Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 Proven Methods To Promote Membership Website

So you have created your membership website and populated it with some content so people know what you are selling. Now you have come to the hardest part of all and the only question you have in mind is “how can I sell it?” The truth is that like with all businesses, the beginning is always a piece of cake, marketing however is much more tricky and hard. So how do you really get people to join your website and become members for the subscriptions you are selling?

1# Create a blog 
Creating a blog is the first step of promoting your membership site. If you want to get serious members, you need to give them a reason to follow you and become members to your site. The first step in starting a blog even before you begin thinking about what it will look like is looking at the platform you want to begin you blog on. Wordpress is the most preferred because it is friendly to first timers and very flexible. This allows you to create a blog that will look how you want it to look.

After choosing a platform, you need to choose a host like Hostgator. You should seriously know that no serious blogger ever hosts their blog on a free blogging website. If you are running internet and online businesses most especially, you need to make sure that clients can trust you. No one will buy from you if you come out as too cheap. Hostgator is a great hosting website that allows you to pay only for the amount of traffic that visits your site. You can increase the amount you pay depending on the increase of traffic to you blog. Hostgator is also very affordable and dependable. It will not let your blog crash when there are many visitors at the same time.

2# Create an automated marketing funnel

Once you have successfully created your blog, you need another way to market your membership site. A robust marketing funnel that also has a squeeze page, an auto- responder sequence and a stand alone sales page are great at marketing you. You may be wondering, what will my blog be for if I still need all these? You blog will be promoting your site directly. It will be giving people a reason as to why they need to become members of your site. It will also come in handy when you need to convert people to your email subscription list. A squeeze page will convert the people into your email listings faster than your blog will and you get more members faster than when depending on your blog alone.You can create customized squeeze page using Lead Rocket. Your auto- responder sequence will be handy when you need to send out pre- written emails to the people in your email lists.

When sending out the emails, ensure that they are not sales pitches. Instead, make them useful and informative by adding great content. This will help you build buzz and pressure so that your subscribers are drawn to buying whatever it is you are selling.

3# Have a front end offer

Many people are impatient. Even when they know that they can withdraw their membership any time, they will still complain about how long it takes for the value of their membership to show especially if you are selling monthly items. The best way to go around his is to have a front- end offer. This you can position as something they will get immediately after enrolling to become members. Do not be the bad people who force membership continuity and if you do, ensure that your members know what they are getting into before you give them the front end offer.

5#  Publish your website everywhere

As a business person, you need to publish you website in many places other than the obvious places like the business cards, invoices and compliment slips. You can invest in placing your website in magazines and newsletters, adverts and press releases, banners, posters, billboards, envelopes and any other place your business is mentioned. Adding accreditation as a membership benefit will have members adding your website and the address of your business to their letterheads and brochures amongst many other places.

5# Be SEO optimized

Search engine optimization is critical if anyone is to find your business online. Remember that online and internet businesses are very competitive and only a few business can make it to the first three pages of the search engine. You therefore need to make sure that the content in your website and your blog is optimized and has relevant keywords. Ensure that your HTML tags are not random and they do not contain figures that do not make sense. Instead make sure they also describe what your website is about so that they are easy to remember and search engines can find them easily.

7# Embrace social media

Social media is a great platform to market yourself and your business. Once you have written content for your blog, ensure that you have encouraged people to link to you and share your content with others so that they can all benefit from the membership you are offering. After reading your content and being certain, it is useful to them and others, most of your followers will share the content with other. In the process you get free marketing and of course more subscribers and members for your site. Social media is great because most people are in at least three platforms and log in to see what is new daily.

8# Pay for advertising

While there are free means of advertising you site, you always get value for what you have paid for. Free thing are just cheap they may not give you any real benefits or results. There are many places you can advertises yourself and the content in your blog and website. Google AdWords is a great platform when you are looking to advertise yourself and pay for visitors. This allows you to create a small text that will appear on the side of other websites. You can also go for banner advertising and directory listings.


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