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Affiliate Elite Review - Pros And Cons
Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite is the latest professional software that can help you make more affiliate sales with any affiliate network. The software is filled with features that can help you achieve so much more traffic, discover hidden niches, and get a step ahead every other affiliate online. Whether it's finding a new product to promote or finding out if a product is worth selling or not, this software can help you save so much time when doing your market research. Affiliate Elite can allow you to get a wide variety of information that will help you build profitable affiliate campaigns every single day.

Affiliate Elite Review

Pros Of The Affiliate Elite Software

1# Check Out The Latest Trends

Ever wanted to find the most profitable products and niches that have up and coming products? This software can help you discover some of the most unique trends that are growing by more and more people. Sometimes it's hard to know what trends are happening and what products in what niches are being successful unless you have something like Affiliate Elite to stay up to date. This single feature will help you see what is currently selling well, so you can easily hop on the bandwagon before everybody else does.

2# Find Out What Successful Marketers Are Selling

If you are looking to sell the same products of your most favorite marketers online, you can discover through this software the best products to sell that all the big marketers are promoting. If they are making big money, then you can be sure you can promote the same thing and get a good ROI. This allows you to jump onto the successful products and take a piece of the profits.

3# Discover High Paying Products

When you sell high paying products, you earn more commission. This software will help you discover exactly what is paying high commissions. You don't have to worry at all about trying to get a ton of sales this way because all you need is just one sale to get $100+. It's so profitable and can provide you with all the amazing opportunities to sell top notch products with great commissions. You can also find out which products pay you recurring payments every single month. This can provide you with the chance to make some serious income every month. Now you can build a long term income without any struggle and have the same people paying you month after month.

4# Find Out How To Promote The Products

There's no point in discovering the best niches if you can't promote the product and get any good traffic to your page. The easiest way to get good traffic is to make sure you are doing Google Adwords, and one of the best features of this entire product is that you can input your website and get the exact keywords to use for your site that's worth paying for. It'll even show you all the great ads that are currently running in those keywords, so you can take those ads and rewrite them, and make a killing.

5# Spy On Competition

In just a few seconds, you can literally find out what any competitor is using for their keywords. You can easily spy on your competition and find out what they are doing online. You can duplicate the success of a famous product and start utilizing every word or phrase that they use. You can enhance your chances of making some serious cash when you take advantage of the marketing opportunity.
spying on adword campaign

6# You Can Even Use This To Make Money From Your Own Product

The software can easily provide you with an extensively huge amount of opportunities to promote and sell your own product. In the end, you'll be able to get more and more affiliates because the software can help you find more of them with just a quick second. The system is so powerful and simple. You can actually find a product, find out every affiliate, and you can easily contact them to sell your product. It has never been easier to get advertisement than it is today. Getting your own affiliates is so much easier this way because you can find out exactly whether an affiliate is extremely active or not.

Are there any downsides?

There are very minimal downsides. In reality, when I used the software, I found it to be extremely easy to use and very accurate with the all the results. I realized that the software does a lot of great things for you online, but it isn't going to make you money. You need to invest in a website, pay for Google ads, and take the time to do the research. You cannot buy this software and expect for it to do everything for you.

I found that it is just genuinely capable of doing so many great things. For example, there are countless ways you can find the right products. You can also get strong accurate statistics on all things you need to know about different products. I would highly recommend Brad Callen's new software. It's extremely reliable if you really want to get started on creating profitable affiliate campaigns.

Who Is Brad Callen?

What makes this software so unique is just the fact that Brad created it. Not only is he the creator of iWriter, but he has created dozens of unique softwares that have all achieved so much success over the years. He is a professional marketer that I can trust when it comes down to using the latest software. He comes up with some of the most unique ideas to simplifying Internet marketing, and Affiliate Elite does exactly that. Save time and money using this.

If you are looking for a good approach and new way to build affiliate campaigns, this is the software to buy. Understand that product is not some weird software that's going to make you fast cash. You need to work hard with the information that this software gives you. It will save you a whole lot of time when you use it for market research.

Ultimate eBook Creator Review: Does It Worth It?

You can find many eBook creators that help you do a decent job as an author, but very few of them can do as good a job as the Ultimate eBook Creator. If you would like to turn your eBook into a work of art, this is certainly the eBook creator you should use. What I mean is, the Ultimate eBook Creator is a full-featured eBook creation software full of potent formating and design tools that will help you get professional and beautiful eBooks. 

