Monday, April 25, 2016

Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine Review

Thank you for stopping by this site to check out my honest review about the Scott Blanchard’s ClickBump Engine. Internet marketers always have a lot of purchases to make in order to achieve their financial dreams. That is why when I first stumpled on the ClickBump Engine; I knew I had to share all I know about this system with you in a post. Read on to find out what this product is all about and if it’s worth buying.

What is Clickbump Engine?
ClickBump Engine is a publishing system that allows internet marketers to build highly optimized sites that offer higher organic search engine rankings and greater conversions. You can use ClickBump Engine to run all of your websites. You may want to create a site that delivers high sales, or you might want to build a user-friendly landing page or product review site. Regardless of want you want, you will most probably find that this product contains what you need.

Unique features of this system include:
• Unlimited website license for incorporating into the sites you own
• SEO Optimized system increased conversion and improved ranking potential
• Sell unlimited products
• No need for a wide range of SEO plugins
• Member’s Dashboard where you get access to the latest updates
• Free software updates and forum support for six months
• Twelve proven templates that integrate easily with ClickBump theme and easily converts
• Fast loading SEO optimized pages for optimal ranking
• 60-day question-free money back guarantee

Main components of ClickBump Engine
1.ClickBump Engine (CE): This is a theme that contains all the core features and functions such as social media icons, ads, layout, text and social features.

2. ClickBump Skins: These are templates that are compatible with the included theme. You can use these templates to transform the aesthetics of your site. What it means here is that you can effectively change ClickBump skins while maintaining the ClickBump theme. When you purchase ClickBump Engine, you get access to twelve free skins. You can also opt for additional premium skins which go for roughly $10 each.

3. ClickBump SEO: You also get access to this optional plugin that is compatible with ClickBump theme. This plugin can help you add a wide variety of effective SEO features to your WP site.

4. JumpStart Pro: This is also another optional plugin you get when you purchase ClickBump Engine. This plugin automatically installs the ClickBump theme on your site with all your default posts, pages, and setting. This is an ideal plugin if you plan to create several WordPress sites.

• Quite simple to install, use and control. The theme is installed just like you would install any other WP theme. With just a single click, you will be able to set up a highly optimized site using ClickBump theme and system plugins
• If you have purchased this system and you find that you are not getting anticipated results, you can request a no strings attached refund from Clickbank within the first 60 days of use.
• This system can help you save a lot of money because it is affordable
• This system is of good quality since it operates smoothly
• Everything delivered by this system is safe and secure

Although ClickBump Engine is free for life after purchase, the free updates and forum support are only free for six months from the date of purchase. Free services will resume once again for a nominal fee or after you purchase additional skins.

Who is behind this product?
Clickbump Engine was designed and developed by Scott Blanchard; one of the world number one software developer and internet marketers. Blanchard loves teaching internet lovers about Search Engine Optimization. He has been building high-converting websites and software applications for all his adult life. He has spent almost a decade of hard work and sleepless nights to make sure this system work. He has included components that work effectively with the latest WordPress version. Everything from making the headers, font designs, creating menus and setting up the layout is effortlessly done. So all you are required to do is to download and upload ClickBump theme and publish your content, and you start selling right way.

ClickBump Engine Reputation
People who have purchased and used ClickBump Engine have given it good reviews and rating. They say that they were able to set up new websites in just minutes. Others say that they started seeing high conversion and improved search ranking the moment they started using this product.

ClickBank Engine retail price is $97. However, you can now get this product at $57. ClickBump Bundle which includes ClickBump SEO, JumpStart Pro, and ClickBump Engine has been reduced from $167 to $97. There are no risks involved when you purchase this product because Scott Blanchard provides a 60-day question free money back guarantee

Purchase and usage
When you finish filling the checkout process, immediately you will get directed to the download page. With just a single click, you will be able to download ClickBump system including PDF guide to help you get started. The ClickBump theme and other components will be ready for upload into any of your WordPress sites once you have it on your computer.

After you have downloaded this product, an email containing your password and username will be sent within 24 hours. Using these login in details, you will be able to access ClickBump member’s dashboard instantly. In the dashboard, you will get access to components that are included in ClickBump Engine.

Once ClickBump theme has been installed in WordPress site, you will get access to features such as Home, Ads, Blog, Images, Layout, Menus, SEO, Slider, Social Icons and Text. You will also get access to other features like built in Meta, title, and descriptions, Google +1 options, custom script or ads for each page, table of contents, and various widgets.

ClickBump is an incredulous publishing system for both newbie and advanced internet marketers who are interested in attaining high rankings and conversions.
If you have been looking for effective ways to set up SEO optimized website easily, increase sales and search ranking, then you need to give ClickBump Engine a try. You can begin using ClickBum engine components today.

Don’t forget to check out ClickBump’s constantly updated blog for step by step instructions on how to achieve maximum earning and site ranking.


  1. There is some question about where is Scott Blanchard now and what is he doing? Although, the CB engine is well tweaked and developed, it has not been updated for several years, contrary to Scott's previous pattern of regularly providing new modifications to all his software including new themes and skins.

    Do you know, "Where Scott is now and waht is he doing? Has he sold his Red Moutain Company?"