Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ultimate eBook Creator Review: Does It Worth It?

You can find many eBook creators that help you do a decent job as an author, but very few of them can do as good a job as the Ultimate eBook Creator. If you would like to turn your eBook into a work of art, this is certainly the eBook creator you should use. What I mean is, the Ultimate eBook Creator is a full-featured eBook creation software full of potent formating and design tools that will help you get professional and beautiful eBooks. 

The eBook sector has not been around for long, but we can all agree that it has now achieved mainstream acceptance. This means the standards have gone up as well, and readers will not bother with what your eBook teaches unless it has a professional feel. This is where the Ultimate eBook Creator comes in. With this great eBook creator, you can get your online eBook business on track if you plan on selling your books for a living. 

Here are some pros and cons to using Ultimate eBook Creator, ways it can help you as an author, and why I irrevocably recommend it to anyone wishing to publish a professional eBook that gets the right kind of attention in the eBook market.


  • Multilingual Support: This eBook creator goes over and beyond when it comes to multilingual support. You can translate your eBook into more than 80 languages when you use this eBook creator, a feature very few, if any, eBook creators can give you. Hands down, this makes this eBook one of the best in its class.
  • A Painless Use Experience: With some eBook creators, getting the results you want can be a hair-pulling experience, but not when you are using the Ultimate eBook Creator. This great eBook creator makes it surprisingly simple to create an eBook, something you will greatly appreciate if eBook creators have caused you a frustrating use experience in the past.
  • A Long List Of Features: The one thing Ultimate eBook Creator does not have is a shortage of great features. Without a doubt, using this eBook creator felt quite intuitive.
  • Creates Professional Quality eBooks: If you want your eBook to look neat, colorful, and professionally designed, this is the eBook creator to use. Its photo-rendering capabilities are just breathtaking, and anyone who gets their hands on your eBook will appreciate the quality of of work that went into creating it, thanks to the great and powerful features within this eBook Creator.
  • This eBook Creator Makes Monetizing Your Efforts Easier: Most people create eBooks for a commercial reason. Unfortunately, most eBook creators, including top rated versions, fail to offer inbuilt features that address this important aspect of eBook creation. I was pleasantly surprised that the maker of this eBook creator incorporated links to popular eBook publishing sites so that you can make money out of your efforts. That's not all, you can also edit your brand onto your product, which should come in quite handy if you would like to make your eBook publishing into a business.
  • Plenty Of Support: If you have had trouble using eBook creators in the past due to lack of support services, you will have a completely different experience with the Ultimate eBook Creator. On the internet, you will find detailed tutorials on how this eBook creator works. Also, if this eBook creator does not address all the issues you might have about it, you can also use the FAQs section on the product's site or even contact support through email. 

  • Cannot Create Magazines: The eBook creator cannot be used to create magazines. This eBook creator cannot be used to create tests either. So, if you were planning on using an eBook creator for either of these tasks, you will have to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, you can create fiction, fixed-layout books, all image books, as well as poetry books.
  • Limited Format Options: Ultimate eBook Creator is a little limited when it comes to file format options. The eBook will give you just 4 format templates (MOBI, PDF, MS Word and EPUB). Granted, most top eBook creators usually have less than a dozen format templates, but frankly, 4 formats is a little on the low side. On the other hand, when it comes to file support, you will be glad you chose this eBook creator, because, in total, Ultimate eBook creator is compatible with 6 files.

How Ultimate eBook Creator Can Help You As An Author

If you would like your eBook to have a professional touch, then you need to get this eBook creator. It has all the features you could ever need as an author. If you also plan on publishing a series of books, this eBook creator is certainly the way to go, since it practically guarantees that you create professional eBooks every time. This is something you cannot achieve without the help of an eBook creator, or with a less potent eBook creator.

More importantly, if you are an author who desires to produce quality eBooks faster, this eBook creator will certainly help. The long list of features within this eBook ceator also means that you can create eBooks using various design styles and give every eBook you create a fresh look, something that will keep your readers interested if you are an author who plans on creating several eBooks over time.


Of late, there has been a growing interest in eBooks among readers. But, readers are growing increasingly picky about the publishing quality these eBooks have. So, a PDF file you have hurriedly put together will no longer cut it with most users. I have realized that producing the professional eBook that gets your audience's attention, more often than not, requires the use of a powerful eBook creator such as the Ultimate eBook Creator.

Any other eBook creation technique excluding the use of this important software will mean doing lots of work, missing out on lots of great features, and, worst of all, creating a sub-par eBook that most potential readers might not give a second look. Not only is this eBook creator easy to use, it also comes with lots of features that will ensure you create a professional, high-quality, and eye-catching eBook every time, which is why I would wholesomely recommend the Ultimate eBook Creator to you if you would like to be taken seriously as an author by your readers. 



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