Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Make 2,625$/Month With Hostgator Affiliate Program


Have you ever dreamed about making money on the Internet ? Sure, for some people even the idea of earning money online seems like a very difficult and strange fact. However, during the last 20 years, the internet has truly revolutionized our way of living and managed to create thousands of millionaires along the way. If you are serious about gaining some income online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do it.

Many successful internet marketers, as well as famous bloggers, who are considered gurus in the area of affiliate marketing, recommend starting your marketing career by promoting Webhosting affiliate programs. This affiliate marketing niche offers amazing earning potential for beginners as well as experienced marketers. Think for a second, have you ever considered the possibility of making money from hosting rather than paying for its services? I am here to tell you that this scenario is very realistic.

One of the best Webhosting Services that not only offers attractive pricing but also rewards it's affiliate marketers generously is HostGator. Let's take a look at some background information about this famous service. HostGator is considered as the best web hosting service in the world since it offers amazing, unlimited hosting plans, 45-day money guarantee, and top-notch support. No wonder why more than 9 million domains are hosted by this service. As any successful marketer will tell you, promoting a well-known, reputable service is the most lucrative strategy. Selling to people a high-quality service they already know about is way easier than promoting a company they have never heard of. This is a perfect win-win scenario. People take advantage of a reputable service and you get a hefty commission.

How Does This Program Works?

Without further ado, let's dive into the details of how you can benefit from this amazing service. Here is a short list of HostGator's affiliate program advantages.
1. Free Affiliate Membership.
2. High conversion rate.
3. Amazing support.
4. Easy payment options.
5. You can earn up to $125 for every sale.
Now, it's time to take a closer look at some of the best strategies you can implement in order to achieve the maximum earning potential.

1. Use Banners:
It is maybe the easiest way to generate sales. If you already have your own blog or website, place HostGator's banners either on your site's header or your sidebar. These banners are specifically designed by HostGator in order to achieve the highest conversion possible. You will find these promotional banners in your affiliate panel. If you possess some designing skills you can also create your own custom banner. Creating your own banners can prove to be very lucrative, as long as your design is impeccable.

2. Write a Review about Hostgator:

Another proven way to attract customers is to share your genuine hosting experience with readers. Try to provide solid information about technical specifications as well as some serious reasons why your readers should choose this service. Your review should come out as an honest approach to web hosting services and it should definitely not include promotional phrases, that will only decrease your credibility. You can also create a complete website dedicated to web hosting reviews and add web hosting offers from various different web hosting companies while earning massive affiliate commission while doing that. There is a powerful software called scripteen web hosting review script which lets you create your own review website with all the necessary features and services.

3. Create a comparison website:

When people are looking to purchase a hosting package, they usually read various reviews of all available services. Just like with any other product, you always consider positive reviews and comparisons as useful purchasing tools. By creating a successful hosting comparison website that ranks very well, you are able to attract new clients and expand your customers base. After all, you are offering key information to prospective buyers. Include also great reviews and discount coupons.

4. Create and promote your own custom coupons:

HostGator gives you the ability to create your own coupon codes in order to target your readers. When a customer signs up using your own custom coupon code, you are awarded a commission even if the user didn't follow your affiliate link. As soon as your custom coupon code is ready, begin promoting it on your website or blog as well as your social network accounts. The more people sign up under your code the more you earn.

5. Offer incentives:

Many successful bloggers offer a free WordPress Install to their customers. As long as you buy hosting using their affiliate link, they will create your WordPress blog. If you know how to use WordPress this is an amazing tactic that will set you apart from the competition. Other types of incentives include ebooks, free premium themes as well as blog consultation. Find a strategy that distinguishes you from the competition and stick with it only to see the rewards coming.

6. Promote Special HostGator Offers:

Like any other respected hosting provider, HostGator takes advantage of Special days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday to offer incredible discounts. Promote these offers on your website or blog and people will take notice.

7. Take advantage of popular forums:
Another great strategy is to post offers on popular forums as long as they include attractive discounts. Despite the fact that you can literally find thousands of forums, only a few of them will help you to attract new customers. Instead of joining hundreds of low-quality forums sign up to the best ,high traffic forums you can find. Don't begin your forum membership by promoting your services. Engage with other members and try to participate in their conversations. Make sure to place a signature with your website's link under all of your posts.

8. Create new social media accounts dedicated to your business:

Nowadays, almost every customer searches companies and products through social media. Having a presence is a crucial and necessary step to establish trust. Promote your page in order to attract followers.

9. Shoot a video of how the product works:
This is a general affiliate marketing tip but it can be also useful in the case of HostGator. Include a 1 or 2-minute video where you explain the product's features as you walk through the website. Animation is a great yet engaging way to do it.

10. Advertise through Google:
While not all people have the budget to do that, it is a great way to attract hundreds of customers at once. You will attract targeted visitors that are eager to buy your service. Combine this tactic with a professional-looking website that provides information about web hosting services and chances are you will be pretty successful.

Last but not least, I understand how frustrating all these may sound to you especially if you are inexperienced. I personally suggest you try an affiliate marketing service in order to educate yourself about this lucrative business model. One of the best services out there is Affilorama. This website makes affiliate marketing easy since it offers incredible video tutorials and step by step guides to help you kick-start your career as a marketer. You will notice that this site is by far the biggest online affiliate marketing community online. Still unsure about their service?

Sign up for the free starter account and check it out without spending a dime.


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