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Index Nuke Review: Easy Way To Get Your Backlink Indexed
Your website isn’t going to attract online traffic unless your backlinks are indexed by Google. However, getting backlinks from other niche-related websites is probably the most difficult process of Off-Page Optimization.

Lots of SEO’s are continually faced with this issue because of how Google has changed over time. Your website won’t manage to rank highly on search engines and get online visitors without indexing your backlinks. Therefore, the fact that your website needs them is one reason the links need to be indexed instantly. Having links indexed provides your website the rank it wants and you will receive the visitors you strive for.

The reason why so few do well in getting a handful of quality links from related web-pages is because these are competitor websites and no one intends to sabotage his rankings in SERP by endorsing his competition. The challenge can be even bigger particularly if you’re new on business, and with no authority and slight value for veteran online-marketers to share. These challenges have unquestionably made it more difficult to do Search Engine Optimization. However, there is always a way that you can work around them.

If you are one of thousands affiliate marketers who want to discover the real Backlink solution with no more effort, then this article is for you. The earlier your links are indexed by Google the better since your website needs them to survive. It’s definitely going to be a tough struggle, but then again it certainly is one you can win.

The secret is to have a software which uses brute force technology to take backlink indexing to the next level. All you need to is Index Nuke Backlink Indexer! Nothing more! With more than 10 years of combined experience in SEO, programming and Affiliate Marketing, you can trust us to inform you precisely why you should choose this product and what to do to obtain the absolute best results using Index Nuke Brute Force Backlink Indexer with the minimum investment in terms of time and effort!

What Is Index Nuke Backlink Indexer?

Index Nuke is a newly launched secret software which has been under development for close to a year. From initial concept to public release, it took more like 2 years. It’s quite a powerful Backlink Indexer. Index Nuke Backlink Indexer exploits BRUTE FORCE technology in order to index your backlinks. Not only does the software perform the usual RSS, PINGING and SITEMAP-techniques other Backlink Indexers carry out, they also utilize additional �BRUTE FORCE’ routines that ensure your backlinks obtain every chance to be properly indexed by the Search Engines. The technology also uses INTELIMAPS (intelligent Sitemaps) as well as 301 Redirects. I’m confident that the indexing technology far outshines that of the competitors.

How Does Index Nuke Backlink Indexer Work?

Index Nuke comes in two powerful versions. In its simplest form, which is the PRO version, it can easily compete with all-of its competitors and in most instances beat them. The PRO version includes desktop software that runs on either your computer or VPS. The version allows unlimited campaigns each with up-to 10K backlinks. Index Nuke PLATINUM version takes the indexing process multiple steps further using BRUTE FORCE indexing-modules in the CLOUD based servers. The PLATINUM version allows each campaign to-be PUSHED to the High-End SSD Servers in the CLOUD based servers to continue the Indexing Process. Their servers are powerful and could index MILLIONS of links.

The desktop software uses its own built-in indexing and BRUTE FORCE routines, then passes the backlinks to Index-Nuke Cloud to further BRUTE FORCE the backlinks. Effectively you are able to gain up to 2X the indexing power of an already-powerful piece of software. The PLATINUM version also uses the power of the privately-owned network of high PR websites for the sitemaps as well as other indexing modules. Both PRO and PLATINUM versions also use what is known as Intelligent Sitemaps (INTELIMAPS) and several other bespoke technologies that have been used previously for other indexing projects over the years.

Benefits Of Index Nuke Backlink Indexer

Index Nuke software comes in two powerful versions. The PRO version includes desktop software that runs on your computer or VPS and allows unlimited campaigns each with up-to 10K backlinks
Not only does the PLATINUM version utilize the power of the PRO desktop software, every campaign once complete could also be PUSHED to the High-End servers in the CLOUD technology to continue the Indexing process
Index Nuke exploits BRUTE FORCE technology for indexing your backlinks
The technology uses intelligent Sitemaps (INTELIMAPS) and 301 Redirects
Not only do they do the typical RSS, PINGING and SITEMAP-techniques other Backlink Indexers carry out, they also use surplus �BRUTE FORCE’ routines that ensure your backlinks get every opportunity to be indexed by the Search Engines

  1. This technique is easy to use, concise, and with clear instructions
  2. It has had proven positive results and online reviews throughout the years
  3. All you need to know is condensed into a simple Index Nuke Backlink Indexer product
  4. It’s rather inexpensive. It saves both your money and your valuable time as well
  5. Index Nuke Backlink Indexer is a very powerful link Indexer. In its simplest form (the PRO version) it can easily compete with all-of its competitors and in most instances beat themUsers can decide which version is best suited for them. For users who use automated tools like GSA SER, Money Robot, Scrapebox, etc., the PLATINUM version is recommended
  1. Index Nuke Backlink Indexer system isn’t a magic bullet and it will need a solid level of time commitment. You’ll need to follow the instructions provided with this software exactly in order to see any noticeable result.

