Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ak Elite Software Review : Don't Buy It


Ak Elite Review: Don't Buy It Until You Read Our Full Review

Product Name: Ak Elite
Created By: Brad Callen
Rating: 98/100
Website: Visit official Website
Ebook selling is a big business on amazon and according to recent research and revenue data amazon has claims that their kindle book sales have surpassed physical book sales,

The power of amazon makes it easier for anyone to come and sell their ebooks on amazon. Moreover you don't have to worry about selling in fact amazon will sell your ebooks for you Yes, really amazon is the biggest shopping sites and it promotes it products on it various sales channel but it's is selective in what it going to promote you have to show them that you have something that people wants and how you gonna do that? Simple by making some initial sales and with the help of ak elite you can get those initial boost for your kindle books and leave the rest to amazon.

How Ak Elite Can Help You Get Your Amazon Success?

Selling you ebooks is not simply limited to creating and selling it, it's far more than that let say you created an ebook on some topics that you know now how do you know that there is a demand of what you have created remember if there are no buyers then even if your ebook is a masterpiece you will struggle to get sales,

So here "keyword research is important" so with ak elite you can search what people are searching for so that you can create ebooks based on demands, ak elite not only just tell you about demands but it also analyze competitors so that you don't have to face too much competition, this powerful software analyses each and every top listing for the selected keyword and tell you why they are ranking at the top and give you suggestion on how you can outrank them.

Analyzing competition is really important, many people don't understand the importance behind it like if you have created an ebook on some hot topics and their are too many sellers then obviously it will decrease your chances of getting a sale and moreover if competitors are well funded so that's gonna hurt you even more.

Not all ebooks make money some make more some makes less but if you have ak elite by your side you can identify hot niches those niches which does have high demand but have low supply, a perfect setup for making big money.

Ak Elite Book Club : A Last String In Getting Better Ranking on Amazon

It's a well know fact that positive reviews affect buying decision according to the survey conducted by Dimensional Research sponsored by zendesk, they found that 90% of the consumers online make their buying decision based on positive reviews about the product.

Ak elite book club is a part of ak elite system and being a member you can easily generate positive reviews on your kindle eBook thus boosting your sales to the new heights.

How Ak Elite Book Club System Works?

Inside ak elite book club there going to be other members like you all you have to do is review their ebooks and they in turn do the same so it's a win win formula for both the member all this happen under a secure system create by software, which insures that both member have exchange there reviews on each other kindles.

But Wait!! There is lot more happening apart from these reviews

Brad callen team studying on amazon kindle search factor have found that amazon ranks a kindle based on "sales and positive review", So if you get more reviews it not just boost your sales but it will boost your ranking too which in turn bring on even more sales.

Amazon Verified Review: Now here comes the real deal the reviews that get above were standered reviews which can be posted by any amazon users even if they haven't bought your product thus it can easily be faked so amazon doesn't put so much weight on these kind of reviews.

The powerful reviews that really matters is amazon verified reviews these are from the people which have bought your kindle.

How you can get these verified ones?? Simple you have to do the same thing which i have mention above inside ak elite ebook club all you have do is to buy other members kindle and leave a verified reviews and they will do just the same and then you will find your kindle rankings zoom up on the amazon searches...

Unfortunately i haven't found this features elsewhere other then ak elite so get this software right now!!

What Makes Ak Elite Different?

Ak elite was created by brad callen he is the same guy who have created "Seo Elite" an analytic software that helps you rank on google so brad's team has expertise and experience with analytics stuffs which makes this software unique also they have inbuit powerful rank monitoring system which keeps checking your position on amazon kindle search results so you don't have to open up amazon and search for your ebook position this software will automatically tell that to you along with  the improvement in ranking as compared with the past one.

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  1. Hey I bought AKElite bookclub and it shows that my book cannot be found. I enquired with Brad Callen's support team and there has been no response for 2 weeks... The actual software works though. Anybody can help out?

  2. They offer various type of support the best one you can try is their phone support it always works.

    And i am glad that it's working for you thanks for your feedback.