Friday, March 11, 2016

Scripteen Fb Cover Script Review
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The Internet is a door of opportunities for each and every one of us. There are great opportunities arising everyday which allow people from all walks of life to benefit from, especially those interested in online businesses. The Internet is an excellent platform for online marketing and businesses, and it gets even better with Facebook Cover Scripts.

Facebook Cover Scripts is a one stop solution that provides you with the liberty of organizing and sharing Facebook Cover Photos, Collage Covers with family and friends, as well as earning money from ads. However, getting started can be quite tricky, especially if you have limited coding skills. This is when Scripteen comes handy. One of the best Facebook Cover Scripts in the market today is Scripteen.

Scripteen allows its users to start their very personal Facebook Covers website with simple, easy to use scripts.

PROs of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script

l# Simple and Easy Scripts
Scripteen makes it very simple and easy for you to use their web scripts, making it easily accessible even if you happen to be just a beginner. The product would be a good choice for beginners as well as advance users who want to build their very own website.

2# Excellent Quality
Scripteen Facebook Cover scripts are not thrown together overnight. The scripts are carefully developed by a professional programmer who has years of experience and vast knowledge on the matter. Moreover, they guarantee all of their scripts. Excellent quality and guarantee makes Scripteen one of the mostly sort after Facebook Cover Scripts today.

3# JQuery Integration
In addition, the Scripteen team uses JQuery Intergration to make their web scripts ahead of others, especially with interactive designs and user interfaces. Interactive designs and user interfaces will definitely give your website a polished look and lively feel.

 Excellent Help and Support (Reliable)
With Scripteen you will never be talking to the operator machine for a long time. Besides offering excellent performance with their scripts, they also provide excellent help and support. You will be provided with adequate support and script updates for every web script that you download. Adding to this, you will also have access to their vast knowledgebase and user forums. If you want to get your hands on a really reliable Facebook Cover Script, Scripteen is your perfect option.

1# Comes up with Smart and New Scripts monthly
One of the best things about Scripteen, which makes them a favourite for many, is its never ending scripts supply. Scripteen comes up with and adds new scripts to their library every month or sometimes even every week. There is always something new for everyone!

2# Affordable
Although Scripteen offers quality scripts, it keeps buyers’ budget in mind. Unlike many other Facebook Cover Script creators out there, Scripteen offers its product in very affordable prices, while providing even better quality scripts.

3# Safe
One of the important factor to consider when purchasing scripts is its safety. And, Scripteen excels in this area too. According a great number of existing users, the scripts offered by Scripteen are safe and trustworthy.

      >>> Download Scripteen Facebook Cover Script Here <<<

CONs of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script
There isn’t anything much to say about the drawback of Scripteen, as their product is certainly excellent. However, using the Scripteen Facebook Cover Script, you will need to do the content creation as well as data management and editing all by yourself. This can be a little tricky for new users, but would defiantly be favored by those creative minded users who prefer to edit and create their own content.

Features of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script
  • Front-End Features
  • Web 2.0 look as well as feel
  • Unlimited categories
  • Top downloaded' feature
  • Featured covers' feature 
  • Featured cover slider. 
  • One click download
  • Nice cover preview 
  • SEO Friendly URLs 
  • Upload-cover to Facebook feature
  • Facebook Comments system
  • Easy search feature
  • Share Facebook-covers (via AddThis) 
  • Built-in contact form 
  • Advertisement spots. 
  • Pages such as about us, terms and conditions and privacy policy. 
  • Nice 404 page
Admin Features
  • Logo upload 
  • Edit Meta-tags and Meta description 
  • Category-management (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Ajax image upload.
  • Automatic watermarking (optional)
  • Easy cover management
  • Input Facebook-app info
  • Change admin-user/pass
  • Ad management
  • Edit pages (W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G editor)
So, is it Worth the Investment?
Definitely, yes! Scripteen has been helping a vast array of individuals like you, in launching their startups and websites, without the hassle of needing to learn coding, or paying a big sum of capital. You need not even have special skills to be able to use the Scripteen Facebook Cover Script. The Scripteen Facebook Cover Script would definitely be the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable and excellent quality Facebook cover script. It also gives you the opportunity of exploring into a variety of scripts to find your best suited one. Once you have started using Scripteen, you will never go for a different Facebook cover script again!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Scripteen Domain Marketplace Script Review

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Although the internet has been around for a decade or so, this is certainly the age of the internet with more opportunities arising everyday for individuals both working online or with businesses offline. However getting started can prove to be an uphill task especially if you have limited coding skills which is why Scripteen can be the answer to your prayers to help you launch your site and get started on the money-making journey sooner or give you a leg up by adding functionality to an already existing site thereby letting you focus your efforts on areas that matter like optimization and traffic generation.