Generally, Index Nuke Backlink Indexer is a great guide which offers very different approach to tackling backlink indexing. When you first buy Index Nuke you’ll receive an email that contains your license key. The system will be a separate e-mail from your purchase e-mail from ClickBank. In case you haven’t received your license key, you can check your SPAM folder or else raise a Support Ticket.

And remember there is a 60-days money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll receive your investment back. The guarantee is also a statement from the developer that they’re confident in the quality of their product. I’m confident that the indexing technology far outshines that of the competitors.

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Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine Review
Thank you for stopping by this site to check out my honest review about the Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine. Internet marketers always have a lot of purchases to make in order to achieve their financial dreams. That is why when I first stumpled on the ClickBump Engine; I knew I had to share all I know about this system with you in a post. Read on to find out what this product is all about and if it’s worth buying.

What is Clickbump Engine?
ClickBump Engine is a publishing system that allows internet marketers to build highly optimized sites that offer higher organic search engine rankings and greater conversions. You can use ClickBump Engine to run all of your websites. You may want to create a site that delivers high sales, or you might want to build a user-friendly landing page or product review site. Regardless of want you want, you will most probably find that this product contains what you need.

Unique features of this system include:
• Unlimited website license for incorporating into the sites you own
• SEO Optimized system increased conversion and improved ranking potential
• Sell unlimited products
• No need for a wide range of SEO plugins
• Member’s Dashboard where you get access to the latest updates
• Free software updates and forum support for six months
• Twelve proven templates that integrate easily with ClickBump theme and easily converts
• Fast loading SEO optimized pages for optimal ranking
• 60-day question-free money back guarantee

Main components of ClickBump Engine
1.ClickBump Engine (CE): This is a theme that contains all the core features and functions such as social media icons, ads, layout, text and social features.

2. ClickBump Skins: These are templates that are compatible with the included theme. You can use these templates to transform the aesthetics of your site. What it means here is that you can effectively change ClickBump skins while maintaining the ClickBump theme. When you purchase ClickBump Engine, you get access to twelve free skins. You can also opt for additional premium skins which go for roughly $10 each.

3. ClickBump SEO: You also get access to this optional plugin that is compatible with ClickBump theme. This plugin can help you add a wide variety of effective SEO features to your WP site.

4. JumpStart Pro: This is also another optional plugin you get when you purchase ClickBump Engine. This plugin automatically installs the ClickBump theme on your site with all your default posts, pages, and setting. This is an ideal plugin if you plan to create several WordPress sites.

• Quite simple to install, use and control. The theme is installed just like you would install any other WP theme. With just a single click, you will be able to set up a highly optimized site using ClickBump theme and system plugins
• If you have purchased this system and you find that you are not getting anticipated results, you can request a no strings attached refund from Clickbank within the first 60 days of use.
• This system can help you save a lot of money because it is affordable
• This system is of good quality since it operates smoothly
• Everything delivered by this system is safe and secure

Although ClickBump Engine is free for life after purchase, the free updates and forum support are only free for six months from the date of purchase. Free services will resume once again for a nominal fee or after you purchase additional skins.

Who is behind this product?
Clickbump Engine was designed and developed by Scott Blanchard; one of the world number one software developer and internet marketers. Blanchard loves teaching internet lovers about Search Engine Optimization. He has been building high-converting websites and software applications for all his adult life. He has spent almost a decade of hard work and sleepless nights to make sure this system work. He has included components that work effectively with the latest WordPress version. Everything from making the headers, font designs, creating menus and setting up the layout is effortlessly done. So all you are required to do is to download and upload ClickBump theme and publish your content, and you start selling right way.

