Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jim Edwards's 7 Day eBook Review : A Guide To Become Successful eBook Seller

Ebooks are not... dead they are actually bigger business then ever.
The ebook business has changed - and distribution has changed... but ebooks are alive, well and kicking MAJOR BUTT!

In fact, Amazon - the web's #1 retailer with billions of dollars in sales - recently announced they now sell MORE ebooks on kindle than they do physical books!
eBooks are only getting BIGGER and there's never been a better or simpler time to create, publish, & sell your own ebooks.

But even with all that opportunity, most people are still blowing it when it comes to ebooks...
In fact, here are the Biggest Mistake people currently make...

6. Biggest Mistake People Make:

1,They either target the wrong audience... or they go after a market that doesn' even exit.
2. They have no clue how to choose their book's title (and lose massive sales because of it)...
3. Don't understand how to publish or format their eBook based on each distribution channel...
4 Don't understand the new ways to create unique ebook content fast..
5. Don't know when their ebook is "good enough" to publish (and when it's not)...
6. Don't understand the business MODEL around ebooks or how to exploit it in their niche to make the REAL profit they crave!

But This Course " How To Write And Publish Your Own Eboook... In As Little As 7 Days" V2.0 will help you to make real profits by selling eBooks.

"7 Day eBook" V2.0 Contains

All- new, update techniques based on a decade of NEW experience....
Includes Kindle and other mega-publishing platforms like nook and ipad...
Plus it includes Jim Edwards's PROVEN 72-hour eBook creation model!

Before you download this course you should know a little bit about Jim Edwards

He has been successfully selling ebooks since 1997
He has published dozen of ebooks
He Has sold MILLIONS of dollars worth of ebooks
He Has built up customer and prospect lists totaling in the hundreds of thousands
He has taught ten of thousands of people how to do what he do with ebooks and downloadable products.

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Some More Topics That This Course Going To Cover

  • The TRUTH about the eBook "Business" and how to use it to build a empire instead of just a money hobby
  • 4 Ways to create your own unique ebooks with ORIGINAL content (NOT PLR)
  • Formatting and Publishing
    It will cover everything you need to know about getting your text formatted and ready for everything from kindle to selling as a PDF n your own site
  • Kindle Marketing and Publishing
    Discussion about web's #1 ebook store and the TRUTH about how you can leverage it for auto-pilot profits
  • eBook pricing in TODAY's world
    Learn what you should charge and WHY for maximum return on your time and effort

6. Other expanded topics includes:

  • Researching your topic and analyzing your competition
  • The TRUTH about how to keep your eook from being stolen
  • The facts about ebook covers! Do you need one and where do you get it?
Plus insight into kindle covers and graphics
Distribution option everyone can use to get their ebook in front of buyers fast
How to title your ebook to drastically increse your chances of making sales
The #1 Thing you can do to increase your ebook sales and take control of your cash flow
                                                                   And Much More...



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