Scripteen has a number of products geared to cater to different needs whether you are looking for a site to launch a startup or you are more geared towards an online gaming network. The products available from Scripteen include the Scripteen Domain Marketplace script which creates a website and domain auction platform so your clients can simply sign and put their sites or domains up for sale.

As you can tell from this impressive list of products, it is absolutely paramount to use the right script for your specific website needs in order to cater to cater to your clients needs and keep them coming back.

The Scripteen domain marketplace script which is developed with domain or webmasters in mind has both regular and premium membership offering a host of functions and features that help make your website that much better.

For regular membership which is offered free to users, features that are available in the package include a list of unlimited websites and domain names for sale, offers on these listings, a feature to edit domain names and websites, a platform to promote your listings if you already have them, a way to interact with your clients as you can view the comments of members on the website and domain name listings, a range of payment options for these listings, subscription to an RSS feed and the option to edit your account settings and upgrade to the premium membership which comes with a variety of additional features not included in the regular membership.

These features include being able to view, edit, send and delete personal messages from the website members, add comments to both the domain name and website listings as well as place bids on these listings including a “Buy Now” option, as well as view details of the sellers of domain names and websites and offer member details for both.

The premium membership will also add admin privileges including the ability to edit the site title and domain name, paypal accounts, homepage title, site slogan and the page detailing how it all works as well as being able to change the prices and durations of the Premium membership and the admin password. Other admin features that are included are the ability to view active, inactive and premium members, view and moderate comments and listings of the auctions, adding banners for header rotation of the websites, adding advertising which helps with increasing the ROI, sending a newsletter to all the members which helps you in staying connected and building rapport which is critical in building your brand and keeps clients coming back as well as letting you view a website, log out admin and select a payment option for listings. If all these features are available for just one product, imagine what Scripteen can do for you as you grow and diversify your business online or on the ground.

The Advantages of using Scripteen Domain marketplace Script

  • You get a whole lot bang for your buck both with the regular and premium memberships
  • A host of features which make adding pages or editing existing pages super easy
  • Support tickets for queries
  • Ability to upgrade to gain access to better features
  • Support and updates available at very affordable prices
  • Professional installation available making it even more convenient

Disadvantages of the Scripteen Domain marketplace script
  • Requires you to have PHP or MySQL for it to work
  • You still have to do the content creation, data management and editing yourself
  • You need to pay for the support and updates yearly get the two or three year package
    >>> Download Scripteen Domain Marketplace Script <<<

Scripteen has been helping other individuals like you launch their startups and websites or add functionality to their websites no matter the niche without the hassle of having to learn coding or fork out a substantial amount. The Scripteen domain marketplace script alone offers a world of features that you are going to be hard-pressed to find anywhere else and this is just a tip of the scripting iceberg. With about a dozen other scripts that you can make use of from Bidding Directory to Glitter Text Generator, there is something for all your website needs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

IMSC Rapid Mailer Review: Email List Building Redefined

When you are trying to make sales from your website with emails, you need an auto-responder mail that subscribers can't wait to open.

Marketers use such automatic mails to follow-up on opt-ins from subscribers, send welcome mails to new subscribers, or share a series of information emails. Auto-responder campaigns are absolutely essential for any email marketing strategies today. They keep you at the top of the subscribers' minds. They help you convert leads to customers more effectively than any telemarketing can do.

To run an effective auto-responder campaign, you also need a low cost email marketing system.

Maybe you are already using a traditional auto-responder like Aweber. If you are, you are probably paying a monthly subscription. If you are using SMTP pay-as-you-go services instead, you're still very likely paying around $200 a year.

IMSC Rapid Mailer tries to be a cost-effective alternative to these auto-responders for all your email marketing campaigns.

What does Rapid Mailer give you?
Rapid Mailer is a Wordpress plug-in. If you have used Wordpress, you will know that Wordpress plug-ins are very easy to install, and this is no exception. You can install Rapid Mailer and set it up within minutes and get your first list started immediately. You can then manage your auto-responder list yourself without a hassle.