ClickBump Engine Reputation
People who have purchased and used ClickBump Engine have given it good reviews and rating. They say that they were able to set up new websites in just minutes. Others say that they started seeing high conversion and improved search ranking the moment they started using this product.

ClickBank Engine retail price is $97. However, you can now get this product at $57. ClickBump Bundle which includes ClickBump SEO, JumpStart Pro, and ClickBump Engine has been reduced from $167 to $97. There are no risks involved when you purchase this product because Scott Blanchard provides a 60-day question free money back guarantee

Purchase and usage
When you finish filling the checkout process, immediately you will get directed to the download page. With just a single click, you will be able to download ClickBump system including PDF guide to help you get started. The ClickBump theme and other components will be ready for upload into any of your WordPress sites once you have it on your computer.

After you have downloaded this product, an email containing your password and username will be sent within 24 hours. Using these login in details, you will be able to access ClickBump member’s dashboard instantly. In the dashboard, you will get access to components that are included in ClickBump Engine.

Once ClickBump theme has been installed in WordPress site, you will get access to features such as Home, Ads, Blog, Images, Layout, Menus, SEO, Slider, Social Icons and Text. You will also get access to other features like built in Meta, title, and descriptions, Google +1 options, custom script or ads for each page, table of contents, and various widgets.

ClickBump is an incredulous publishing system for both newbie and advanced internet marketers who are interested in attaining high rankings and conversions.
If you have been looking for effective ways to set up SEO optimized website easily, increase sales and search ranking, then you need to give ClickBump Engine a try. You can begin using ClickBum engine components today.

Don’t forget to check out ClickBump’s constantly updated blog for step by step instructions on how to achieve maximum earning and site ranking.

App Coiner Review: Get paid for testing awesome apps
As you know by now, while countless ways promise to earn you money online, few of them actually work. Some of them work at the beginning for a few people, but they quickly turn into unprofitable as soon as more people start using them. One of the best, proven ways to succeed online is trying new products as soon as they hit the market. Lately, making money using your smartphone has become the new trend as smartphones become more capable than ever. A simple device that lies on your desk might have the potential to earn you a decent income. Make no mistake I don't intend to make you learn to code or build a new app. You can make decent money just by writing your honest opinion about new apps thanks to App coiner.

Though at first glance it may sound to you as a too good to be true scenario, I assure you that it exists as more and more developers are willing to pay you money to get positive traction. You just have to write an honest review and promote their app. Developers cannot afford to deal with every user individually, so they use App Coiner to access a large pool of users like you and me.

App Coiner is a website that is subscription based and establishes a connection between developers and reviewers. After you decide to become a part of their business you have to download one of their featured apps and test it. Then you have to write about your experience and express your honest opinion, and you will be paid.

I decided to review this business model to provide you with a reliable opinion about App coiner.
Their membership site works like a platform where you can scan for all the available apps to review. To begin with, you will need your smartphone or your tablet. You should know that the majority of featured apps are based on the Android platform, and support newer versions of this software so make sure you keep you phone or tablet updated.

App coiner's greatest advantage is that you don't need any skills despite being able to write in English. The site is heavily moderated so expect some time before your review gets approved. Also, make sure you proof-read your work, so they don't ask you for any revision.

How Does this System Work?

App coiner's system consists primarily of four steps.

1. Join their program
To be able to get paid for reviewing apps you have to pay a one-time fee of $27. However, if you consider it as an investment, you will be rewarded with many more money. This fee allows you to access their massive database and scan for available apps. The support team says that this fee covers all of their hosting, maintenance, and salary costs. After your sign up is completed, you will get your unique login details.

2. Choose your favorite app to review
App coiner's database contains a wide variety of apps both for Android and iOs devices. A useful tip is to select those apps that are created by well-known and experienced developers as they will regularly update and remove bugs from them. As soon as you select an app, you will be provided with a unique link that is an affiliate link that establishes a connection between you and the app. Use this link to review the app because it enables you to get paid as soon as someone reads your review or downloads the app using your unique link.

3. Write your review
After you have downloaded the app, it's time to test it. When you feel that you are ready to express your opinion, write your review using your log in details. If you are careful enough and avoid any Grammar mistake, your review will be approved quickly. Otherwise, it will keep getting rejected if you don't correct it.

