have found that amazon ranks a kindle based on "sales and positive review", So if you get more reviews it not just boost your sales but it will boost your ranking too which in turn bring on even more sales.

Amazon Verified Review: Now here comes the real deal the reviews that get above were standered reviews which can be posted by any amazon users even if they haven't bought your product thus it can easily be faked so amazon doesn't put so much weight on these kind of reviews.

The powerful reviews that really matters is amazon verified reviews these are from the people which have bought your kindle.

How you can get these verified ones?? Simple you have to do the same thing which i have mention above inside ak elite ebook club all you have do is to buy other members kindle and leave a verified reviews and they will do just the same and then you will find your kindle rankings zoom up on the amazon searches...

Unfortunately i haven't found this features elsewhere other then ak elite so get this software right now!!

What Makes Ak Elite Different?

Ak elite was created by brad callen he is the same guy who have created "Seo Elite" an analytic software that helps you rank on google so brad's team has expertise and experience with analytics stuffs which makes this software unique also they have inbuit powerful rank monitoring system which keeps checking your position on amazon kindle search results so you don't have to open up amazon and search for your ebook position this software will automatically tell that to you along with  the improvement in ranking as compared with the past one.

Buyer Protections And Guarantees!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Review : A Simple Way To Earn Good Bucks Online

If you have ever used twitter you might have encountered with url shortners with twitter limited character criteria posting long url was not possible without url shortners which can shrink long urls in short in just one click.

Websites like and tiny.url went to become famous with their link shortening services but all these shortners just shortens the url but there is one website which you can say a paid version of url shortness so now you can make some bucks while doing what you already do. is service though which you can earn by shrinking urls the program works like this.

For example you need to update your twitter status and you found an interesting video on youtube and you want to share it with your followers but instead of using some regular url shortners you decided to use now when you put your url in it converts it to a tiny link just like this one() which you can post on twitter now if someone visits those urls instead of going to youtube he will land on page with 5 second time and only after that period he can either skip and go the destination url. So you will earn every time when someone clicks through your links but pay rates vary based on the country from where the click was originated most high paying ones are united states and canada if you can bring clicks from these countries you can expect good income from

What I Liked

There are lots of things which i love about first there minimum threshold is just 5$ as i have joined many "earn money online"  and "get paid to this that blah blah blah" programs but i hardly had any success in reaching out threshold amount so overall with little effort you can get your money out of account.

Website Entry Script : When i fist joined i wasn't expecting much from this program things like shrinking url and sharing it on twitter and facebook was too much work for me but i found something powerful which has potensial to make some bigger bucks and that was their website entry script.

So it works like this if you have any website and when you past this code in that whenever someone visits your website ads will load and thus you get paid for every user visit your website so i just have to bring visitors to my website and the rest will handle and you don't even have to pay money to start a website i have compiled an article based on making money with here:

>>Click Here To Join <<

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shoe In Money System Review

The fall rate of online internet business is about 95% so there are only 5% of the people who are tasting the success do you want to know why the fail rate is so high not because people are not working hard but the problem lies in the strategies they use,

They follow wrong people get wrong ideas so their business doesn't make it well, they fall in the trap of self proclaimed internet marketing guru who themselves don't know what they are doing.

Shoe In Money System

Shoe in money system is an membership based internet marketing training program which have been developed by jeremy shoemaker.
Jeremy With His Check

Jeremy Shoemaker A Guy You Can Trust

Jeremy shoemaker is a well know internet marketer and need no introduction he is a founder of nextpimp and auction ads he has been featured on various high profile blogs and he is being invited in many search marketing conferences so overall he is reputed and he is in few elite group of people who are making bigger bucks over internet.

He is also famous for his first check his he uploaded on his blog it produced quite buzz over internet and went viral. Jeremy also own his personal blog where is blog about internet marketing which too quite famous with more than 2,00,000+ active readers each month.

His Blog Reader Base

What you will get inside?

Inside you will get training videos which covers all the basic to professional internet marketing training you will learn how to start a website and make it a business. You learn how to promote your website and bring the visitor which in turn leads to sales.