So, what does Rapid Mailer mean for your sales? Any time saved or convenience provided means more time and energy for you to devote to more important aspects of your business. Rapid Mailer offers great efficiency in your email campaign, in the following ways:

Rapid Mailer lets you set up multiple campaigns.
It lets you change your campaign quickly and easily, giving you complete control over your campaign. Here is a scenario in which this feature comes in useful. If you have a series of emails ready for leads, and one particular lead buys a product only after one email, you can quickly switch off the follow up emails. You don't need another opt-in from that customer, in order to begin sending them another set of emails about a related product.

You can also import lists into Rapid Mailer without asking your customers to opt-in again.

There are some other great features that Rapid Mailer offers users. You can use these features to save time and make the most of the time that you do spend on creating each email.

For instance, you don't need to use any external editor for writing your emails. You can use the Simple Wordpress email editor to create and edit your auto-responder mails.

If you have great content that your subscribers have enjoyed, you can use Rapid Mailer to publish the email as a blog post.

Want to make some money by setting up a subscription service to manage other people's lists? Rapid Mailer lets you do that too.

Overall, IMSC Rapid Mailer is designed to take quite a lot of headache out of email marketing.
Let us look at the pros and cons objectively. 

Get Rapid Mailer With 130$ Discount (Limited Time Offer)


There are several reasons why Rapid Mailer is a great auto-responder, when you compare it with other traditional and standard SMTP services. Let's take a look at these reasons.

#1 Firstly, Wordpress users are at an advantage here. If you have a Wordpress blog or website, you're good to go. Rapid Mailer can easily install into your site and prepare your list for mailing without a hassle. In fact, Rapid Mailer can get you a list right from Day One by grabbing the email addresses of your LinkedIn and Facebook connections.

#2 The second attraction of Rapid Mailer is the price. Unlike other auto-respoders like Aweber, you don't need to pay monthly subscription fees. All that you have to pay is a one-time price to download the plug-in. After that, no matter how long your list grows, Rapid Mailer is completely free!
In terms of pricing, the plug-in is a hands-down winner over Aweber, where the costs skyrocket if your list grows longer than the default limit of 500.

To download the plug-in, you currently have to pay a very affordable special price of $67. This lets you install the plug-in and use it on three personal sites. But what if you don't have three sites? If you only have one website to manage, why pay for a multi-site plug-in? The single-site version of IMSC Rapid Mailer is available for only $27. You will be presented with this option when you exit from the payment page.

There are other features that you can pay additional (one-time) costs for, such as an advanced list-building training (for $97) and a Pro Version upgrade ($47) for four other lead building plug-ins etc. These are bonuses that you may not need. But if you do, the costs are affordable.

#3 If after using Rapid Mailer you decide that it is not working for you, you can get your money back. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied. And unlike many other money back guarantees, you are actually likely to get your cash back. No one to my knowledge has asked for their money back after having used Rapid Mailer, but if we go by the company's customer service, we can only expect great response in such cases.

#4 You get training on how to use Rapid Mailer with a user guide. You will even find a video series for a quicker understanding of how to set up and use the plug-in in minutes.

#5 You can use your own website host's mailing system with Rapid Mailer, if you don't want to use third party mailing systems. The Rapid Mailer team does recommend using third party mailers for the best results. This doesn't mean they don't offer support if you use your host's internal mailer. You still receive training on how to set up Rapid Mailer on your website and get the best results.

In order to avoid disappointments with IMSC Rapid Mailer, it is best to know exactly who will benefit from it, and who will not. That brings us to the (very few) cons.

#1 Rapid Mailer is designed for use with Wordpress, so you need to have a Wordpress website or blog. But since Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS systems, it is not surprising why the plug-in was designed for use it Wordpress.

#2 Another pain point for users may be the multiple numbers of configuration options. Setting up all the various options perfectly for your site can get confusing and time-consuming.
But overall, with a little patience and some help from IMSC Rapid Mailer support, you should be on your path to maximizing your mailing lists.

The Verdict
I am very satisfied with the simplicity and effectiveness of this plug-in. It is a nifty little tool to add to your online marketing toolbox. Rapid Mailer is for those who want greater flexibility over their website and great control over their email marketing expenses.

It is easy to install, relatively easy to use and gives you plenty of little conveniences in managing your auto-responder campaigns. Add to this is the absence of monthly fees and you have an attractive low-cost plug-in there is no reason to ignore.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Proven Methods To Promote Membership Website

So you have created your membership website and populated it with some content so people know what you are selling. Now you have come to the hardest part of all and the only question you have in mind is “how can I sell it?” The truth is that like with all businesses, the beginning is always a piece of cake, marketing however is much more tricky and hard. So how do you really get people to join your website and become members for the subscriptions you are selling?