4. Get Paid
It's important to establish that you are not paid for writing reviews. Instead, you are paid as soon as someone reads your review and decides to download this app and makes an in-store purchase. You don't need to worry about who is going to read your review as App coiner takes care of the necessary promotion which can bring the maximum exposure possible to your review.

Using App Coiner
It is important to know that your payments will be weekly, and you can collect them via Payoneer, direct deposit and check. Also, every app that you review contains up to $400 in possible app purchases. New apps are added on a weekly basis, and the website provides suggestions and educating material on possible ways of promoting your website and getting more people to view your reviews. This educational part is critical especially in our modern internet economy and will give you many valuable lessons.

                         >>> Get App Coiner Here <<<

  • The interface is easy to navigate as well as intuitive.
  • You only need a smartphone and some basic English knowledge.
  • You can review as many apps as you want. There is no limit.
  • As soon as you get approved, you can start reviewing in a matter of seconds.
  • There is a 60-day money back warranty.


  • You can only access this database via an Internet connection.
  • You have to stick to their instruction to attain a considerable profit.


I cannot recommend this website enough, especially for those who need a steady and reliable income stream. I suggest you get on board and take advantage of this opportunity. App coiner's developers take the responsibility of promoting your reviews in the best way possible using their various resources and connections. Additionally, worrying about losing your money is not an issue as they will refund you the full amount if you don't like their service for any reason. Also, this means you can get 60 days of risk-free access to their database and see if it works for you. I can tell you that making that $27 back will be very easy as soon as you understand how this system works. Last but not least, one of App coiner's main advantages is that the more time you allocate testing available apps, the more experienced you become as an application tester. That way your credibility rises and your reviews start getting more traction and attention resulting in more money for you. This opportunity exists and thousands of developers are looking for experienced and reliable app testers.

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How To Make 2,625$/Month With Hostgator Affiliate Program

Have you ever dreamed about making money on the Internet ? Sure, for some people even the idea of earning money online seems like a very difficult and strange fact. However, during the last 20 years, the internet has truly revolutionized our way of living and managed to create thousands of millionaires along the way. If you are serious about gaining some income online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it.

Many successful internet marketers, as well as famous bloggers, who are considered gurus in the area of affiliate marketing, recommend starting your marketing career by promoting Webhosting affiliate programs. This affiliate marketing niche offers amazing earning potential for beginners as well as experienced marketers. Think for a second, have you ever considered the possibility of making money from hosting rather than paying for its services? I am here to tell you that this scenario is very realistic.

One of the best Webhosting Services that not only offers attractive pricing but also rewards it's affiliate marketers generously is HostGator. Let's take a look at some background information about this famous service. HostGator is considered as the best web hosting service in the world since it offers amazing, unlimited hosting plans, 45-day money guarantee, and top-notch support. No wonder why more than 9 million domains are hosted by this service. As any successful marketer will tell you, promoting a well-known, reputable service is the most lucrative strategy. Selling to people a high-quality service they already know about is way easier than promoting a company they have never heard of. This is a perfect win-win scenario. People take advantage of a reputable service and you get a hefty commission.

How Does This Program Works?

Without further ado, let's dive into the details of how you can benefit from this amazing service. Here is a short list of HostGator's affiliate program advantages.
1. Free Affiliate Membership.
2. High conversion rate.
3. Amazing support.
4. Easy payment options.
5. You can earn up to $125 for every sale.
Now, it's time to take a closer look at some of the best strategies you can implement in order to achieve the maximum earning potential.

1. Use Banners:
It is maybe the easiest way to generate sales. If you already have your own blog or website, place HostGator's banners either on your site's header or your sidebar. These banners are specifically designed by HostGator in order to achieve the highest conversion possible. You will find these promotional banners in your affiliate panel. If you possess some designing skills you can also create your own custom banner. Creating your own banners can prove to be very lucrative, as long as your design is impeccable.

2. Write a Review about Hostgator:

Another proven way to attract customers is to share your genuine hosting experience with readers. Try to provide solid information about technical specifications as well as some serious reasons why your readers should choose this service. Your review should come out as an honest approach to web hosting services and it should definitely not include promotional phrases, that will only decrease your credibility. You can also create a complete website dedicated to web hosting reviews and add web hosting offers from various different web hosting companies while earning massive affiliate commission while doing that. There is a powerful software called scripteen web hosting review script which lets you create your own review website with all the necessary features and services.

