Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long Tail Pro Review: Does It Work?

Product Name: Long Tail Pro
Type of Software: Seo
Rating: 99/100
Official Website: www.longtailpro.com/


Long tail pro is keyword research software that you must have in your seo arsenal they are many features which i have found can help your online marketing effort and at the same time save your time. This review going to be in faq style where i try to answer every general question being asked about this software.

Why Should I Target Long Tail Keywords?

When you compare the conversion rate of longs tails with generic keywords longs tails bring the most conversion why? as people search long tails are looking for specific item and if you have them in your website then you will have big chances to get a sale. For example if a user is searching for a "gym accessories" he or she might look for various option available online it might be from your website or from your competitors this decreases the conversion rate moreover geric keywords are more competitive and it can take good amount of time to get your website rank for such term.

Now take the same example of a user search for some "gym accessories under 100$" now that user is searching for a items at specific price range so you can aspect more better conversion if have the same item at that price range and this keyword would much easier to rank on compared with the first one.

How It Will Help Me In Ranking?

 Long tail pro suggests keywords that you can use on your titles for better organic traffic it also analyses titles of your competitors and checks various criteria such as domain authority, moz rank, inbound links they have as well as age of those domains names which will give you an estimated idea about why your competitors are ranking for those terms. You can use those date to make necessary changes on your website to rank better on serp.

I Want To Build A Niche Site How It Can Help Me?

Niche site building is a good way to earn some extra cash while spending few hours a week but the major problem with this strategy is you need to get a keyword rich domain name and it's really hard to get one these days with market being more saturated and domains being registered at lightning speed it really difficult to get domains with your desire keyword. You have to dig a lot to find some empty seats.

While you search for your long tail keywords this software automatically searches for available domains simultaneously which saves a big amount of time as compared to doing it manually. You can also specify your search to find domain names with specific extension such as if you only want to check available .com domains.

What Makes Long Tail Pro Special?

When you upgrade you LongTailPro To platinum version it unlocks many new features, i really like to highlight KC(Keyword Competitiveness) feature which makes calculation based on various metrics such as links, authority, domain age and titles of the top 10 search results and provides and estimate keyword competitiveness score.

Before Long tail pro when we usually start a project we just jump blind folded we don't know weather we will be able to rank our website or not? or keyword which we are going after is competitive or easy but with KC feature you can determine the competitiveness and only work on those low hanging fruits it's a good way to save your time and only work on keywords that you can rank upon.

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