Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To SkyRocket Your Kindle Sales on Amazon

Kindle publishing is one of the best lucrative passive income opportunity introduce by amazon and yeah i know how much you desperate to increase your kindle sales so here are some practical methods which will definitely help you Sky Rocket your kindle sales to the next level.

Invest in an excellent eBook cover page

How many times have you heard that every book is judged by its cover, being a writer am sure you have heard it several times. This remains the top reason why most ebooks fail to generate the size of sales expected. A good cover page is the most important factor in getting the initial interest and making the readers want to look into your ebook. Do not ignore this important fact and get an interesting and perfect cover page for your eBook. You can use software such as My Ecover Maker to create your ebook cover cover.

Get your ebook reviewed. 

Reviews bring more authenticity to your ebook. More reviews equals more people reading the book which equals more downloads. I still don’t have a lot of them, but few stars on your book definitely make a difference for readers who are looking a good book. Get published reviews as this will act as real testimonies from your readers who will tend to attract more reader thus more sales.

Give Away Free eBooks

You can choose to offer your book for free download for up to five days in any ninety day period as part of KDP programs. Before you embrace the idea of giving out your books for free, remember that Amazon counts every download as a new sale made. Though you do not earn any royalties on the free downloads you give out, your books ranking increases because of the additional free downloads you get. For beginner this also introduces you to new reader who you may otherwise not have found. The free downloads will also give you an opportunity to get more reviews on you book.

Use the social media to spread word about your book. 

Social media marketing or SMO has become a popular tool in promoting almost every produce. Sites like facebook, twitter, YouTube and other blogs allow users and in this case readers to share information of the product in question easily. This helps in spreading the word faster and reaching more people.

Offer limited period discounts

Just like any other product, an ebook can be offered on limited discounts that are bundled with relevant product in order to increase the overall value or appeal of the deal to the buyer. I experimented this and most successful ebook sellers have used this method over time to fetch good results

Price your book intelligently

Since the production and distribution cost involved in an ebook are less as compared to their printed version, you should price your ebook with these factors in mind. Low cost for ebooks is the major driving force behind increasing their sales in the past few years, a trend we all have witnessed. So carry out your research well before you decide on the price of your book

Join Amazon Author Central

This is an author site that is dedicated to helping sellers promote their books. After all, if persons’ sales increase, Amazon gets more money too. This site lets you create your own bio and include links to you blog or website, your twitter account or your facebook page. The site also allows you to track you sales weekly, from the Author Central dashboard. Be sure to sign for an internationals version of Author Central as there are readers in other countries who will be checking your profile. If you can write in fluent Japanese, French or German, get you bio translated and create account in these languages too. However you book stays in English, you only want your bio on other internationals sited of international exposure

Do not stop promoting

Continue with you marketing efforts even after you free day promos. During your promotions day, you will see an increase in Amazon rankings. You book could even go to the top ten in various categories. This means, after the promotion days, you book will be visible to readers for at least two day or in some cases at least a week. So continue promoting in all ways possible, for examples social media.

Take advantage of the Amazons KDP select Program

When you enroll your book in the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) select program, you agree that you book will not be made available for sale through any other channel. You agreement is set for ninety days but it will automatically renew if you do not remove it from this program. Here, you can take advantage of promotional tools that help boost you sales.

But Best of All Use Software Like AK Elite

While I haven’t jumped into the field of self-publishing, a lot of individuals out there have. Some have seen success whereas others fail. It is for that reason I was really excited to read of strategies that increase Amazon kindle eBooks sales. While using the above techniques and some of the strategies i am sure you will see you sales shoot if you implement them wisely but still apart from theses basics strategies you will need a powerful tool such as AK Elite Software. Recently I experimented with AK Elite Software, new software that will help you rank highly through an automatic ranking process and i am seeing extra ordinary results.

Do you know the meaning of ranking in the kindle store? It simply means that one is able to increase their sales thus earn a lot of income.As you are on the top and people will see your ebook more and hence you will have more better chance of selling it then those which are buried at 2-3 deep inside the search results. Most people describe this product as Ranking tool that has been created exclusively for the amazon kindle engine.

This software is perfect especially for those who are starting on kindle book selling or those who want to increase their sales. In other words, the software has been tailored to suit a lot of entrepreneurs. Having used it, I found it simple to understand and use for all users. It also covers free and very useful bonuses that will assist you achieve your goals. It is designed by an expert marketer named brad callen who is also know for Seo Elite, and in less than five years he has gained a lot of success and income in this business. It also offers full-supportive services whenever needed. In my experience, rather that this programs no other program can increase your kindle sales as effectively as Ak Elite you can read my in depth detail review of this software here.


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