3. Create a comparison website:

When people are looking to purchase a hosting package, they usually read various reviews of all available services. Just like with any other product, you always consider positive reviews and comparisons as useful purchasing tools. By creating a successful hosting comparison website that ranks very well, you are able to attract new clients and expand your customers base. After all, you are offering key information to prospective buyers. Include also great reviews and discount coupons.

4. Create and promote your own custom coupons:

HostGator gives you the ability to create your own coupon codes in order to target your readers. When a customer signs up using your own custom coupon code, you are awarded a commission even if the user didn't follow your affiliate link. As soon as your custom coupon code is ready, begin promoting it on your website or blog as well as your social network accounts. The more people sign up under your code the more you earn.

5. Offer incentives:

Many successful bloggers offer a free WordPress Install to their customers. As long as you buy hosting using their affiliate link, they will create your WordPress blog. If you know how to use WordPress this is an amazing tactic that will set you apart from the competition. Other types of incentives include ebooks, free premium themes as well as blog consultation. Find a strategy that distinguishes you from the competition and stick with it only to see the rewards coming.

6. Promote Special HostGator Offers:

Like any other respected hosting provider, HostGator takes advantage of Special days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday to offer incredible discounts. Promote these offers on your website or blog and people will take notice.

7. Take advantage of popular forums:
Another great strategy is to post offers on popular forums as long as they include attractive discounts. Despite the fact that you can literally find thousands of forums, only a few of them will help you to attract new customers. Instead of joining hundreds of low-quality forums sign up to the best ,high traffic forums you can find. Don't begin your forum membership by promoting your services. Engage with other members and try to participate in their conversations. Make sure to place a signature with your website's link under all of your posts.

8. Create new social media accounts dedicated to your business:

Nowadays, almost every customer searches companies and products through social media. Having a presence is a crucial and necessary step to establish trust. Promote your page in order to attract followers.

9. Shoot a video of how the product works:
This is a general affiliate marketing tip but it can be also useful in the case of HostGator. Include a 1 or 2-minute video where you explain the product's features as you walk through the website. Animation is a great yet engaging way to do it.

10. Advertise through Google:
While not all people have the budget to do that, it is a great way to attract hundreds of customers at once. You will attract targeted visitors that are eager to buy your service. Combine this tactic with a professional-looking website that provides information about web hosting services and chances are you will be pretty successful.

Last but not least, I understand how frustrating all these may sound to you especially if you are inexperienced. I personally suggest you try an affiliate marketing service in order to educate yourself about this lucrative business model. One of the best services out there is Affilorama. This website makes affiliate marketing easy since it offers incredible video tutorials and step by step guides to help you kick-start your career as a marketer. You will notice that this site is by far the biggest online affiliate marketing community online. Still unsure about their service?

Sign up for the free starter account and check it out without spending a dime.

How I Am Making 2076.74$ With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Sneak Peak of My Clickbank Dashboard

Yes, you read it right. I have made 2076.74$ last month for some people it might look less and for some it might be too much but whatever it is you can make these figures too and today you are going to learn how to do it. Here is my step by step guide just replicate it and you too can start making money with CB.

Things You Need
Before you start out you need to have few things in place the first thing is a domain name which going to be your blog name and a good web hosting.

Naming You Blog
Some people get confused with this part so here are few pointers which you can follow while choosing the name of your blog.

  • Name Related To Your Business : You can go with choosing something which reflects your business just as your are selling weight loss course then you can choose a domain which have weight loss in it's url like or
  • Catchy Domain Name:  You can also opt for some catchy domain name which doesn't have any words related you business just like or these doesn't have any meaning but still they sound great.
Buying Domain Name
When it comes to domain name and hosting there are two trusted players Hostgator and Godaddy you can choose any of them to get a domain name for your blog, for my blog i am using Hostgator,

A Web Hosting Account
Domain name is just a name of your business but you need to keep it somewhere so you have to get a hosting if you choose Hostgator you can save you dollars for the domain name as with every hosting package they provide a free domain name.

Finding Products To Promote
All products are listed under their Affiliate Marketplace tab from here you can browse the entire marketplace of Clickbank. Just check out the category which matches you blog niche you will come across bunch of products.

