Monday, June 15, 2015

My Arcade Plugin Review : Take Your Wordpress on Gaming Road

Hello again i am here with yet another review of a wordpress plugin called MyArcadePlugin today i am going to answer every question which will help you decide whether myarcadeplugin is right for you or not. My review going to be honest and unbiased where i am not only going to show the positive points but also the negative points about myarcadeplugin.

What are the star features of MyArcadePlugin?

Games Importing: This plugin has some of the unique set of features that defines it different from the other ones out there, in those features one of the features i like the most was the ability to import games from 13 different sources.

Pros: You can offer large pool of games to your gamers so they can have much larger option of games to choose from. This results in better retention of visitors. The importer automatically imports games so you don't have to work on getting games manually, also games are embed rather then downloaded so it saves your bandwidth cost as games going to utilize the bandwidth of the source website. It saves money as well as your time.

Cons: Yet there is a cons associated with it as some of the games are exclusive games which have clickable links to their respective game owners website which can divert your visitors to their website.

Overall: There might be some disadvantage of using other website games since it takes your visitors away but since you have games from 13 different gaming portal you are offering large pool of games which can be big reason for visitors to come to your website again and again so instead of going to 13 different sites they can play all the games on your website as you are offering one spot for all their gaming needs.

It's a wordpress plugin!!

Pros: Being a wordpress plugin it's surely an advantage so you are using a bug free script for your arcade website since wordpress is being developed for decades it's a platform which you can always bet on...
another plus about using wordpress is that it opens the gate of using other wordpress based plugin as well and there are literally thousand of plugins out there which you can use to increase the functionality of your arcade website.

Cons: Not much cons to talk about if it's wordpress it always rocks...

Membership feature

Pros: Membership integration makes it a big money maker while advertising revenue is not much with arcade based websites charging monthly installment can bring recurring profits every month other then depending upon unstable advertising profits. You can use those funds to get some exclusive games designed for your website thus boosting your traffic further.

Cons: Some freeloaders mightn't like the idea of membership website as there are some people who always love free they might get away when you put up membership option but good news is that you can control which games free users can play and which one paid users can play. So, instead of making whole website a paid you can proving some games to free users to keep the balls rolling.

Free Bonuses 

Now lets talk about free stuff you get with this plugin

Free Themes: MyArcadePlugin comes with bunch of free themes to choose from there are 11 premium level themes comes free with every license, so you can save couple of bucks on designing your website.


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