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Complete Blueprint To Start A Profitable Membership Website

If you have been avoiding membership websites assuming it is hard to set up and get working with lots of technical areas to take care of, you are missing a big opportunity. In spite of the potential of membership sites lots of people never give them a go. The reality is that anyone can start up a membership website using simple to use online website publishing tools like WordPress as well as some plugins.

What is a Membership Site?

In the easiest terms, any specific website where you pay to access information or products solely available to members alone is a membership website. Membership websites may include text articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, PDF’s, audio, website apps, WordPress templates, software, themes, and so so many others.

In this post, we will show you how to create an effective membership site.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Narrow it down. Get a group of people who are truly enthusiastic about a thing you know much about. It may be business-associated (like “Making Money with Apps for iphone”) or even lifestyle-related (for example guitar players or triathletes).

Step 2: Good Hosting And Domain Name

Good hosting can save a lot of techie stuffs associate with membership website when i started off my membership site i didn't research at all and thus end up solving server side issues that's why i truly believe a successful membership website needs a reliable web host personally i recommend hostgator because they are far more superior host in speed and performance and along with that they have inbuilt installer which lets you install any software without coding a great option for those who didn't have technical skills to install software manually. Also a plus point you get free domain with their any hosting package saving few bucks on domain name which you need to purchase separately in another host hehe..

Step 3: Build It

Building the real membership site isn’t that expensive or difficult. If you have technical abilities you can do this yourself, but if you don't, instamember can help you launch your own membership website within minutes it has everything you need in your subscription business from payment processing to content locking.

Step 4: Become a professional or Partner with One

There are many professionals that have very popular websites and large followings however they don’t realize how to monetize them. Make use of Google and Technorati to get popular blogs in a specific niche and approach some prosperous bloggers who have big lists however don’t appear to be earning much money. Most of them may turn your down but don't get dishearted you just need one partners and bang you got your product a big push. Good thing about it when you product get promoted on one big blog it starts a domino effect and many other bloggers may feature of blog which builds up a big wave of promotion so all you just need to keep trying but don't get too much pushy with your approach it not only looks odd but it's also looks unprofessional.

Or, you may become expert yourself. Maybe you’ve previously earned that status, or perhaps you can profit it by blogging, presenting at conferences, list building, and contributing to discussions on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The social marketing tribe provides an excellent guide on how to use social media sites effectively and increase your social presence like pro.

Step 5: Make a Good Landing Page

The most awful thing that could occur would be to start a community that is dead. You intend to have a minimum of 100 members on the day you kick off. This can be done but building their expectation.

First of all, create a landing page making use of Unbounce. Using this landing page you’ll shortly have a discussion about the community you’ll be creating while having an email capture form which people will be able to opt-in to be notified when you start it. Don’t speak about pricing yet and don’t talk about a launch date. Employ the use of video to deliver this important message; it’s much more powerful than text.

Step 6: Conduct Webinars

Arrange webinars and then advertise them like crazy. Get influencers in your industry for instance, instamember and then partner with them. At instamember, you get exclusive webinars for our audiences. Personalize your presentation making sure you knock the ball away from the park here.

Your webinars needs to be 99% content and just 1% promotion (reveal to the people where they are going to sign up to be informed when your community launches). Ensure your content is exceptional. I can’t lay emphasis on this enough. I’m referring to the kind of articles you’d usually charge a lot of cash for; the kind of information you’re nearly reluctant about giving away at no cost.

Step 7: Begin Blogging

For those who don’t blog yet, begin blogging and promote your blog content that you post to your email list. Be sure you use a social sharing plugin like ShareThis so that your readers may share your information with their friends by Twitter, on Facebook, and LinkedIn. Close your blog posts with questions so that you get comments or feedback. Reply to the comments without delay. Also, post your content to Twitter and Facebook and place the social media icons on your website in other to enable your readers know where to find you on Facebook and Twitter. You can include YouTube in the mix in case you’re producing video content also.

Step 8: Begin Building Momentum and Then Collect Feedback from Your Target Audience

Ask them what they really want the community to be like as well as what they count on getting from it.
Keep in mind that the worst thing that could occur is to launch a community that's a dead, so these are certain ways you could tell in case you’re prepared to launch:
• Do people share your post?
• Do people comment on the content you post?
• Do people email you seeking advice or asking when you’re planning to launch?
If the response is yes, then you’re prepared to launch.

Step 9: Launch

Before you decide to open your doors you’ll need to promote your community once more:
• Email all the everybody that sign up to be notified
• Email people who eventually left comments on your site/blog
• Promote it on Facebook and Twitter
• Remember all of the webinars which you did with influencers in your business?

