Thursday, July 3, 2014

IM John Chow Review: Can You Trust John Chow?

Hello guys i am back with yet another review last week i bought an ebook called IM John Chow the first eBook i bought from this guy was blogging with john chow which i was really impressed with personally i didn't have planned to buy this one as i thought i might be reading the same old stuffs which i already know, but since john has always given me surprises i thought of giving it a shot, when i was new to blogging i have always followed john chow and even now i am following this guy but after 6 years of my blogging career i felt i know everything but after getting this course it made me feel that there are still many ideas to explore and believe me i have double up the profits which i use to earn with my blog.

Short Review: It's A Complete Bundle

What i liked about this one is the indepth of information it contains did you know importance of colors? and it's effect this was new to me and there were many other small small sort of things which can lead to bigger impact on your blog from subscriber building to boosting your social media presense this book is a gem if you are serious about your blogging and really want to earn something out of it and don't want to follow something which will only going to lead to dead end then IM john chow course in which you should invest your money in.

This Course Covers Basic Too

This course covers some basic things like setting up your blog, installing blogging software and customizing adding plugins and other techi stuffs which i was surprise to see in their asother course generally skips them for any newbie which is completely new to blogging is like a child lost in a jungle he needs a complete proven path that going to lead him from a newibie to a pro blogger but as other courses doesn't covers these techie stuffs most people fail to get their blog live.

New Launch So New Stuffs

This product is freshly launched item so it has all updated information about what is going on currently if you are new to search engine marketing then let me tell you search engine have become much much smarter it's very hard to get your content ranked on the new search engine algoritms but this course has all the information strategy which can help you get your blog loved by search engines.

Module 5 Is a Killer 

If you have planned to buy this course do read module 5 as it covers list building, list building is a powerful art which can magically boost your income i do know about list building but i haven't tried it yet and i didn't knew about this one all i used to know about search engine marketing and monetizing via ads list building going to be a killer information not everyone teaches you about building a list and even if they do tell you but they won't reveal how to do it effectively luckily you can have IM John Chow course and learn without begging before some elite bloggers.

Ask Any Question To John Chow Personally

John Chow is an elite blogger they are bigger better and those class of blogger which are really doing big in the blogosphere they know what they are doing and they have made themselves master in the art of blogging and what can be better if you get a chance to ask them anything about your blogging problems they are their for your help and this option is priceless.

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