The eBook sector has not been around for long, but we can all agree that it has now achieved mainstream acceptance. This means the standards have gone up as well, and readers will not bother with what your eBook teaches unless it has a professional feel. This is where the Ultimate eBook Creator comes in. With this great eBook creator, you can get your online eBook business on track if you plan on selling your books for a living. 

Here are some pros and cons to using Ultimate eBook Creator, ways it can help you as an author, and why I irrevocably recommend it to anyone wishing to publish a professional eBook that gets the right kind of attention in the eBook market.


  • Multilingual Support: This eBook creator goes over and beyond when it comes to multilingual support. You can translate your eBook into more than 80 languages when you use this eBook creator, a feature very few, if any, eBook creators can give you. Hands down, this makes this eBook one of the best in its class.
  • A Painless Use Experience: With some eBook creators, getting the results you want can be a hair-pulling experience, but not when you are using the Ultimate eBook Creator. This great eBook creator makes it surprisingly simple to create an eBook, something you will greatly appreciate if eBook creators have caused you a frustrating use experience in the past.
  • A Long List Of Features: The one thing Ultimate eBook Creator does not have is a shortage of great features. Without a doubt, using this eBook creator felt quite intuitive.
  • Creates Professional Quality eBooks: If you want your eBook to look neat, colorful, and professionally designed, this is the eBook creator to use. Its photo-rendering capabilities are just breathtaking, and anyone who gets their hands on your eBook will appreciate the quality of of work that went into creating it, thanks to the great and powerful features within this eBook Creator.
  • This eBook Creator Makes Monetizing Your Efforts Easier: Most people create eBooks for a commercial reason. Unfortunately, most eBook creators, including top rated versions, fail to offer inbuilt features that address this important aspect of eBook creation. I was pleasantly surprised that the maker of this eBook creator incorporated links to popular eBook publishing sites so that you can make money out of your efforts. That's not all, you can also edit your brand onto your product, which should come in quite handy if you would like to make your eBook publishing into a business.
  • Plenty Of Support: If you have had trouble using eBook creators in the past due to lack of support services, you will have a completely different experience with the Ultimate eBook Creator. On the internet, you will find detailed tutorials on how this eBook creator works. Also, if this eBook creator does not address all the issues you might have about it, you can also use the FAQs section on the product's site or even contact support through email. 

  • Cannot Create Magazines: The eBook creator cannot be used to create magazines. This eBook creator cannot be used to create tests either. So, if you were planning on using an eBook creator for either of these tasks, you will have to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, you can create fiction, fixed-layout books, all image books, as well as poetry books.
  • Limited Format Options: Ultimate eBook Creator is a little limited when it comes to file format options. The eBook will give you just 4 format templates (MOBI, PDF, MS Word and EPUB). Granted, most top eBook creators usually have less than a dozen format templates, but frankly, 4 formats is a little on the low side. On the other hand, when it comes to file support, you will be glad you chose this eBook creator, because, in total, Ultimate eBook creator is compatible with 6 files.

How Ultimate eBook Creator Can Help You As An Author

If you would like your eBook to have a professional touch, then you need to get this eBook creator. It has all the features you could ever need as an author. If you also plan on publishing a series of books, this eBook creator is certainly the way to go, since it practically guarantees that you create professional eBooks every time. This is something you cannot achieve without the help of an eBook creator, or with a less potent eBook creator.

More importantly, if you are an author who desires to produce quality eBooks faster, this eBook creator will certainly help. The long list of features within this eBook ceator also means that you can create eBooks using various design styles and give every eBook you create a fresh look, something that will keep your readers interested if you are an author who plans on creating several eBooks over time.


Of late, there has been a growing interest in eBooks among readers. But, readers are growing increasingly picky about the publishing quality these eBooks have. So, a PDF file you have hurriedly put together will no longer cut it with most users. I have realized that producing the professional eBook that gets your audience's attention, more often than not, requires the use of a powerful eBook creator such as the Ultimate eBook Creator.