They’ll be your affiliates, as well. You’ll pay a recurring commission to them (normally around 30%) on all the memberships they assist you sell. Speak to all of them 2 to 3 weeks before you launch to ensure they have everything they are required to promote you five days before your launch, the very day before and the day you finally launch. Make it easy for all of them. Write email templates that they can put to use, design banners and give them whatever they request from you. It's also wise to set up your affiliate program in a manner that if someone registered to your list by means of a webinar you did with an affiliate, they obtain credit for it whenever the new member registers up. A powerful way to have big-name affiliates on board is to provide exclusive discounts or bonuses to their audience.

One vital thing: whenever you launch your community, provide a free trial. Normally, 14 days is a very good one. A day before the free trial expires send an email to them and let them know that the trial is about to end and if they don’t cancel they’ll be billed. There are some people that never do this and then hope their members are going to forget. Don’t do this. It’s the inappropriate way to commence a business.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LinkedInfluence Review: Does It Really Work?
If you are a professional in any field and searching for a job or business opportunity, then LinkedIn is the perfect program for you. However, many people do not how to optimize this site to achieve benefits. When you visit the official web site, you will find several testimonials, quality content as well as high quality videos to help you through the course. With the help of the course, you can add connections to your profile within a short period of time.

Here are the four modules of the course:

Module 1: Getting Started
Laying foundation comes with 10 videos to familiarize you with the various options and navigation of the site. It also help you to design your profile to suit your needs and those of users. A properly configured profile can help boost your connections by increasing your visibility across the network. These videos can help you optimize your keywords or ways to write a killer summary as well as strategies for giving and receiving recommendations.

Module 2: Creating Connections
To me, this was the most appealing part of the course. This part comprise of 7 videos on how to build your network. These videos are easy and simple to follow. Note that with LinkedIn, you can export contacts using the email. This is a great feature that can help you increase your connections at the end of the day. In addition, it guides you on how to get your way into more groups.

Module 3: Driving Traffic
After growing your connections, you have to attract your target audience or investors to buy your product(s). This is why module three is as important as Module 2. At this point, you will learn how to connect with the right people , how to get a job, or selling tickets. In general, this section is about understanding how to make use of applications and functionality of your LinkedIn profile by integrating your blog as well as video and driving traffic to your site. The more the traffic you generate, the higher your visibility.

Module 4: Building Your Company
Lastly, you will be guided through ways on how to build your company page and connect with the right investors as well as increasing your influence on LinkedIn. Other bonuses that accompany this module include how to create your own ads and how to utilize them over the LinkedIn platform.

Bonuses that come with the program
When you buy this program, you will find that it comes with a number of bonuses that can be beneficial to you. It comprise of brief notes, and transcripts on each and every video used in this course. In addition to brief notes, you will be furnished with three different e-Books free of charge. You will also be offered two more books that explains how LinkedIn works, including LinkedIn Master Strategies and LinkedIn working book respectively.
You will also be given Sean Malarkey’s Twixplode e-Book. This book will help you understand how to use twitter as well as target specific twitter users. Additionally, it contains ways on how you can increase your potential response rate . With Sean Malarkey’s Twixplode e-Book, you can learn the most appropriate time for tweeting and what you should be tweeting in order to obtain the best results.

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Is the Product Worth the Price?
When you consider the benefits you are getting from this course, you will see that this course is worth every penny. To get this program, you are required to pay $9. After buying LinkedInfluence, you are give 3 e-Books for free. With LinkedInfluence, you will be able to take advantage of the rapidly growing LinkedIn network. You will agree that LinkedIn is the powerful social media network that can take your business to the next level. This explains why many business people are gravitating to LinkedIn.

Note that LinkedIn is the perfect platform for people like you, who are looking forward to grow a network of business connections as well as woo high quality clients. However, signing up and creating profile will not do you much good. In order to benefit from the site, you need to understand how LinkedIn works and that is where LinkedIn comes in.

Is It a Scam?
The product is not a scam. You can take your time to google search and you will be surprised to find that Lewis Howes is a reputable man who runs a successful business empire. In fact, he has wrote a number of books some of which have featured in Forbes, Fortune and more. Since LinkedIn is a platform that attracts all people, including high quality experts, directors, entrepreneurs, and other people of great influence, Lewis saw the need to utilize this platform by coming up with a program, which can increase your online visibility while attracting your target audience.

