Friday, March 11, 2016

Scripteen Fb Cover Script Review

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The Internet is a door of opportunities for each and every one of us. There are great opportunities arising everyday which allow people from all walks of life to benefit from, especially those interested in online businesses. The Internet is an excellent platform for online marketing and businesses, and it gets even better with Facebook Cover Scripts.

Facebook Cover Scripts is a one stop solution that provides you with the liberty of organizing and sharing Facebook Cover Photos, Collage Covers with family and friends, as well as earning money from ads. However, getting started can be quite tricky, especially if you have limited coding skills. This is when Scripteen comes handy. One of the best Facebook Cover Scripts in the market today is Scripteen.

Scripteen allows its users to start their very personal Facebook Covers website with simple, easy to use scripts.

PROs of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script

l# Simple and Easy Scripts
Scripteen makes it very simple and easy for you to use their web scripts, making it easily accessible even if you happen to be just a beginner. The product would be a good choice for beginners as well as advance users who want to build their very own website.

2# Excellent Quality
Scripteen Facebook Cover scripts are not thrown together overnight. The scripts are carefully developed by a professional programmer who has years of experience and vast knowledge on the matter. Moreover, they guarantee all of their scripts. Excellent quality and guarantee makes Scripteen one of the mostly sort after Facebook Cover Scripts today.

3# JQuery Integration
In addition, the Scripteen team uses JQuery Intergration to make their web scripts ahead of others, especially with interactive designs and user interfaces. Interactive designs and user interfaces will definitely give your website a polished look and lively feel.

 Excellent Help and Support (Reliable)
With Scripteen you will never be talking to the operator machine for a long time. Besides offering excellent performance with their scripts, they also provide excellent help and support. You will be provided with adequate support and script updates for every web script that you download. Adding to this, you will also have access to their vast knowledgebase and user forums. If you want to get your hands on a really reliable Facebook Cover Script, Scripteen is your perfect option.

1# Comes up with Smart and New Scripts monthly
One of the best things about Scripteen, which makes them a favourite for many, is its never ending scripts supply. Scripteen comes up with and adds new scripts to their library every month or sometimes even every week. There is always something new for everyone!

2# Affordable
Although Scripteen offers quality scripts, it keeps buyers’ budget in mind. Unlike many other Facebook Cover Script creators out there, Scripteen offers its product in very affordable prices, while providing even better quality scripts.

3# Safe
One of the important factor to consider when purchasing scripts is its safety. And, Scripteen excels in this area too. According a great number of existing users, the scripts offered by Scripteen are safe and trustworthy.

      >>> Download Scripteen Facebook Cover Script Here <<<

CONs of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script
There isn’t anything much to say about the drawback of Scripteen, as their product is certainly excellent. However, using the Scripteen Facebook Cover Script, you will need to do the content creation as well as data management and editing all by yourself. This can be a little tricky for new users, but would defiantly be favored by those creative minded users who prefer to edit and create their own content.

Features of Scripteen Facebook Cover Script
  • Front-End Features
  • Web 2.0 look as well as feel
  • Unlimited categories
  • Top downloaded' feature
  • Featured covers' feature 
  • Featured cover slider. 
  • One click download
  • Nice cover preview 
  • SEO Friendly URLs 
  • Upload-cover to Facebook feature
  • Facebook Comments system
  • Easy search feature
  • Share Facebook-covers (via AddThis) 
  • Built-in contact form 
  • Advertisement spots. 
  • Pages such as about us, terms and conditions and privacy policy. 
  • Nice 404 page
Admin Features
  • Logo upload 
  • Edit Meta-tags and Meta description 
  • Category-management (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Ajax image upload.
  • Automatic watermarking (optional)
  • Easy cover management
  • Input Facebook-app info
  • Change admin-user/pass
  • Ad management
  • Edit pages (W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G editor)
So, is it Worth the Investment?
Definitely, yes! Scripteen has been helping a vast array of individuals like you, in launching their startups and websites, without the hassle of needing to learn coding, or paying a big sum of capital. You need not even have special skills to be able to use the Scripteen Facebook Cover Script. The Scripteen Facebook Cover Script would definitely be the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable and excellent quality Facebook cover script. It also gives you the opportunity of exploring into a variety of scripts to find your best suited one. Once you have started using Scripteen, you will never go for a different Facebook cover script again!


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