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Ak Elite Vs KD Suite : Why Ak Elite is Better

Ak Elite Vs KD Suite: Why Ak Elite is better 
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AK Elite and KD suite are both software based marketing tools for the Amazon Kindle e-book store platform. The Kindle is used to read e-books. Thus, the publishers of these books make use of these marketing software so as to market their publications. AK Elite is an effective e-book marketing software that was created by Brad Callen. The software is able to work on e-books, eProducts as well as eCommerce platforms. It was launched on July 9th 2013 at exactly 12:00 EDT. For $147, you can get this software and increase your turnover in terms of e-book sales. Its main competitor is the KD Suite.

The KD Suite was launched by David Guindon and Bobby Walker. It contains three specific software tools. These are the KD Bestseller Analyzer, the Search Analyzer and the eBook Marketer. In addition to these, the KD Suite comes with video training courses. These are the Azon Profit and Traffic Systems videos. However, the AK Elite is better than the KD Suite in many ways. Read on for a description of ak elite vs kd suite.

Advantages of AK Elite over KD Suite

Its foundation is better

The AK Elite is based on the SEO Elite. This is the backlink analysis tool that is used by Google. It checks and determines why certain websites should get specific ranking in the results. Brad built the SEO Elite tool. After that, he reverse engineered the software such that it now analyzes ranking of the users in the websites that it is attached to. Thus, the AK Elite is attached to the Amazon Kindle Store. As a result, you can use this software to identify the hot topics that are being searched for by many users of the Amazon Kindle Store. Moreover, the software ensures that these searches are the ones with the least competition. Thus, you can include the hot key words in these searches in your Kindle book descriptions and metadata. This effectively boosts the marketability of your Kindle books and increases sales. Over time, your turnover rate will skyrocket and you will make more money than ever before. The KD Suite does not have such an effective and proven platform.

Allows you to execute specific processes

To boost the sales of your Kindle books, you can make use of the AK Elite to execute the exact process that you want done. Moreover, you can set it such that it executes the processes you want automatically. This can save you immense amounts of time. To do this, you don't even need to have a lot of Internet marketing expertise, the AK Elite suite does the work for you. For the KD Suite, you have to set each of the 3 applications for it to work. This is tedious and inefficient.

It is available as one convenient package

The AK Elite software comes as one package. You do not have to install separate programs and use them together. KD Suite comes as three separate programs that you have to integrate. This is tedious and takes too much time. AK Elite saves you this time by being a single software tool. As such, it is easier to use.

It is capable of processing data very fast

AK Elite software is capable of analyzing the Amazon Kindle Book Store and find out the the top keywords that are in high demand and low supply. It can also find out the niches and topics that are most popular with buyers on the website. The software is also able to analyze the books that are ranked at the top and give you details information about why they are ranked so high. With this information you can increase your own rank in the list. The software is able to do all these in seconds. Moreover, it can analyze hundreds of pages in a minute. As a result, you are able to get all the information that you need in minutes. This saves you time and helps you make tons of money. Moreover, with the AK Elite software you can do all this from a single window. If you were using the KD Suite to achieve this, you would have to switch through three separate applications. This is time consuming and will tire you quickly. As such, the AK Elite is far more efficient.

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Automation of processes

After applying this amazing software to sell your Kindle e-books, you can use it to keep an eye on your books on Amazon. The software can analyze the store to see how your books are selling. This helps you to spot the trend in terms of how the ranking affects your income. Amazingly, this software is able to monitor the rankings for an infinite number of books and keywords. The software will not crash as you use it. This is because its developers spent an entire year perfecting it.

You can use it for two months with a 100% cashback guarantee

When you go to the AK Elite website, you can buy and try the software for 60 days and if you don't like it, you get the money you paid for it refunded to you. You can apply it for your Amazon Kindle e-books during this time to see if it delivers on its promises. If you simply want to try it, you can pay only $49. this will leave you with 2 more payments of $49 each to own the software. However, if you want to buy and own it outright, you can make a lump sum payment of $147. you can pay for AK Elite using all the major credit cards and PayPal. This is a more effective testing and sale process than that of the KD Suite.

It helps you to find the best buyers and reviewers

This software helps you to identify the right people to review the books that you are selling. Thus,, you are most likely to get positive reviews from them. After that, buyers will read the reviews and want to buy your books. This boosts your sales and ranking as well.

You get productive books to help you after you buy AK Elite

Once you buy this software, you can get three books that will guide you on how to boost your income from book sales on Amazon Kindle Store. These books are the AK Book Maker, the AK Elite Analytics as well the AK Elite Book Club. The AK Book Maker helps you to come up with books that are ready for the Amazon Kindle Book Store. The AK Elite Analytics helps you to see which people are visiting your Kindle listing webpage. The AK Elite Book Club assists you to buy the books of other members in the store and give reviews as well. The KD Suite does not have such effective features. Thus, the AK Elite software is the best software for Amazon Kindle Book publishers.

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