Thursday, November 13, 2014

Instamember Review : The Best Wordpress Memebership Plugin

Product Name : Instamember Wordpress Plugin
Rating: 98/100
Website: insta-member.com


There is a big money that can be made with a membership website, you charge monthly premiums which makes it lucrative business then collecting pennies with advertisements.

Here i am going to review instamember a plugin that going to help you build your membership website the review going to be in a faq style where i will try to answer every general question arises regarding this product.

Question 1: Why Only Instamember Not Anything Else?

Answer: As a membership site owner what should be your first priority, to get members and make money so first thing you should look in any plugin is it's and it should not take much maintenance time if are spending a large part of your scheduel in maintaining your website then you have surely made a wrong choice with instamember you won't going to have that problem as it's a plugin that installs on your wordpress blog and everyone knows how easy is to maintain a wordpress, so a lite plugin like instamember maintaining your website takes just couple of minutes it's interference is user friendly and clean.

Question 2: Anything It Can Do To Improve My Sales?

Answer: If you have a product the best way you can boost sales is by recurring affiliates, but problem is it's really a tough job to manage affiliates you have to setup payment processors at the same time manage their affiliate income which makes it impossible to launch your affiliate program individually.

Instamember team understand the need of an affiliate program for a successful membership website and that's why they have added inbuilt affiliate management option which automates everything from managing account, making payments and everything.

This is an unique features that i haven't seen in any other plugin and i can't imagine an membership website without an affiliate program.

Question 3: How Do I Charge My Members?

Answer: Instamember supports leading payment processors such as paypal or they can pay their subscription with any debit or credit card.

Question 4: How Much Time Does It Take To Setup Everything?

Answer: It  just going to take your 5 minutes yes, within 5 minutes you will setup your membership site up and ready to go.

Question 5: Have Found Anything Bad About Instamember?

Answer: I haven't found anything bad to talk about other then the fact that it's has lots of features like that affiliate one, if you have small subscription website you won't going to need affiliates right away so that option going to be your future requirements.

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  1. do new affiliates have a special link to send their customers to our site?

  2. Yes affiliates have affiliate links to refer you customers