Monday, May 23, 2016

Audello Review : Best Audio Marketing Software


When it comes to marketing products, there are hundreds if not thousands that have flooded the market, will all promising to help you improve your business within the shortest time possible.

However, not all these products live up to their promises, and that is why it is recommended that you first gather reviews from trusted sources like us here, or from experienced marketers who have used the marketing product in question.

In our case today, I will try to answer all your questions concerning Audello, the most powerful and audience building, podcast and audio marketing platform, which has been receiving lots of attention and for good reasons too since its launch. It is an innovative product that introduced new marketing strategies and set the bar higher in this otherwise competitive marketing industry. This product includes software and systematic training guidelines to help you succeed in turning around your business.

Audello Review
This revolutionary marketing tool is among the few marketing products today that have been created by an experienced internet marketer to help marketers and podcasters who engage in regular audio marketing campaigns. This product is particularly designed for everyone who is looking to build their email list, grow their audience and build their businesses within the shortest time.

Who Developed Audello?
Before purchasing any product, I take my time to find out who created it so that I can find out more about the quality of the product. Josh Bartlett is the creator of this amazing product and he has helped thousands of other marketers achieve their desired level of success. He is also the brains behind other amazing marketing tools, thanks to deeper research and a better understanding of marketing strategies. If you are Josh’s regular client, I know you are aware of the quality of his products and the exceptional customer support he offers. Without doubt, Audello is a game changer for both experienced marketers and newbies. Josh is an experienced marketer who has been in the industry for quite a long time now, and his methods and strategies always work effectively.

How Audello Works
Audello is an app that can be used by computers and smartphones to automate the process of creating top of the line podcasting content, uploading the content to your networks, getting uncountable leads and clients from your networks, converting clients into email addresses, making follow ups with email and webinar marketing, building large email lists using the power of Apples content networks, and cashing in while building your business. After installing Audello, you are required to key in the details of your podcast. Your podcast will be set up and Audello will start giving you reports about your content and your target audience.

For Audio Marketers
Audello helps audio marketers to provide their product information using audio recordings, create timed events to boost sales and record Skype calls to act as audience engaging interviews.

For Podcasters
Audello helps podcasters to import and track existing podcasts, create and publish podcasts to the biggest directories, create and customize playlists, viral pages and players, and get reports about those listening to their podcasts.

  1. Podcasting: Audello gives you the power to record, track, import, and schedule or publish your podcast.
  2. Custom playlists: Audello allows you to create customized collections of podcast or audio episodes.
  3. Advanced analytic: The advanced analytics help get reports concerning your audio or podcast episodes.
  4. Split testing: This feature allows you to create A/B tests for audio files based on a custom criteria.
  5. Timed events: This feature allows you to place buy buttons or opt in forms during particular stages of your audio.
  6. Audio pages: The exceptional drag and drop page editor allows you to create viral engagement pages.
  7. Audio getaways: Help you to persuade listeners to complete specific actions.
  8. Audio bars: Create support or engagement bars to interact directly with the site visitors.
  9. Beautiful skins: These skins will help you build your custom viral audio or podcast player.

What You Get With Audello
  1. Web hub of the software
  2. Free desktop app for both Windows and Mac to help you upload, record and convert audio files to your dashboard.
  3. Rich audio analytic
  4. Audio player creators
  5. A/B audio split testing
  6. Customized playlists and audio players
  7. Timed events
  8. Unlimited audio engagement pages
  9. Case studies and success stories from experienced marketers who have used this software to become rich.
  1. Audello is very easy to set up. With just 3 easy steps you will be able to set up and start using it.
  2. Pocket friendly unlike most marketing tools available in the market.
  3. User friendly in that podcasts can be built and published to directories in a matter of minutes.
  4. Easy recording can be done on the go using multiple devices.
  5. Exceptional client service from Josh to help you out in case of any issues
  6. Saves time
  7. More people are listening to podcasts and the audience keeps increasing day by day.
  8. Podcasts are downloaded in billions every year and yours could be among them.
  9. Case studies to help you build a successful podcast
  10. Unlimited timed events with an option to place a buy button or a call to action.
  11. Insane reports that give you all the data you need to become successful.
  12. Importing existing podcasts
  13. The ability to record Skype calls that are converted into interviews
  14. Tested
  15. Convenient for your audience
  16. 60-day money back guarantee if the product does not meet your expectations.
  17. Works well with iTunes and wordpress  
  1. The one time price is what most people think is a con.
I strongly recommend Audello to everyone and not just experienced or newbie marketers and podcasters. It has been around for a while now and has received uncountable rave reviews concerning its effectiveness when it comes to helping marketers and podcasters improve their businesses.

If they have managed to benefit from this amazing marketing tool, it means you too can replicate the results that they have been able to achieve. Audello is all you need to improve your business and boost your profits unbelievably. Try Audello today and set your business on a new path to success.

I hope that you have learned a few new things about Audello and that you will try it out soon.


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