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Easy Video Suite Review : Buying? You Must Read This!

Easy Video Suite Review

Today, video production has become a lot easier for one and all. High definition cameras have become much cheaper, and both novices and professionals can easily afford it. Using websites like Daily Motion and You Tube, you can easily upload your content and share it with the masses. Editing software too is available in many platforms, and is very affordable, thus making it easy for everyone to create their video packages without any difficulties. If you too are in the search of a good video tool, for personal or professional reasons, Easy Video Suite (EVS) will surely prove to be the best.

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Perfect Complete Software

As far as video editing is concerned, Easy Video Suite offers you all you need. While using this software you will be able to take advantage of certain key points, in terms of capturing, shooting, rendering, editing and optimizing your website.

Perfect for Beginners

One thing that scares people about most software programs is that they are difficult to handle. Easy Video Suite, however, is very easy to understand and follow, and even beginners will have no problems using it.

The software package allows you to record and edit voices easily. Even if you do not own any high-powered equipment, there is no need to worry. You can use this software along with whatever tool you have. Do you have a web cam? If yes, you can use it to shoot high quality video and capture it in your hard drive. The program also comes with some tutorials, which will certainly make things a lot easier for you. So, create your videos and share it in any social media platform.

Render and Upload Just By Clicking Your Mouse

Using Easy Video Suite, you can enjoy easy and quick conversion of files and uploads, no matter you created it in the software or you are using other videos. This is not something you will usually find in other editing software, and thus it makes EVS the best choice for all uploads.

All you need to do is follow the drag and drop procedure, and you can convert videos of all formats. These include web and mobile format, and so you will easily be able to upload the videos to your site or blog without any hassles.

Customize the Way You Want

This is where Easy Video Suite outstands other editing software in a great way. Using it not only will you be able to edit your videos within the software itself, but also the way you present it on your site. Some features that you can enjoy with EVS are backgrounds and skins that resembles Apple iPhone or iPad, you will be able to bring up your default player in any other window, you can even darken your website while the video playback process is on, and make text, graphics, and other aspect fade away when your video is playing. These are just some of the options and there are lots more you can enjoy. Once you install and open up this software, you surely will love playing with these features.

Customize Your Video Timelines

Instead of letting your timeline stay dull and linear, you will be able to create various aspects, like events and chapters, which will help give your timeline some personality and pop.

You effortlessly will be able to customize your events completely. You will be able to add pictures, buttons, graphics, social media buttons, and forms throughout the video, whenever you wish, while the playback is on. EVS is certainly is a dream come true for any internet marketer, as it allows you to enhance your videos with lots of links, and thus attract proper attention to your website. You will also be able to create triggers, which your viewers can use to make certain actions happen. This software allows you to enjoy complete customization and lots of options that other video software will certainly not offer.

EVS also helps you create chapters that can be used while the video is being played, and so you will be able to find out any point easily. It thus will become easier for you to watch big video files, and you will still not get lost even if you lose internet connection or step away for a while. At any point of time, you will easily be able to get back to where you were, without any difficulty.

Wonderful Video Customization

Nowadays, video content is very important for the survival and growth of websites. You can use Easy Video Suite to make host pages for your videos, easily. All the changes you want will be done immediately, and you do not even need to have any programming knowledge to make all this happen. You simply need to drag and drop and create perfect quality content. You also need not worry about hosting or other such complicated matters, as EVS will take care of everything.

Easy Video Suite Pros and Cons


You do need to install it. Instead, you will have your account on easyvideosuite.com

No video bandwidth limit, and no limit on the number of sites you can use this software on

Record videos from your desktop PC and MAC or from your webcam

Enjoy basic video editing

Automatic video conversions to all formats for mobile and web

All features are very easy to use


It is little expensive, but the results will be worth every penny you spend on it.

EVS is a perfect software that alone eliminates many big issues associated with video marketing, like conversion to a web friendly format. Even though it can initially seem to be a little expensive, but soon enough it will benefit your business, and even if you are using it for personal purposes, you will find it worthwhile.

It also offers you a refund. In case you do not like it, you can return it within 60 days, and you will get back a full refund. This only shows how sure the creators of this amazing software are. So, waste no time, get Easy Video Suite, and start enjoying the amazing features right away.


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