Overall it's a blueprint of strategy of what Jeremy has applied in his own business so if he can achieve it you can too.

What I Didn't Like?

Contains too much information newbies might feel confused and overwhelmed but if you go though slow you might get along with this quickly. So practicing each steps will help you learn better and never skip anything each lesson is interconnected with each other if you skip video 1 you won't understand video 2 and apart from that system is good and informative.

For Whom This Program Is For

This program is for anyone who want to get financial freedom or want to earn some side cash additional to there day job, even if you don't have any internet marketing background the best thing about this system is that it's made for a guy like you, it's made in such a way that anyone with zero knowledge can learn and become a professional internet marketing business personality.

Making money online sounds like dream for anyone only this job can let you earn full time income without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Steven Hall's Auto Affiliate Program Review
Program Name : Auto Affiliate Program
Created By : Steven Hall
Product Claims: Helps You Earn Passive Income Online

I have written this review with faq style so i have tried to answer every general question that comes with this product.

Tell Me More About This Product?

Auto affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn passive incomes online completely on auto piliot as they have claimed.

How This Program Works?

You will get ebooks created for your in any niche you want each and every week and these ebooks are distributed within your website don't worry they will provide you with a ready made website along with a hosting ready for you , free ebooks has been used as a bait by internet marketers for decades to acquire new customers and sales, people like free ebooks as they are free they don't hesitate to give it a shot soon after reading these ebooks they want to read more as these ebooks are written in such a way that it encourage sales at this point you will offer them either some products or some paid ebook written by auto affiliate program writers.

Free ebooks are promoted on social media sites that too handled by steven hall's team you don't have to lift any fingers for this these social media promotions will bring more passive streams of customers which will eventually convert into paid ones.

What i didn't Liked About This Program?

You have to pay monthly fee to keep getting ebooks each week but since you are getting a constant supplies of ebooks  it's worth the price as it's not free to get an ebook written each week.
Soon after few months your profit going to surpass the amount you are investing each month and then you will start making profit.

Earning Potential

It's has huge earning potensial as you will keep adding more free resources to your inventory soon you will have large loyal buyer base which will constantly buy new releases on your website instantly you just need to add free feed burner subscriber option so that people will be notified about new releases so overall your profit will keep heading up after each passing month.

Good Luck,,,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nextgen Paid Surveys: Don't Waste Your Time

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Product Name : Nextgen Paid Surveys
Price: 49.95$
Creator: Jason Webb

Are Online Surveys Scam?

There are large group of people feel that online surveys are scam but the truth is they are not companies like hp, amazon and ebay do invest big sum of money (in millions) to get customer data to increase their products better and their services.

These analytics and data are really important for a company because the better they understand their market and their customer the more they can sell their products to them.

Am i Going To Earn 1,157$ per Week?

What nextget paid surveys claiming to earn 1,157$ is all bullshit i do agree that companies invest huge amount on surveys but they are divided into smaller units so an individual like you only going to receive a small portion of that money in their website they said that you going to earn 5-75$ for each survey just forget about it you won't earn that big the maximum i had earned once for a survey was 5$ and but most of them were 0.50 - 2$ range and moreover it takes time to complete a survey with lots of questions after question.

and it's too boring to continue feels like giving an exam everyday and there is a minimum threshold limit so you won't get paid right away you have to meet a certain minimum amount until your payment going to release it took me 4 month so to see my earnings but it feels good even if i would have earn more if i tried something else but watching money after month of waiting brings smile on your face.

Note: There going to be some surveys which is only available in certain areas so if you don't live in their you can't participate in that survey and you won't get paid by "nextgen paid surveys" it just a tool that grabs surveys from various third party survey site and serve before you the third party survey sites are the ones who going to pay you for the survey.

Do Nextgen Is A Scam Finally?