1# Create a blog 
Creating a blog is the first step of promoting your membership site. If you want to get serious members, you need to give them a reason to follow you and become members to your site. The first step in starting a blog even before you begin thinking about what it will look like is looking at the platform you want to begin you blog on. Wordpress is the most preferred because it is friendly to first timers and very flexible. This allows you to create a blog that will look how you want it to look.

After choosing a platform, you need to choose a host like Hostgator. You should seriously know that no serious blogger ever hosts their blog on a free blogging website. If you are running internet and online businesses most especially, you need to make sure that clients can trust you. No one will buy from you if you come out as too cheap. Hostgator is a great hosting website that allows you to pay only for the amount of traffic that visits your site. You can increase the amount you pay depending on the increase of traffic to you blog. Hostgator is also very affordable and dependable. It will not let your blog crash when there are many visitors at the same time.

2# Create an automated marketing funnel

Once you have successfully created your blog, you need another way to market your membership site. A robust marketing funnel that also has a squeeze page, an auto- responder sequence and a stand alone sales page are great at marketing you. You may be wondering, what will my blog be for if I still need all these? You blog will be promoting your site directly. It will be giving people a reason as to why they need to become members of your site. It will also come in handy when you need to convert people to your email subscription list. A squeeze page will convert the people into your email listings faster than your blog will and you get more members faster than when depending on your blog alone.You can create customized squeeze page using Lead Rocket. Your auto- responder sequence will be handy when you need to send out pre- written emails to the people in your email lists.

When sending out the emails, ensure that they are not sales pitches. Instead, make them useful and informative by adding great content. This will help you build buzz and pressure so that your subscribers are drawn to buying whatever it is you are selling.

3# Have a front end offer

Many people are impatient. Even when they know that they can withdraw their membership any time, they will still complain about how long it takes for the value of their membership to show especially if you are selling monthly items. The best way to go around his is to have a front- end offer. This you can position as something they will get immediately after enrolling to become members. Do not be the bad people who force membership continuity and if you do, ensure that your members know what they are getting into before you give them the front end offer.

5#  Publish your website everywhere

As a business person, you need to publish you website in many places other than the obvious places like the business cards, invoices and compliment slips. You can invest in placing your website in magazines and newsletters, adverts and press releases, banners, posters, billboards, envelopes and any other place your business is mentioned. Adding accreditation as a membership benefit will have members adding your website and the address of your business to their letterheads and brochures amongst many other places.

5# Be SEO optimized

Search engine optimization is critical if anyone is to find your business online. Remember that online and internet businesses are very competitive and only a few business can make it to the first three pages of the search engine. You therefore need to make sure that the content in your website and your blog is optimized and has relevant keywords. Ensure that your HTML tags are not random and they do not contain figures that do not make sense. Instead make sure they also describe what your website is about so that they are easy to remember and search engines can find them easily.

7# Embrace social media

Social media is a great platform to market yourself and your business. Once you have written content for your blog, ensure that you have encouraged people to link to you and share your content with others so that they can all benefit from the membership you are offering. After reading your content and being certain, it is useful to them and others, most of your followers will share the content with other. In the process you get free marketing and of course more subscribers and members for your site. Social media is great because most people are in at least three platforms and log in to see what is new daily.

8# Pay for advertising

While there are free means of advertising you site, you always get value for what you have paid for. Free thing are just cheap they may not give you any real benefits or results. There are many places you can advertises yourself and the content in your blog and website. Google AdWords is a great platform when you are looking to advertise yourself and pay for visitors. This allows you to create a small text that will appear on the side of other websites. You can also go for banner advertising and directory listings.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Honest Review on Directory of Ezines

The Directory of Ezines Review- Pros & Cons
The Directory of Ezines was developed way back in the early era of the internet. Originally, it was intended to act as a source to search for ezines. Internet marketers could tap into this source to find ezines, promote their products by way of ads in those ezines and make a profit.

Today, this program has evolved into much more than that. Although not developed by Charlie Page, he bought the rights about 10 years ago and polished it into a wonderful tool, that is now used by a huge number of top-notch internet marketers.

In this review, you will be enlightened on the pros and drawbacks of subscribing to the popular marketing tool, Directory of Ezines.

Product Overview

Basically, the Directory of Ezines holds a compilation of ezines, personally picked by Charles Page, that are enlisted in several different topics and categories.