Sorting Out Winners From Losers (My Tricks)
What most people fail while promoting cb product is they just choose products randomly but that's not what you should do each product going to take few weeks of promotion so a bad product only going to waste your time and energy.

Trick 1 (Using Clickbank Stats)
There are bunch of stats below each product which going to give you a rough idea about what product going to sell and what doesn't now lets see the the following metrics of a product called "Google Sniper".
You can see the gravity of the product displayed as "Grav: 122.29" is quite high mostly a product with gravity more then 5 have potential to sell but it has really high gravity which means it's a solid product.

Trick 2 (By Analyzing Search Result)
Now should you start promoting it right away no not yet there are something to look before you make up your decision. Now let see what comes up while you search "google sniper review" on google.

Now there is a pretty much big bunch of websites comes up in the search result and some of them have even bought a custom domain name just for promoting this product.So the what fancy about these custom domain names is that when you think logically these guys have bought a domain name that going to cost somewhere around 10$ a year along with that they might have spent approximately 60$ on hosting. So practically the product they are promoting is giving them enough money to sustain their single page website so you can use this criteria to know what product are hot cakes before jumping around blind folded.

So well we have a quite decent product to promote but it's really competitive to rank up your review on the first page so when i have this sort of product where i know i would make a sale then i usually mark it as long term project as it's going to take couple of months to rank on. But ranking really pays of the hard work because a single product can bring enough sales then selling thousand of crap for zero dollar.

Trick 3 (Use Google Keyword Planner)

Short Term Products

After shortlisting some good products take few less gravity products just to fill up your accounts since ranking for these less competitive products would take less time so you can see few dollars before you start making bigger paychecks. A product with gravity of 5-20 are medium competitive targets.
Tricks To Promote Products
Now you have a list of strong products to sell but the bigger question is how you gonna sell them. For that you need to understand the art of crafting content. 

Banners are cool but not cool for your pockets
They may look flashy and cool but they don't convert really well when it comes to selling. When you send your visitors through banners you are not pre selling your customers as an affiliate you job is to create awareness about the product so if people don't know what a particular product can do for them they won't going to buy. So you need to make them understand the benefit before sending the affiliate page.

Let Content Do The Selling (Approach #1) 
The most effective way of selling something is by writing about it,

Briefly if you are selling a bicycle how would you sell them? By explaining about the benefit? isn't it and more importantly you should be able to explain how it will improve their life.

The same way if you selling a hair fall products you can write some tips about preventing hair loss and then recommend some hair loss products at the end. 

When you think about selling something always think of the problems of your potential customer as when you think about the problem of your customers only then you can provide them a solution.

Focus on buyers keyword (Approach #2)
Some searches brings natural sales, people search them as they are looking for that particular product if you come before them with that product they buy from you. Some of the common buyer keywords are :
  • How To Articles: Anything teaching how tos are often get sales as people are search for solution if you write about "How to repair a bicycle" you can easily sell them repair parts to your visitors as they are looking for a solution.
  • Review: The reason reviews bring good amount of sales because people are already convinced about certain stuff but they are looking for last opinion about it and when you come up with a honest review about that stuff, people buy from you that's why you will see lots of reviews on my blog. Currently i am getting 2-3% conversions on my review post.   

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the No 1 weapon in affiliate marketing if you follow major affiliate marketers they will all agree that the large portion of their income they have build through using their email list, well email marketing is bit techy for anyone who is new to internet marketing but skipping out is not an option because no matter whatever you learn at the end you will come up at email marketing.

For learning email marketing it's always better to learn from authentic places and i know such place such as affilorama training program, This is where i took my first baby steps in affiliate marketing.It's a web based step by step affiliate marketing training program which teaches you everything about affiliate marketing you will learn all techniques and skills you need to get started. The training has been started by Mark link who himself is a seven figure super affiliate.

PPC Technique (Good But Not Cheap)

PPC can instantly bring result as you have pay for visitors that come to your website you can dive in ppc thorough various authentic ppc program such as google adword. The reason why i hate ppc is that it's not cheap to master the art you need to go with trial and error method to create a good converting campaign so money has to be invested before you can think about making money.

Note: Now Google doesn't allow direct linking to affiliate offers so you need to create a landing page don't worry it just takes couple of minutes to create a landing  you need to create a landing page and then push affiliates links over their.