Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Honest Review on Directory of Ezines

The Directory of Ezines Review- Pros & Cons

The Directory of Ezines was developed way back in the early era of the internet. Originally, it was intended to act as a source to search for ezines. Internet marketers could tap into this source to find ezines, promote their products by way of ads in those ezines and make a profit.

Today, this program has evolved into much more than that. Although not developed by Charlie Page, he bought the rights about 10 years ago and polished it into a wonderful tool, that is now used by a huge number of top-notch internet marketers.

In this review, you will be enlightened on the pros and drawbacks of subscribing to the popular marketing tool, Directory of Ezines.

Product Overview

Basically, the Directory of Ezines holds a compilation of ezines, personally picked by Charles Page, that are enlisted in several different topics and categories.

If you're not familiar with ezines, here's what they are- They are online newsletters of electronic magazines that are sent out to subscribers via email or in the website format. They cater to a wide assortment of niches. Since ezines are sent out to a targeted group of people, ezine marketing is extremely effective in increasing your website traffic and sales alike. The Directory gives out up-to-date information on ezine niches, publishers, circulations as well as the different options and rates of advertising.

Charlie is extremely selective about listing ezines in his directory. He ensures that the ezine publisher is 100% legitimate and publishes only premium quality ezines with very responsive subscribers. Therefore, you can be rest assured of having an excellent source of advertising options at hand when you sign up for this program.

If you've ever attempted to hunt out a good quality ezine publisher, you surely know that it's quite a hassle and results in unnecessary expenditure, before you finally build your go-to ezine list.

When you sign up for this program, you will learn how to develop a foolproof strategy to grow your article marketing campaign. You will also learn how to make the most out of your ezine marketing stint.

How Does it Work?

Once you've subscribed to this program, all you have to do next is browse through the categories. Do this until you end up finding the niche that you would like to sell your products to. Go to that list and you'll find the list of ezines that possess subscribers who're interested in the products you're selling. Beside every listing, you shall see the size of subscriber base, the ad types that the ezine will run as well as a concise description of the ezine. With this handy information at your disposal, you can now sit back and wait for the commissions to pour in from affiliate marketing!

Who is it Meant For?
This marketing tool can be employed by anyone who wishes to carve out a successful living online. So whether you're a seasoned internet marketer, or just taking baby steps to the virtual world, this program is flexible enough to adapt to your needs and give you good returns. Even if you wish to try your luck at affiliate marketing, it is sure to show you the way. In fact, affiliate marketers often adopt Ezine advertising as their sole marketing tactic to drive enormous traffic to their site and earn commission from sales.

That, in essence, is the true benefit of Ezine advertising. You will know exactly what your targeted market is, even before you shell out money in advertising. And having this knowledge will quicken your progress while making it cheaper yet fulfilling!

1# In-depth Training & Tools: You will uncover a good lot of training in this program. Also, the database of ezines is updated regularly to include new, tested ezines and get rid of the outdated ones. You will gain access to hundreds of ezines that belong to 23 categories till date.

2# Responsive Community: Once you sign up, you will be welcomed by a community of professionals who are ever ready to help you with your queries. In fact, you can even seek a one-on-one consultation with Charlie if you do happen to get stuck somewhere.

3# Rock Solid Support System: Another big plus of this program is that the owner, Charlie Page himself is 24x7 available to help you with your queries. Remember, when you have a connection with the owner, you can confidently vouch for the credibility of any program.

4# One Time Payment: Unlike the memberships that you have achieved in the past, this one incurs a one-time fee. After that, no more interruptions, hidden costs or unforeseen penalties. You can access a wealth of ezines and use this program in any way to succeed.

5# Lifelong Membership: In this program, once you become a subscriber, you remain a subscriber. After paying a one-time fee, you can access the training modules, ezines list, advertising coupons and everything else that's included in the program, all your life.

6# Affiliate Program Support: There is a special feature of affiliate marketing wherein you will find 18 different modules covering the aspects of affiliate marketing.

The Directory of Ezines is the manufacturer's marvel no doubt. Yet, as with all other things in the universe, this too is not perfect and comes with its own share of drawbacks.

1# Repetitive & Basic Information: To start with, this program does carry some very basic information that may come across as redundant to advanced marketers. If you have even a year of experience in online campaigning, you will know that some of this information can be easily found for free on the internet.

2# Too Pricey: The other negative comment that I keep hearing about this program is that its price can be really overwhelming on the wallet, especially if you're still skeptical about your online venture. Don't get me wrong, though. This program is worth every penny and even more but the cost is undoubtedly more than what some people can afford.

3# No Free Trial Offer: Considering that it's a training program vying for user attention, it should feature a free membership for starters or simply a free trial period, so that you can take a look before emptying your wallet. Novice marketers may get instantly intimidated by the $197 price tag of this program.

The Final Verdict

To sum it up, the Directory of Ezines is a great marketing tool for beginners and seasoned marketers alike. Apart from getting a lifelong supply of profitable ezines to market your products, you also get premium-quality training that guides you on how to succeed in your advertising campaign and make profits.

The fact that it's an exhaustive learning center is like the icing on the cake. Apart from getting access to qualified ezines, you will also learn how to use them in lucrative ways and what all to watch out for.

You can never go wrong when you subscribe to this program. I would highly recommend it if you're serious about earning a 5-figure income online and doing it much faster than waiting for the search engines to rank your content.