Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stop Using PLR Content On Blog

I was checking out warrior forum this week and there were few bloggers who asked whether using PLR content on blog was a good idea or not. I want to lift some misconception and show you what you should do and what you should avoid while dealing with any PLR product.

Using PLR Content (The BAD)
If you think of using it on blog let me remind you that there are others who have bought the same plr product like you which can bring duplicate content issues while using such article. Even if you do find some original content it doesn't mean that they can't be copied by others in future. PLR content means one can use it anywhere as they like so others can do the same like you. Logically it doesn't harm to use PLR content but what it doesn't helps is that duplicate content doesn't liked by Google and hence it doesn't rank well on the search engines.

If you are really looking for content for your blog you can get content written at dirt cheap from places like iwriter. It's really cheap and affordable alternative of using plr product. For a 700 word article you just have to pay 5$.

So, it's better to drop such idea but don't worry there are numerous ways you can profit from a PLR product.

Keep Subscribers Happy 
If you have newsletter subscribers you can provide them with exclusive plr content as email newsletter and since these are not published on your blog they will find it important to stay on your email list. Most of time bloggers put so much hard on building their subscribers base that they forget to work on subscribers retention and i think as a blogger the most important asset you have is your subscriber base and if growing your subscriber list is important keeping them is even more important.

Turn Them Into PODCAST
There are bunch of podcast sharing sites which attracts a lot of traffic you can turn your PLR content into audio version and share them on itunes which will generate good amount of targeted traffic to your website. I know turning them might take some amount of time but creating something new from scratch can take even more time.

Use Them As Social Media Marketing Tool
One cannot think about internet marketing without social media. Now every people are running after social traffic and why not we have some large number of social giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest with billions of users it's would be silly if one is not taking advantage of such vast audience.

But wait you need content for such task every social media sites need some sort of content whether you are tweeting or sharing on Facebook all you need few contents.

And there you can use PLR content don't worry if you need just 140 words for twitter you can copy some few good lines from the whole article and bang you got free twitter content. 

For using them on Youtube first you need to turn them into presentation using Powerpoint and then turn them into videos and hey! you just created some video content for free.

Using PLR For Generating Targeted Traffic
Do you love free visitors to your website while doing nothing. Yes! you can easily get them all you need to do is few tweaks and you can easily use plr content for generating traffic There are many websites where you can share your eBooks and if you give them for fee you can attract lots of free downloads as people love anything for free and if you add links back to your website you can easily funnel those visitors into your website.Now here is the strategy find some relevant plr eBooks add your website links on some relevant contents and share the those in eBook download websites.

Using For Affiliate Commission
The Strategy is same but this time instead of putting your own website links you can put affiliate offers within content so that you can earn affiliate commission. For growing your income just rinse and repeat the same and keep doing that and you can earn a large passive income without doing much work at the end.
Turn PLR in Kindle
Vast majority of audience love reading kindle that's why amazon put so much value in kindle publishing what advantage of publishing kindle is that you don't need to do the marketing stuff if you found some good plr you just have to convert them into kindles and rest would be taken care by the amazon itself.

Getting More Subscribers
What bloggers do mistake while doing list building is that they simple put subscribe form and just sit back to get subscribers most viewers these days are vary cautious about letting their emails just ask yourself how many times you have given your email for subscribing someones blog. Moreover people are often lazy to give their email you might think it just take few minutes to subscribe but whatever you might think it's too much work for a visitor because they didn't find value in what you what you expect them to do.

Just the opposite you if make them feel value in subscribing your blog you can easily get them to subscribe.To add value you just have to put something on the line as a bait.

And here PLR comes to rescue just put them and see subscribers rolling in but make sure you set up your autoresponders beforehand since people hate waiting and the more you make them wait you will lose your sale in future.

Bottom line
Maybe using PLR content on blog can be a bad idea but that doesn't mean plr doesn't have any value if you know how to use them effectively then it can prove to be beneficial for your blog but while getting plr it really important to get it from decent sources such as IDPLR.com it's a membership based plr distributing website which will get you instant access to over 8000 plr products including graphics, content, ebooks and software.