LinkedInfluence is one of the growing programs across the world. In fact, within a year it had over 160 million users, which is quite high considering that the program is only a few years old. The product was designed to help you understand how to use Linked to grow your business or even market yourself by taking advantage of the social media thanks to Levis Howes, a man behind this incredible product. With this product, you can maximize the network by attracting the right people to view your profile as well as establish avenue for jobs or even a way in which you can attract traffic to your site without putting a great deal of effort.
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Very interactive
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a variety of bonuses
  • Offers 60-day money guarantee
  • Can boost your sales

  • It may take time to achieve desired results
  • Not all people can afford it

Final Verdict
LinkedInfluence is a program that has changed the face of online marketing. If you are aspiring to start business or you have a running business and you need to generate traffic faster while keeping the overhead costs low, then this program is your perfect choice. This course has all you need ranging from creating a captivating profile to building your business page and driving traffic. Get this program today and see the difference.

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Kindle Money Mastery Review: Does It Really Make You Money?

Kindle Money Mastery
Product: Kindle Money Mastery
Recommended: Yes!
Rating: 97/100
Created By: Stefan Pylarinos
Kindle money mastery is a course made by Stefan Pylarinos featuring videos and text that explains how you can make money online via kindle publishing. The whole course is simple and straight forward and it covers everything you need to learn whether you are a pro or a newbie in the business.

The course introduces you and guides you through kindle publishing, detailing all the necessary tips and challenges you might encounter and how to deal with them effectively. The course is meant to inspire you to get into this business and create passive income and covers personalized experiences in video form.

Kindle money mastery is a video course that is accessible from inside the member’s area. Before you get to the members area, you will be offered a number of up sells. One of them is a short video that explains how you can create a book for the Kindle in just 24 hours. The other up sell is called Full

Disclosure-a membership program that is not free of charge. The kindle money mastery sales page is all about how easy it is to make money with Kindle and Stefan even shows some screenshots of his Amazon accounts to show you how much money he’s making.

The principle behind Kindle money mastery is simply finding profitable niches and then outsourcing the book creation, so you don’t have to write the book yourself. All you have to do is the keyword and niche search and then outsource the writing of the book and the creation of graphics for the covers. This course will teach you all about finding a great niche to write an e-book and how to market it on the Amazon store.

What is Included in the Program?

The Kindle money mastery course consists of a number of instructional videos that are direct and easy to follow. All the videos are in high definition which makes it easier for you to see what Stefan is doing. The program includes everything you need to know about kindle publishing and how to make money out of it. Kindle money mastery is built on the understanding that writing an e-book and marketing it appropriately are the two points to get you the dollars.
Kindle Money Mastery Course Outline

Writing an e-book and marketing it on Amazon store are the two most important things that you need to learn when it comes to kindle publishing. In this course, you will learn everything from start to finish. What you will learn in the Kindle Money Mastery course is outlined below:

  • How to find the most profitable niche. Variety of niches exists in the market today, but finding the right one is the key. This is all covered in the course. 
  • Tips on how to write your e-book. It’s not just writing that will earn you money, it must be high quality, targeting, well researched and market oriented.
  • The program teaches you how to scale your business up while outsourcing the book creation.
  • The program gives a graphical description template with great content that actually sells.

Can you Really Make Money After a Month?

That entirely depends on how fast you go through the course and how fast you can write an e-book if you are not willing to outsource. But you can indeed make your first earning after a month! I too was hesitant as I wasn’t sure whether it was a scam, as the deal seemed too good considering the amount that Stefan said he was making. Based on the many positive reviews that I read about the course, I decided to give it a try and boom! It happened. I wrote my first book and through the guideline in the course, I was able to polish all my weaknesses and eventually came up with a book that brought in more than I expected.

However, how the program works depend on you. How fast you learn and whether you put everything you learn into practice. It took me 2 weeks to go through the program and a week to write the e-book. Sooner you will find that key than most e-book sellers are still searching. Of course you will improve with experience, and by the time you are publishing your third e-book, you won’t even have to check the course for guideline for you will have mastered everything. The Kindle money mastery system is not about writing a killer book. Most of these books are in the “how to” niches which provides solutions to people’s problems.

  • Perfect for both beginners and pros
  • Easy to follow with step to step guidelines. The program does not only give you the notes, but detailed guidelines with high definition videos that clearly bring the point home. Contains owners personalized experiences in video form.
  • The program has a Facebook page to enable you share your likes and experiences with like-minded people.
  • The course does not only provide the outline and how to guide, it also provides tips to get you motivated throughout.

  • The course is a little bit expensive to start
  • It does not provide an immediate source of income, you have to learn for some weeks and create an e-book if not outsource.

The cons were really hard to find, but of course nothing is perfect. If the course was intended to bring a lump sum in a day, it would most probably be dismissed as a scam by many. On the whole, Kindle Money Mastery is a really good course. First, it teaches you how to, and takes a good approach to finding niches, teaches you how to create and write a book even if you have never done it before, shows you how to market and publish the book and most important puts you in a position to earn a good sum and succeed in life. I would recommend this course to any person who intends to learn and make a descent earning of it. Kindle money mastery is the ideal course for making passive income.