No, it's not, it's just tool that helps you earn money by attracting high paying surveys but it won't make you rich either it saves your time as their lots of individual survey site going on each one of them finding a survey can be time consuming without this tool. Apart from that there is a money back guarantee with this program so if you want you can take a ride yourself without risk to see how it goes if you didn't like the product you can claim you money to get full refunds and refunds are handle by another company clickbank which protects the buyer rights.

So overall if you are looking for some pocket money nextgen can be good for you but get ready to get bored really it was really really boring to answers those question hit next for the another one each time.

My Final Review


Whats Now?

Don't get dishearten there are some legitimate ways to earn online but for that you have to get your hands dirty and work hard to see money rolling in each month. Check out blogging with john chow course after reading that you will be able to create your own legitimate business online.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Honest 7 Day Cash Money Review

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Product Name: 7 day Cash Money
Created By: Jean
Price: 2.95$ 7 day trial and after that you can upgrade to 49.50$

First i want to clear up some myths associated with this course
No 1, you won't make 25,000$, 3000$ and not even 100$ in just 7 days the title has been given just to illustrate the time period in which you going to complete this training course.

But, this doesn't make jean the creator of this course as fake the information and the things you going to learn inside are genuine and the success jean has found has been due to her years of hard work and skill she has invested in learning and implement.

How Much Should I Expect With This Course?

The success you going to get is between 200-400$ after 2-3 months of work and over time the speed of profit going to increase because you would have money to reinvest overtime after 6-8 months you should expect 1000$+ and in for 10-12 months you can stretch you goals upto 2000-3000$.

But don't get excited with the numbers if you are a lazy guy who think about money all the time without work don't get this course buy some lottery and pray to get lucky. Some people just want to earn money but they hate to work hard.

Remember the founder jean use to work 8-10 hours a day to reach at that level which she is not so atleast you should work half of her time and also you have the right knowledge so you will do the right thing take on the right steps, the time jean took up her internet marketing career she has zero knowledge about this business so she had to start from scratch but you have the power of 7day cash money system so you won't have to face such hurdles which she has faced.

What This Course Going To Teach Me?

Adsense and clickbank are the popular method of earning right now, you will learn about how to build a successful adsense site, learn about driving traffic to your site the good part about adsense is to you won't have to sell anything so this route going to be easy for starters and for clickbank you will learn about creating an affiliate website promoting and conversion.

I recommend leveraging the limited time trial because it going to last soon....

Is this course a Scam?

Definitely not, let assume that it might be a scam and you paid 2.95$ to get 7 day trial with such low amount you can take a sneak peak of what is inside the member zone and after 7 days it's upto you whether you want to continue or move on with your life and your money.

The money you going to lose is 2.95$ it's a amount that will get you a burger for a day. So it's not a big deal that you should think much. and by the way you won't loose that 2.95$ too because of the 60 days money back protection hehe....

Final Review

Associate-O-Matic Review : Best Way To Create Amazon Affiliate Store

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Amazon associate program is a popular affiliate program through which you can earn a generous commission of upto 15% for each item sold by you.

If you have ever dreamed of making your own amazon affiliate store then associate-o-matic is the best tools available right now other alternatives are either too complicated to install neither they have much features which only associate-o-matic offers.

Unmatchable Features of Associate-O-Matic

Hassle free installation: as it's without database so not much programing skills involved. You just have to look for a hosting that supports php that's it.

Unlimited Store License: If you own multiple stores you won't have to pay for each store you create it's a one time payment so you can use it on as many site you can.

Access To Amazon Review: This script also extracts reviews on amazon so you visitor will only redirect to amazon unless they are making a checkout.

Free Themes: Although it easy to design associate-o-matic store but for those who can't afford a designer it has a theme pages where they have prebuild themes according to different niche.

Integrate With Your Blog: You can also add associate-o-matic as a side store in your blog or a website so even if you are running a business you won't have to start a new site separately for your store you can add a store right on an existing website.

Seo Friendly: If you want to get more visitors in your affiliate store search engines going to be your best friend so assiociate-o-matic team understand the requirement that's why they have made it seo friendly you can set you own custom titles description on the product to get more better placement on the search engine.

Final Review