Thursday, March 10, 2016

Scripteen Domain Marketplace Script Review

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Although the internet has been around for a decade or so, this is certainly the age of the internet with more opportunities arising everyday for individuals both working online or with businesses offline. However getting started can prove to be an uphill task especially if you have limited coding skills which is why Scripteen can be the answer to your prayers to help you launch your site and get started on the money-making journey sooner or give you a leg up by adding functionality to an already existing site thereby letting you focus your efforts on areas that matter like optimization and traffic generation.

Scripteen has a number of products geared to cater to different needs whether you are looking for a site to launch a startup or you are more geared towards an online gaming network. The products available from Scripteen include the Scripteen Domain Marketplace script which creates a website and domain auction platform so your clients can simply sign and put their sites or domains up for sale.

As you can tell from this impressive list of products, it is absolutely paramount to use the right script for your specific website needs in order to cater to cater to your clients needs and keep them coming back.

The Scripteen domain marketplace script which is developed with domain or webmasters in mind has both regular and premium membership offering a host of functions and features that help make your website that much better.

For regular membership which is offered free to users, features that are available in the package include a list of unlimited websites and domain names for sale, offers on these listings, a feature to edit domain names and websites, a platform to promote your listings if you already have them, a way to interact with your clients as you can view the comments of members on the website and domain name listings, a range of payment options for these listings, subscription to an RSS feed and the option to edit your account settings and upgrade to the premium membership which comes with a variety of additional features not included in the regular membership.

These features include being able to view, edit, send and delete personal messages from the website members, add comments to both the domain name and website listings as well as place bids on these listings including a “Buy Now” option, as well as view details of the sellers of domain names and websites and offer member details for both.

The premium membership will also add admin privileges including the ability to edit the site title and domain name, paypal accounts, homepage title, site slogan and the page detailing how it all works as well as being able to change the prices and durations of the Premium membership and the admin password. Other admin features that are included are the ability to view active, inactive and premium members, view and moderate comments and listings of the auctions, adding banners for header rotation of the websites, adding advertising which helps with increasing the ROI, sending a newsletter to all the members which helps you in staying connected and building rapport which is critical in building your brand and keeps clients coming back as well as letting you view a website, log out admin and select a payment option for listings. If all these features are available for just one product, imagine what Scripteen can do for you as you grow and diversify your business online or on the ground.

The Advantages of using Scripteen Domain marketplace Script

  • You get a whole lot bang for your buck both with the regular and premium memberships
  • A host of features which make adding pages or editing existing pages super easy
  • Support tickets for queries
  • Ability to upgrade to gain access to better features
  • Support and updates available at very affordable prices
  • Professional installation available making it even more convenient

Disadvantages of the Scripteen Domain marketplace script
  • Requires you to have PHP or MySQL for it to work
  • You still have to do the content creation, data management and editing yourself
  • You need to pay for the support and updates yearly get the two or three year package
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Scripteen has been helping other individuals like you launch their startups and websites or add functionality to their websites no matter the niche without the hassle of having to learn coding or fork out a substantial amount. The Scripteen domain marketplace script alone offers a world of features that you are going to be hard-pressed to find anywhere else and this is just a tip of the scripting iceberg. With about a dozen other scripts that you can make use of from Bidding Directory to Glitter Text Generator, there is something for all your website needs.


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