Any other eBook creation technique excluding the use of this important software will mean doing lots of work, missing out on lots of great features, and, worst of all, creating a sub-par eBook that most potential readers might not give a second look. Not only is this eBook creator easy to use, it also comes with lots of features that will ensure you create a professional, high-quality, and eye-catching eBook every time, which is why I would wholesomely recommend the Ultimate eBook Creator to you if you would like to be taken seriously as an author by your readers.

5 Successful Kindle Authors Who Are Using AK Elite

5 Successful Kindle Authors Who Are Using AK Elite

He says that he was able to rise above his competitors, this is because he was able to rise his amazon kindle sales. ak elite was able to give him appropriate niches that had not been overused.This helped him get the very initial buyers who will always go for the first few books they see. Highly ranked keywords made him surpass the rest of his competitors. Ak elite keeps you at a better position to compete with everyone irrespective of his or her past expertise in the field.Or the amount of time he has stayed in the kindle writing field.It also warns you about over used niches and advice you the best niches to write about! he was able to make several thousand dollars within a short spun of time.

2# Royal king
It helped him write the right niches and he has always been happier with his work at home business. Ak elite moves you step by step ensuring that you succeed . It also helps you discover things that you might never have known before about google rankings. It helps develop a long tail of keywords. You might never know that the actual content of the web page does not affect the search engine ranking.Do not think that looking at what great websites have written will make you move up the ladder.Or great amazon kindle writers

3# Steven Murray
He commended ak elite for downloading quickly and helping him rise above the rankings. He also liked it because it brought higher traffic to his site. Ak elite has a real value for your time. He was also able to increase traffic to his site by over four times. than he had ever imagined of.

4# Charity Carson
He was able to earn more money and due to writing. She surpassed even the most competitive writers known to the world today. Even with her little money. Know she has risen above the odds to make plenty of money from her kindle books.Amazon as the world largest e-commerce website known in the world today, will rank you according to your sales. She was able to rise above even her day job salary and now she earns more than $30000 in the initial months.

5# Vibrant warrior
He recommended it for being a one click operation. He complimented it for being the best in the keyword search.Most people search to see their keyword ability and this tool always greatly helps them. It also helps to generate long tail keywords. It was fast and efficient and really made him earn a lot of money. Since then he has been successful in kindle writing. It has made him to be success in the eBook industry after many years of making nothing.

What is ak elite?

This is one powerful software that has helped writers who have been lucky to know it succeed. Ak elite is a goldmine which has less gold diggers. If you invest time reading through this article I am sure that your life will never be the same again. It has earned thousands of dollars for people who have used it in amazon.Actually ak elite stands for amazon kindle elite software .

Today I give you a lucky chance to know about this amazing tool.Consider yourself as one of the fortunate ones!

How does it make you earn lots of bucks? I am sure those who have tried publishing for amazon kindle made better money than any other business ever known in the online world. In fact, I consider it the easiest way to make money.

You just have to sit facing your personal computer make lots and lots of money writing kindle books .Ak elite ensures that your ranking rises all above the rest.

Can you imagine making triple the money you earn from you kindle book sales? This is the trend in the recent world soon, there will be no physical books. You will be learning and searching for everything in the internet....Just some few years ago, amazon announced that it had made more sales than ever before by selling kindle books than actual physical books.

Now you can imagine how this writing gadget will make you earn a lots of money when it is used in publishing your kindle books thanks to the founder Brad Callen.

If you have never published a book via amazon you should consider doing it today. This is because amazon has created a very friendly interface in which any person in the world can publish book.

Long gone are the days that publishing a book was so expensive and hard even for the renowned writers themselves. You can imagine publishing a book and the using ak elite as your personal gadget.

Here are the ways ak elite makes you succeed in kindle writing.

It helps you analyze your competitors.- Researches the market.-Checks your books rating.- you are able to find your reviewer.-helps you to get the best people to buy your book.

As you can see it helps you develop the right keywords for your unique articles too . It is the best tool in helping your writings rise well above the others and hence get more reviewers. If you have tried writing blogs you know how important keywords play a role in increasing your visitors.

Ak elite will help you in a range of things. If you are well aware of affiliate marketing this is one of the best method to use. Successful affiliate marketers have really recommend this new tool made by Brad Callens. Which is another profitable venture if properly done.

How To Get This Software?

My article would never be complete if i do not include this part.Getting the software is quite easy just follow this step and you will get it on your personal computer. Just go to this page and download it. From there you can also read the entire review of what ak elite can do for you and i am sure using it will help you succeed today in kindle publishing.