Earnest Affiliate Review: Can You Really Make Money With It
There are many products online that claim to provide a sure guide to internet riches. Some are genuine but others are a scam and a scheme meant to defraud internet users of their hard earned money. The most important task for any internet user is to determine the genuine from the fake. In an era where so many people are making money from blogging, a lot of people would also want to learn the best ways to increase traffic on websites and blogs in order to generate income. There are several web programs that have been designed to offer training on how to generate internet traffic. One such program is the Earnest affiliate.

Product Overview and features

Earnest affiliate is an online based course meant to offer a guide to people interested in developing blogs or websites. Currently there are seven course modules with each containing up to five lessons. Each of these modules provide a step by step guide that should be followed to the letter. The course offers a clear lesson on how to build a successful website or blog.

There are discussions forums available at the top of the modules that let members interact with one another. This is particularly important because it provides an avenue to ask questions, offer feedback and share experiences. It is always encouraging when you have people to journey with in the pursuit of your goals and objectives.

For Whom This Program Is For?

Earnest Affiliate program is meant for those who would like to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing. That includes budding bloggers and web-based entrepreneurs. Due to their lack of experience in generating internet traffic, the course offers a much needed guide on how to increase visits to the sites and translate that into sales.

Even the seasoned affiliate marketers can learn one or two tips from this course because it is extensive and thoroughly informative. Earnest Affiliate is the perfect blue print for genuine affiliate marketing success. It is built on the need to make money honestly on the internet and people looking for get rich quick schemes through scams will be disappointed.

It is emphasized in the training how it is not wise to recommend a product that you have not tried yourself to other people because then it become difficult to convince them to use it. If you have an idea or a target market, Earnest Affiliate can teach you how to turn that idea into a source of income through blogging. People looking to join a startup should also strive to be part of Earnest Affiliate because it is new and they can therefore participate in building it up and enjoy its success in the long run.

How does one make money with Earnest Affiliate?

You can make money by becoming an affiliate with Earnest Affiliate even though that is not where it thrives most. The best way to make money with this program is by diligently following the training and using the lessons learnt to increase traffic to your own website or blog. You can then convert this traffic into actual sales and thus generate revenue. If you are an affiliate with Earnest Affiliate, you'll use the Clickbank platform to make sales. Presently you can make about $126 for every sale which is a decent amount.

                                                            Screenshot of my account
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The positives

I like this program for several reasons but key among them is the intention for members to truly succeed. Most programs are only focused on generating revenue on their end without thinking about the benefits to the members. This program stays above the rest for these reasons:

1. Robust support system: The discussions forums offer a great support system for the members. They can share ideas, offer advice to one another and ask pertinent questions. This goes a long way in encouraging them and guiding them through their journey of making money online. Members also have the option of emailing the administrator directly in cases where clarification is needed and they do give feedback in a timely manner.

2. Lack of unwarranted up-selling:
There are basically no up-selling periods. The products being sold have actually been used and there is genuine feedback. There isn't any unnecessary hype just to convince you to buy a product when in actual sense it doesn't fit the bill. The pitching of product purchases is moderate to say the least.
3. Easy to navigate: Let's face it, people do not like reading a lot of complicated information. It is tiring and just overwhelming to the brain. Earnest Affiliate program is quite easy to navigate and offers simplified information that is easy to synthesize.

4. Constant improvements: The program is relatively new and the developer does regular improvements to make it more informational. After you are done with the course, do not throw it away because you may never know if some important information has been added to it. The course puts a lot of emphasis on personal branding and this is really important in creating a huge following.

5. Emphasis on Good content: The program shows you how to increase traffic through great content because even if you focus on keywords, without the relevant information the traffic cannot be converted into sales.

The Negatives

There aren't many negatives that I found with this program except the fact that you can't really make a reasonable amount of income promoting it at the moment. Everybody loves a regular monthly paycheck but that will come with time. Besides, the key objective of the program is to teach you how to make money online and you can still do that through your website or blog.

Bottom Line

I'm usually very wary about programs that claim to teach people how to make money online. That is because most of the web-courses I have encountered are poorly put together and a waste of time and money. I was very intrigued when I finally got to try out the Earnest Affiliate program.

It is overflowing with great information and tips on how to increase internet traffic. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make money through affiliate marketing and those interested in generating website and blog traffic in order to earn income. It doesn't encourage shortcuts and so be prepared to go through the whole course. You can get it today and cash in on internet money because that is the next hub of millionaires.