Friday, October 23, 2015

6 Biggest Reason Behind John Chow Success

When i started this blog back in 2013 i use to wonder how one can earn a full time income just from blogging i was imagining about earning thousand of dollars each month but soon my dreams started getting shattered it's much easier to think like "he is an average guy and he makes six figure income from his blog" i too going to start a blog next day and earn thousand of dollars like him.

But within few months you started getting tired and wonder how much hard work and dedication is required to build a successful blog.

Today we are going to talk about non other then John chow he is know to be one of the most successful bloggers in make money blogging niche. I am going to give you closer look on why his blog is so much successful and how you can replicated that success in your blog.

1# Using His Name As His Blog Name
You might think what so big deal in a name but this really adds up an important factor in his success instead of choosing a regular name he opted for his own name as his blog name, i don't know whether he has choose that intentionally or as a strategy but it's really worked for him when you call his blog you don't actually talk about his blog but you talk about his name, Which really builds up his personal brand and boost credibility.

For example if you find something really good info on his blog what will you say when you want to refer that to your friend "hey i have read an interesting post on john chow's blog" so this way he has not just branded his blog but he has branded his name.

2# He Is Not Depended On Ads
 When you look out any successful bloggers most of the time their main source of income going to be ads. Ads might work well for you but there are several other untap money making opportunities which you might not even realize. John has really successful in monetizing his blog you can say that he has stretched his blog to it's full potential from eBooks sales to affiliate marketing and even doing paid reviews for 500$ each.

His other source of income has really surpassed his ads income so if you are still depended on ads you should reconsider your blogging strategy as you might be losings a lot of money each money each month.

3# He Puts His Effort In Building List
 There are lots of bloggers who are still not doing anything to build list, you might called it old school strategy but email list still holds the number 1 position in affiliate marketing strategies according to DMA National client report. You may go anywhere but you will always heard this one line "money is in the list" so if you are not building your list you are not doing anything to make your money.

When you look at john's blog you will often see him giving free eBooks but when you go to download his freebies he will ask your email and trust me list building is the real money maker for his blog when you get on to his list soon you will get lots of automated emails where he is going to suggest you about many different courses of services which in turn gives him affiliate commission, if you buy any of those.

That's why he put so much weight on doing list building and i don't think he is cheating you as he never hides his strategy as you will always find him suggesting new bloggers about building an email list and even on his blogging course he has shared various methods to grab users emails and not just methods but how to do it in an effected way.

This method is so much powerful that John admits that his biggest mistake he has ever made in blogging is not doing list building from day 1.

4# Unique Design
John always uses fascinating design for his blog but one thing that he has shown really interested in is going with a custom design. You will find lots of free wordpress themes over the internet but what you are not aware is that you are not setting your self apart from the crowd. To get successful you need to look different and not something like a one of a sheep in the horde.

So if you are serious toward blogging go get some professional designs and experience the difference.

5# His Ablity To Create BuZZ
His one of his blog titled "John Chow vs Google" got really popular the story was like this john chow did something called link selling which the Big G thinks bad so they decided to punish john by putting a manual penalty on his blog, the penalty was really worst as his blog not even ranked for his own brand name "john chow" now most of us would have left business at this point, as after all who wants to fight with google but he did just the opposite he created a blog post called "john chow vs google" where he exposed the penalty on him on public this created a buzz on  blogosphere and lot of bloggers covered this blog post so his blog got even more publicity by this act so instead of doing harm this act gave him more boost toward his john chow brand. At last Google realized that and lifted their manual penalty.

It was really incredible thing what john did so if you can turn bad things in your favor no one going to stop you from creating your next successful blog.

6# Lastly His Blog Is An Example
What he has been successful in doing over these years is that he has created his blog as a live case study when you visit his blog you will soon stumbled upon with his catchphrase "I make money by telling people how i make money"  so what you actually watching is that he has show people what works and what not by actually implementing them to his blog. So people more trust on something which is been done and experimented before, compared to saying something without actually doing it.

So how is your blogging success??