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Jim Daniels's EZ Web Business Builder 2 Review: Should You Buy IT?

What Is It?

Created by Jim Daniels, EZ Web Business builder 2 is a training system that sorts to equip the newbie internet entrepreneurs and marketers with all the necessary skills so that they establish themselves easily in the competitive industry.

It's crucial to understand is that without the knowledge and guidance you cannot sail your way towards success in the online world of frauds, scams and traps.

To avoid getting embroiled in a mess, you need to have the ability to differentiate between frauds and real business deals. Additionally, for survival and success, you need to learn the tricks of trade. You cannot expect to build a building without laying the base.

How Does It Help You!

EZ Web Business builder 2 is one such system that lessens your qualms and guides you towards the right way that leads to success.

It does not pick a business for you but guide you through the essentials towards the selection of the best one for you. The detailed business PDF contains all the information you need in selecting the most suitable online business that is in consonant with your skills and temperament. Selection is of crucial importance since starting a business you are not particularly interested will not lead to establishment of a long time business.You have to select something with you have passion for.

So it's become important that you invest or put your energies in the right thing from the very beginning. The PDF helps you in determining your proficiency zone and establish multiple input streams to secure your position monetarily. Since the training has been particularly designed for low capital investors, it will be surprising that with how little you can start your business with.

Once you have decided on particular business, the next step is creation of website. Although it may be a little daunting for the starters but the step-by-step guide makes it easy to navigate through. The clear and easy instructions make everything easier to understand. The guide also instructs you upon the usage of WordPress and how it can be utilized to maintain your website at optimum level and do necessary changes before you get started.

Learn The Art of Outsourcing

Even with all the things made easier, you still hang up sometimes but you don’t have to worry too much since there is a section on outsourcing too that teaches you how to get things done in the most appropriate manner and which are the best sources you must turn towards.

Many times the new starters have to face lots of extreme frustration due to failure in making money or profits online even after months and months of meticulous hard work. What they essentially lack is the right guidance and steering towards the exclusive goal.

The construction and establishment of effective home online business require efforts and time. Until one is not ready to spare time for establishment of such businesses, he cannot expect to reap full benefits.

                          >> To Get Started Click Here <<


Story of Jim What The Big Deal!

When Jim Daniels started his online business he had only three hundred dollars in his pocket. Fast forward three months; he was reeking in unexpected amount of money and ready to give up his long established working job. Why would anyone like to toil for a 9 to 6 job when you can effectively make six figure salaries just by sitting at home? Jim had effectively laid down the magical method to turn your horrible online income into something much profitable.

With the ease of your home and comfort available to you, a thriving online business can help you achieve what millions all over the day struggle and strive for. The dreams of millions could be transitioned into a reality with proper guidance.

The training course was produced specially for those who had no idea how to start on internet yet alone establish a startup business. It is a good platform even for the amateurs too since there are countless useful tips and suggestion upon how to boost your business and attract more customers.

Daniel’s very expressively details out what it requires to build a good reputable business; finding specialist advice. A sincere advice from specialist can help you in averting many blunders. In the competitive world of online businesses it becomes all the more important to learn the rows from someone who is expert in the field and has experienced the rigors of the process. The usage of the newest marketing and advertising techniques will surely attract strong clientele. The informal and friendly style of the training system combines with the intimate approach he takes can help in achieving wonderful results.

You will get a step-by-step guide to establishment of online businesses that you will need in the initial days of your business. You will learn which techniques are best suited to your tastes and temperament. The WordPress guide does wonder in establishment of a fast running successful business endeavor. However it is necessary to mention here that although good for starters and amateurs, the EZ Web Business builder2 is nevertheless not very effective for the specialists and the pro men.

The net has gone through many brief revolutionary periods. Having a mentor to guide you through the toughest paths will surely make things easier for you. People have not gone through the ordeal and provide solution for the related problems cannot expect to be credible. It is essential to learn from the best on the field.


The EZ Web Business builder 2 is not like other scams or fake programs that only hyperbole but produce no results. Many successful online businessmen have credited their success to Jim’s indigenous program. With a sixty days money back guarantee at any moment if you are not satisfied with the results,  You can immediately ask for fund repayment. Nothing is easy if you don’t have the will to follow your dreams but if you are committed about your pursuits and take time to invest in it then it surely will reap the desired results. Becoming rich is not an easy task but if you follow the right steps you can easily make it big online.

