Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exit Splash Review: An Honest Review On This Incredible Tool

Exit splash have been developed by dave guindon this tool is actually one of my personal favorites because the results it can bring is awesome this tool helps you leverage your site's full potential it's said in order to be successful you need to think differently focus on those areas where your competitors never thought about.

Outgoing traffic is one of such things which mostly left out people are keep busy in improving their quality of their content and add social media buttons here and there in hope to hold the visitors eyeballs but no such method is as effective as exit splash.

A quick review on how it works,

Let say joe visit your website while searching on google he then looks at your content but somehow he doesn't find what he was looking for so he decided to turn back in hope to find more indepts information on that topic but suddenly he clicks on back button or even close button a pop up appears magically which have some freebies such as informative ebooks, videos tutorials and many others but to download them he needs to give his active email in exchange.

Yepi! you got a subscriber

This is what happening in one of my test website and it is really effective just wait for a second and think how much visitors you are actually missing if you don't have exit splash installed? Catch Those outgoing fishes now...


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