If you're not familiar with ezines, here's what they are- They are online newsletters of electronic magazines that are sent out to subscribers via email or in the website format. They cater to a wide assortment of niches. Since ezines are sent out to a targeted group of people, ezine marketing is extremely effective in increasing your website traffic and sales alike. The Directory gives out up-to-date information on ezine niches, publishers, circulations as well as the different options and rates of advertising.

Charlie is extremely selective about listing ezines in his directory. He ensures that the ezine publisher is 100% legitimate and publishes only premium quality ezines with very responsive subscribers. Therefore, you can be rest assured of having an excellent source of advertising options at hand when you sign up for this program.

If you've ever attempted to hunt out a good quality ezine publisher, you surely know that it's quite a hassle and results in unnecessary expenditure, before you finally build your go-to ezine list.

When you sign up for this program, you will learn how to develop a foolproof strategy to grow your article marketing campaign. You will also learn how to make the most out of your ezine marketing stint.

How Does it Work?

Once you've subscribed to this program, all you have to do next is browse through the categories. Do this until you end up finding the niche that you would like to sell your products to. Go to that list and you'll find the list of ezines that possess subscribers who're interested in the products you're selling. Beside every listing, you shall see the size of subscriber base, the ad types that the ezine will run as well as a concise description of the ezine. With this handy information at your disposal, you can now sit back and wait for the commissions to pour in from affiliate marketing!

Who is it Meant For?
This marketing tool can be employed by anyone who wishes to carve out a successful living online. So whether you're a seasoned internet marketer, or just taking baby steps to the virtual world, this program is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and give you good returns. Even if you wish to try your luck at affiliate marketing, it is sure to show you the way. In fact, affiliate marketers often adopt Ezine advertising as their sole marketing tactic to drive enormous traffic to their site and earn commission from sales.

That, in essence, is the true benefit of Ezine advertising. You will know exactly what your targeted market is, even before you shell out money in advertising. And having this knowledge will quicken your progress while making it cheaper yet fulfilling!

1# In-depth Training & Tools: You will uncover a good lot of training in this program. Also, the database of ezines is updated regularly to include new, tested ezines and get rid of the outdated ones. You will gain access to hundreds of ezines that belong to 23 categories till date.

2# Responsive Community: Once you sign up, you will be welcomed by a community of professionals who are ever ready to help you with your queries. In fact, you can even seek a one-on-one consultation with Charlie if you do happen to get stuck somewhere.

3# Rock Solid Support System: Another big plus of this program is that the owner, Charlie Page himself is 24x7 available to help you with your queries. Remember, when you have a connection with the owner, you can confidently vouch for the credibility of any program.

4# One Time Payment: Unlike the memberships that you have achieved in the past, this one incurs a one-time fee. After that, no more interruptions, hidden costs or unforeseen penalties. You can access a wealth of ezines and use this program in any way to succeed.

5# Lifelong Membership: In this program, once you become a subscriber, you remain a subscriber. After paying a one-time fee, you can access the training modules, ezines list, advertising coupons and everything else that's included in the program, all your life.

6# Affiliate Program Support: There is a special feature of affiliate marketing wherein you will find 18 different modules covering the aspects of affiliate marketing.

The Directory of Ezines is the manufacturer's marvel no doubt. Yet, as with all other things in the universe, this too is not perfect and comes with its own share of drawbacks.

1# Repetitive & Basic Information: To start with, this program does carry some very basic information that may come across as redundant to advanced marketers. If you have even a year of experience in online campaigning, you will know that some of this information can be easily found for free on the internet.

2# Too Pricey: The other negative comment that I keep hearing about this program is that its price can be really overwhelming on the wallet, especially if you're still skeptical about your online venture. Don't get me wrong, though. This program is worth every penny and even more but the cost is undoubtedly more than what some people can afford.

3# No Free Trial Offer: Considering that it's a training program vying for user attention, it should feature a free membership for starters or simply a free trial period, so that you can take a look before emptying your wallet. Novice marketers may get instantly intimidated by the $197 price tag of this program.

The Final Verdict

To sum it up, the Directory of Ezines is a great marketing tool for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. Apart from getting a lifelong supply of profitable ezines to market your products, you also get premium-quality training that guides you on how to succeed in your advertising campaign and make profits.

The fact that it's an exhaustive learning center is like the icing on the cake. Apart from getting access to qualified ezines, you will also learn how to use them in lucrative ways and what all to watch out for.

You can never go wrong when you subscribe to this program. I would highly recommend it if you're serious about earning a 5-figure income online and doing it much faster than waiting for the search engines to rank your content.