My IWriter Review Being a Publisher

iWriter is a content writing marketplace with various writers and publishers altogether. It is considered to be the fastest, most reliable and easiest way to have all of your website content written. The marketplace is home to freelance writers and publishers throughout the globe, ensuring that no content goes unwritten due to the lack of workforce. You as a publisher can have various articles written on your behalf, ranging from eBooks, product descriptions, article rewrites, web page content, blog posts, academic papers and virtually any other topic that you would like.

There is a short introductory video provided for you on the website geared towards helping you as a publisher to have a smooth and highly rewarding experience on the platform. The platform provided is simple and easy to use making it easier to understand and appealing. The writers found in the content marketplace undergo a strict ranking process that is used to differentiate between highly skilled writers and less skilled ones. This alone makes the site highly credible as you get to work with the best skilled and experienced writers of your choice.

Why You Should Use IWriter? (The GOOD)


It's Affordable

The content writing site is user-friendly, as it provides high-quality services at an amazingly cheaper price. You can choose to have your content written by elite plus, elite, premium or standard writers. This will not only provide you with utmost flexibility in terms of selecting the most appropriate group of writers, but also allow you to choose those that you can comfortably sustain. Elite plus writers are the highest paid while standard writers attract the lowest prices of up to 1.5 dollars per article.


High-quality content

The site provides you with the power to review articles written in order to approve or reject them accordingly. This means that you as a requester can only approve article content that completely satisfies your needs. To increase your chances of getting top quality articles, you can ask writers to rewrite their articles while advising them accordingly. It is also important to note that you are allowed to rate writers for their work, hence motivating them to produce high-quality work as substandard articles are likely to affect their overall rating negatively.


Faster content delivery

There are thousands of writers waiting to write articles at any given time in the content writing website. This makes it possible for you as a client to get your articles written in no time. All the articles on the site are restricted to a specific time frame that writers are allowed to work in. This motivates them to increase their speed and productivity as their work is likely to be canceled if the timer stops. This makes the content marketplace the best place to have urgently needed articles written for all your blog or website needs.


Mandatory Copyscape check (No Duplicate Content)

Plagiarism is one major vice that is not tolerated on the site. Before submission, articles have to undergo a mandatory Copyscape check for plagiarism and article spinning, which is likely to affect your credibility and reputation as a content provider. There is also a strong system put in place warning writers against committing the vice three times in a row as it leads to automatic disqualification. This alone emphasizes the need to engage in ethical writing restraining writers from undertaking malicious practices.


Direct requests

There is always that single writer who manages to amaze you with their creativity and uniqueness. Such writers provide top notch articles that manage to totally satisfy your website content needs. Because such writers are hard to come across, iwriter provides you with the option of keeping them as close as possible. You can choose to make direct requests to your favorite writers for special projects. The writers are likely to reciprocate through providing the best quality articles as such projects always pay relatively higher than other articles.

Get The Variation

Unlike other sites like bidding sites, the content marketplace provides you as a publisher with a chance to receive various angles to a given task achieved by working with a variety of writers. This is likely to prove beneficial to you through opening your mind to other unique ideas that you had not pictured before. The variety also makes it possible for you to outsource unique articles for your blogs or websites surpassing those of competitors in terms of quality, uniqueness, and detail.


Hire Global writers

It at times pays to get opinions and content away from one's geographical location. The iWriter website comprises of a variety of global writers and publishers who have dedicated their lives to the art of writing. Unlike other content mills that are localized to particular countries or regions, the site makes it possible to outsource creative talent globally. This is an additional bonus for you as a publisher, especially when you are from a non-native English speaking country, allowing native experts to help you create content that is relevant globally.


IWriter (The Bad)

There are a few cons to write home about when it comes to the website as some of the cons as seen below can be easily avoided by publishers.


Automatic payment after three days of inactivity

Due to the desire to ensure that writers are paid for their services in time, the content platform has been designed to auto approve articles after three days of inactivity. Inactivity, in this case, is defined as the lack of approval or rejection of an article within 72 hours after it has been submitted. This can be easily avoided through reading and reviewing of all articles on time to ensure that you as the publisher only receive articles that you want.


