Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nextgen Paid Surveys: Don't Waste Your Time

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Product Name : Nextgen Paid Surveys
Price: 49.95$
Creator: Jason Webb

Are Online Surveys Scam?

There are large group of people feel that online surveys are scam but the truth is they are not companies like hp, amazon and ebay do invest big sum of money (in millions) to get customer data to increase their products better and their services.

These analytics and data are really important for a company because the better they understand their market and their customer the more they can sell their products to them.

Am i Going To Earn 1,157$ per Week?

What nextget paid surveys claiming to earn 1,157$ is all bullshit i do agree that companies invest huge amount on surveys but they are divided into smaller units so an individual like you only going to receive a small portion of that money in their website they said that you going to earn 5-75$ for each survey just forget about it you won't earn that big the maximum i had earned once for a survey was 5$ and but most of them were 0.50 - 2$ range and moreover it takes time to complete a survey with lots of questions after question.

and it's too boring to continue feels like giving an exam everyday and there is a minimum threshold limit so you won't get paid right away you have to meet a certain minimum amount until your payment going to release it took me 4 month so to see my earnings but it feels good even if i would have earn more if i tried something else but watching money after month of waiting brings smile on your face.

Note: There going to be some surveys which is only available in certain areas so if you don't live in their you can't participate in that survey and you won't get paid by "nextgen paid surveys" it just a tool that grabs surveys from various third party survey site and serve before you the third party survey sites are the ones who going to pay you for the survey.

Do Nextgen Is A Scam Finally?

No, it's not, it's just tool that helps you earn money by attracting high paying surveys but it won't make you rich either it saves your time as their lots of individual survey site going on each one of them finding a survey can be time consuming without this tool. Apart from that there is a money back guarantee with this program so if you want you can take a ride yourself without risk to see how it goes if you didn't like the product you can claim you money to get full refunds and refunds are handle by another company clickbank which protects the buyer rights.

So overall if you are looking for some pocket money nextgen can be good for you but get ready to get bored really it was really really boring to answers those question hit next for the another one each time.

My Final Review


Whats Now?

Don't get dishearten there are some legitimate ways to earn online but for that you have to get your hands dirty and work hard to see money rolling in each month. Check out blogging with john chow course after reading that you will be able to create your own legitimate business online.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Honest 7 Day Cash Money Review

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Product Name: 7 day Cash Money
Created By: Jean
Price: 2.95$ 7 day trial and after that you can upgrade to 49.50$

First i want to clear up some myths associated with this course
No 1, you won't make 25,000$, 3000$ and not even 100$ in just 7 days the title has been given just to illustrate the time period in which you going to complete this training course.

But, this doesn't make jean the creator of this course as fake the information and the things you going to learn inside are genuine and the success jean has found has been due to her years of hard work and skill she has invested in learning and implement.

How Much Should I Expect With This Course?

The success you going to get is between 200-400$ after 2-3 months of work and over time the speed of profit going to increase because you would have money to reinvest overtime after 6-8 months you should expect 1000$+ and in for 10-12 months you can stretch you goals upto 2000-3000$.

But don't get excited with the numbers if you are a lazy guy who think about money all the time without work don't get this course buy some lottery and pray to get lucky. Some people just want to earn money but they hate to work hard.

Remember the founder jean use to work 8-10 hours a day to reach at that level which she is not so atleast you should work half of her time and also you have the right knowledge so you will do the right thing take on the right steps, the time jean took up her internet marketing career she has zero knowledge about this business so she had to start from scratch but you have the power of 7day cash money system so you won't have to face such hurdles which she has faced.

What This Course Going To Teach Me?

Adsense and clickbank are the popular method of earning right now, you will learn about how to build a successful adsense site, learn about driving traffic to your site the good part about adsense is to you won't have to sell anything so this route going to be easy for starters and for clickbank you will learn about creating an affiliate website promoting and conversion.

I recommend leveraging the limited time trial because it going to last soon....

Is this course a Scam?

Definitely not, let assume that it might be a scam and you paid 2.95$ to get 7 day trial with such low amount you can take a sneak peak of what is inside the member zone and after 7 days it's upto you whether you want to continue or move on with your life and your money.

The money you going to lose is 2.95$ it's a amount that will get you a burger for a day. So it's not a big deal that you should think much. and by the way you won't loose that 2.95$ too because of the 60 days money back protection hehe....

Final Review

Associate-O-Matic Review : Best Way To Create Amazon Affiliate Store

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Amazon associate program is a popular affiliate program through which you can earn a generous commission of upto 15% for each item sold by you.

If you have ever dreamed of making your own amazon affiliate store then associate-o-matic is the best tools available right now other alternatives are either too complicated to install neither they have much features which only associate-o-matic offers.

Unmatchable Features of Associate-O-Matic

Hassle free installation: as it's without database so not much programing skills involved. You just have to look for a hosting that supports php that's it.

Unlimited Store License: If you own multiple stores you won't have to pay for each store you create it's a one time payment so you can use it on as many site you can.

Access To Amazon Review: This script also extracts reviews on amazon so you visitor will only redirect to amazon unless they are making a checkout.

Free Themes: Although it easy to design associate-o-matic store but for those who can't afford a designer it has a theme pages where they have prebuild themes according to different niche.

Integrate With Your Blog: You can also add associate-o-matic as a side store in your blog or a website so even if you are running a business you won't have to start a new site separately for your store you can add a store right on an existing website.

Seo Friendly: If you want to get more visitors in your affiliate store search engines going to be your best friend so assiociate-o-matic team understand the requirement that's why they have made it seo friendly you can set you own custom titles description on the product to get more better placement on the search engine.

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