Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Review : A Simple Way To Earn Good Bucks Online

If you have ever used twitter you might have encountered with url shortners with twitter limited character criteria posting long url was not possible without url shortners which can shrink long urls in short in just one click.

Websites like and tiny.url went to become famous with their link shortening services but all these shortners just shortens the url but there is one website which you can say a paid version of url shortness so now you can make some bucks while doing what you already do. is service though which you can earn by shrinking urls the program works like this.

For example you need to update your twitter status and you found an interesting video on youtube and you want to share it with your followers but instead of using some regular url shortners you decided to use now when you put your url in it converts it to a tiny link just like this one() which you can post on twitter now if someone visits those urls instead of going to youtube he will land on page with 5 second time and only after that period he can either skip and go the destination url. So you will earn every time when someone clicks through your links but pay rates vary based on the country from where the click was originated most high paying ones are united states and canada if you can bring clicks from these countries you can expect good income from

What I Liked

There are lots of things which i love about first there minimum threshold is just 5$ as i have joined many "earn money online"  and "get paid to this that blah blah blah" programs but i hardly had any success in reaching out threshold amount so overall with little effort you can get your money out of account.

Website Entry Script : When i fist joined i wasn't expecting much from this program things like shrinking url and sharing it on twitter and facebook was too much work for me but i found something powerful which has potensial to make some bigger bucks and that was their website entry script.

So it works like this if you have any website and when you past this code in that whenever someone visits your website ads will load and thus you get paid for every user visit your website so i just have to bring visitors to my website and the rest will handle and you don't even have to pay money to start a website i have compiled an article based on making money with here:

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  1. Great article! I'm curious what you'd write about as I've checked they pay far more than their competitors. Perhaps you should review it, too ;).