Sometimes You Get Bad Content

The main idea behind outsourcing work is to find writers who can provide the best quality articles that satisfactorily meet your writing needs. However, this might not always be the case as you might end up asking the writer to rewrite a particular article in order to fit its intended requirements. This is often frustrating as the time spent on instructing the writer would have been channeled into other lucrative activities. To avoid this you can filter out standered writers and choose either premium or elite writers this will save a lot of you review time often premium writers deliver high quality articles.


Overall iwriter is best place you can outsource content from you don't have to much tackle with writers and there is more freedom of what you like and what you don't so if you don't have iwriter account you can get it below.


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My Favorite Brad Callen Products

I have been a big fan of Brad Callen products if you don't know who is Brad Callen let me tell you about this guy. He is an internet marketer who is known for developing several seo based software and informational products he owns and operate Bryxen Software INC under which all the products are developed and executed.

I have used many of his products but some of them are my favorites so i thought of writing about some of my personal favorites.

1 ) : For any online business you need one thing "content content and content" and that too high quality ones being a blogger creating content everyday can be a daunting task and sometimes it can becomes too much time consuming that several other important task like marketing your blog left behind after joining iwriter has been a great help i have been using it since 2 years from now and many content of my blogs are written by iwriter authors. You can easily get your content written by spending merely 5$/article but there are some cache that you need to understand basically there are three levels of authors Standard, Premium and Elite Plus if you think of using iwriter then only choose premium or elite plus writers this will save a big amount of time because only then you can get the most high quality articles.

For writers: I haven't written much for iwriter because basically i use it for getting content but i have seen many successful authors earning some good paychecks by writing over there it's the best "get paid to write" program i have found till now.

2) Ak Elite : This software i bought on June it's a software program that helps you rank your kindle eBooks. You can find several software that help you rank better on the search engine but nothing have been made for amazon search engine. Using this software you can ensure that your kindle ebook going to be found at amazon searches, not only this software helps you in getting better ranking but also with ak elite ebook club you get real verified reviews for your kindles.

Ak elite is not sophisticate product it's really easy to use and most of the functions are automated so not much work on your part. The good thing i liked about this software was that it paid for itself the money that i have made selling my kindles was much more then what i have paid for this software piece.

3) Seo Elite : SEO elite is a complete seo tool if you are not using then you are doing nothing for your organic traffic. There are many factors that leads to better ranking of a website what seo elite does is that it spies on top 10 results on Google and provide you insight on why they are ranking on that spots it helps you make right changes to your website so that you can outrank them and get what they are getting "visitors".

4) PPC Web Spy :  Pay per click advertising programs such as adword another big tool usually used by many webmasters if you are trying you hands on Adword or Bing advertising you must get ppc web spy, it's has many features that going to keep you ahead of your competitors
  • Competitor Ad Analysis : It analysis your competitors to and provide you many detail information about what keyword your competitors are bidding on along with how much money they are spending, their daily ad expenses, what landing page they are sending their visitors into. This will give you clear advantage with that information you can just copy what your competitors are doing.
  • Easy Competing : This tools also generate the exact amount you need to spend to outbid your competitor ads many times while creating ad campaign you actually spend more for each click then you generally require by obtaining right amount you just have to spend that particular amount so it saves a big chunk of money out of your ppc budget.
5) Niche Finder : This is also one of my best tool which i am using currently there are many other niche finder tools but features that this tool gives are rare and unique and it saves a lot of time while doing my niche research first of all the best feature i want to highlight is difficulty level, by entering any keyword you will not just provided with number of searches but also beside that you will find difficulty level which gives you an idea about how much hard is to rank for that particular keyword so you can skip hard keywords that are hard to rank on.

Along with that it automatically searches any available domains or expied domains based on that keyword for adsense publishers you can check how much money you can make for each click if you create an adsense based website around that keyword.

6) Affiliate Elite : Affiliate elite is the best tool for anyone who is earning money via affiliate marketing. The biggest problem in affiliate marketing is to find right product to promote a bad products often waste a lot of time of an affiliate the problem doesn't ends here most affiliate networks are loaded with thousand of offers and their are not sure way to know people are keen to buy certain product Affiliate elite analyses the search trend of a product and displays it in simple graph if a product graph has an upward trend then money can be made in then if it's goes down then you are just wasting your time.