Monday, September 21, 2015

My IWriter Review Being a Publisher


iWriter is a content writing marketplace with various writers and publishers altogether. It is considered to be the fastest, most reliable and easiest way to have all of your website content written. The marketplace is home to freelance writers and publishers throughout the globe, ensuring that no content goes unwritten due to the lack of workforce. You as a publisher can have various articles written on your behalf, ranging from eBooks, product descriptions, article rewrites, web page content, blog posts, academic papers and virtually any other topic that you would like.

There is a short introductory video provided for you on the website geared towards helping you as a publisher to have a smooth and highly rewarding experience on the platform. The platform provided is simple and easy to use making it easier to understand and appealing. The writers found in the content marketplace undergo a strict ranking process that is used to differentiate between highly skilled writers and less skilled ones. This alone makes the site highly credible as you get to work with the best skilled and experienced writers of your choice.

Why You Should Use IWriter? (The GOOD)


It's Affordable

The content writing site is user-friendly, as it provides high-quality services at an amazingly cheaper price. You can choose to have your content written by elite plus, elite, premium or standard writers. This will not only provide you with utmost flexibility in terms of selecting the most appropriate group of writers, but also allow you to choose those that you can comfortably sustain. Elite plus writers are the highest paid while standard writers attract the lowest prices of up to 1.5 dollars per article.


High-quality content

The site provides you with the power to review articles written in order to approve or reject them accordingly. This means that you as a requester can only approve article content that completely satisfies your needs. To increase your chances of getting top quality articles, you can ask writers to rewrite their articles while advising them accordingly. It is also important to note that you are allowed to rate writers for their work, hence motivating them to produce high-quality work as substandard articles are likely to affect their overall rating negatively.


Faster content delivery

There are thousands of writers waiting to write articles at any given time in the content writing website. This makes it possible for you as a client to get your articles written in no time. All the articles on the site are restricted to a specific time frame that writers are allowed to work in. This motivates them to increase their speed and productivity as their work is likely to be canceled if the timer stops. This makes the content marketplace the best place to have urgently needed articles written for all your blog or website needs.


Mandatory Copyscape check (No Duplicate Content)

Plagiarism is one major vice that is not tolerated on the site. Before submission, articles have to undergo a mandatory Copyscape check for plagiarism and article spinning, which is likely to affect your credibility and reputation as a content provider. There is also a strong system put in place warning writers against committing the vice three times in a row as it leads to automatic disqualification. This alone emphasizes the need to engage in ethical writing restraining writers from undertaking malicious practices.


Direct requests

There is always that single writer who manages to amaze you with their creativity and uniqueness. Such writers provide top notch articles that manage to totally satisfy your website content needs. Because such writers are hard to come across, iwriter provides you with the option of keeping them as close as possible. You can choose to make direct requests to your favorite writers for special projects. The writers are likely to reciprocate through providing the best quality articles as such projects always pay relatively higher than other articles.

Get The Variation

Unlike other sites like bidding sites, the content marketplace provides you as a publisher with a chance to receive various angles to a given task achieved by working with a variety of writers. This is likely to prove beneficial to you through opening your mind to other unique ideas that you had not pictured before. The variety also makes it possible for you to outsource unique articles for your blogs or websites surpassing those of competitors in terms of quality, uniqueness, and detail.


Hire Global writers

It at times pays to get opinions and content away from one's geographical location. The iWriter website comprises of a variety of global writers and publishers who have dedicated their lives to the art of writing. Unlike other content mills that are localized to particular countries or regions, the site makes it possible to outsource creative talent globally. This is an additional bonus for you as a publisher, especially when you are from a non-native English speaking country, allowing native experts to help you create content that is relevant globally.


IWriter (The Bad)

There are a few cons to write home about when it comes to the website as some of the cons as seen below can be easily avoided by publishers.


Automatic payment after three days of inactivity

Due to the desire to ensure that writers are paid for their services in time, the content platform has been designed to auto approve articles after three days of inactivity. Inactivity, in this case, is defined as the lack of approval or rejection of an article within 72 hours after it has been submitted. This can be easily avoided through reading and reviewing of all articles on time to ensure that you as the publisher only receive articles that you want.


Sometimes You Get Bad Content

The main idea behind outsourcing work is to find writers who can provide the best quality articles that satisfactorily meet your writing needs. However, this might not always be the case as you might end up asking the writer to rewrite a particular article in order to fit its intended requirements. This is often frustrating as the time spent on instructing the writer would have been channeled into other lucrative activities. To avoid this you can filter out standered writers and choose either premium or elite writers this will save a lot of you review time often premium writers deliver high quality articles.


Overall iwriter is best place you can outsource content from you don't have to much tackle with writers and there is more freedom of what you like and what you don't so if you don't have iwriter account you can get it below.




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