Thursday, January 23, 2014

IDplr.com Review: Don't Be A Stupid!!

If you are not using IDPLR, I believe you have taken a stupid decision not because this membership would have saved a lot of your blogging time which you might be wasting without it.
On this review I am going to reveal what you should aspect and what you should not with this product. There are many things which they have claimed on their website which I don’t think work as they have claimed so here are some bullet list of those claims and the actual reality right in front of you.

1# Content can be used in your blog (False)
Truth: No, not really it can be used on your blog but don’t aspect Google going to rank that content up on their search result duplicate content never made it to the first. It’s duplicate because you are not the one who have bought IDPLR Membership there are many people like you and they have thought the same way.

2# Selling It on Your Blog or Website (True)
Truth: Yes, it’s true you can sell it off since it’s a plr product you have full rights to sell it under your name as if you have created it so it’s a good way of getting 8000+ products at dirt cheap. A heafy amount of money can be made this way.

3# Creating Membership Website (Quite Possible)
Truth: Yes it’s possible to create a membership website where you can put those IDPLR products for your premium subscribers but you need another tool such as instamember to set up a membership website. Instamember is a plugin that can turn any wordpress blog into a membership based website in minutes.

4# Build A Website For Flipping It For Profit (Not Really)
Truth: A website build on plr product content doesn’t sound good to me first since duplicate content doesn’t like by search engines so it’s going to hard to find a buyer as no one wants to buy a website that has duplicated content. You might sell it on Flippa but you are just Lucky because no advance webmaster going to bid on such website.

5# Making Money With Google Adsense (HE HE)
Truth: First you need visitors to make money with Google adsense and with IDPLR loaded on your blog you failed on that first part case close it’s not possible to make money that way.

6# Use To Build List (Best Use And Recommended)
Truth: It’s the best thing you can do with a IDPLR products. You might have heard this line “Money is in the list” and actually, it’s really is. Email marketing still the most viable and reliable source of making money online and still it’s the best tool for any affiliate marketer. To execute email marketing you have built a list but the problem is no one going to give their email address easily people have become very conscious about giving their emails so you need a bait. You can call it like a bribe that you can provide to get their emails and that is where you can use these IDPLR products.

You can lure them with free ebooks, informative videos, or software in exchange for their emails and then keep providing them with free infos which in turn build a trust with your subscribers and eventually recommend them any product you like sell and they will gladly buy from you with a smile because they trust you and your recommendation.

Most top affiliate marketers are using these techniques from decades

7# Use As A Bonus (Recommended)
Truth: Bonuses really improves conversion rate of what you are selling or recommending if you an affiliate marketer you can attach these products as a bonus with your main product this way users get more viable reason to buy from you as they might get the product they are looking for anywhere else but they won’t get that bonus which only you are offering.

8: Use Content As A Press Release (You are Rejected)
Truth: Most authority press release website won’t accept a press release that has been submitted elsewhere so most of the time you content just get rejected you might pass on by some of them but they are mostly junk press release site. You might not get that seo benefit from such press release website.
9: Turn Content into Audio Series (Possible)
Truth: It’s possible to turn content into audio series either by reading content and then just recording all that you have read or you can use podcast software which turn any written software into audio with a click of a button.

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  1. I have joined idplr and think it is great. I just wanted to ask it says on some products (ebooks) that you can use them for building a list but you aren't aloud to give them a way for free so wasn't sure if using the ebooks to gain emails is an exception?