Thursday, May 5, 2016

CB Pirate Review : Boosting Income With Clickbank PIRATE


Internet marketing is a complex thing, though there are a number of programs that teach some basic ways to make money online using some easy-to-follow internet marketing techniques. The Clickbank Pirate, also known as CB Pirate, is a course which ultimately promises to teach you ways to make money online through affiliate marketing, more specifically how to achieve that via Clickbank. This Review will delve straight to the point.

What is CB Pirate?

CB Pirate review is all about how you can tap into the immense potential of Clickbank and generate easy money at home promoting highly in-demand products and software online. It is promoted as a turn-key affiliate marketing business which teaches learners on how they can benefit from Clickbank, and on ways to attract wealth. It is designed to help you make more money by integrating a lucrative turnkey system which will have you as an affiliate marketer earning commissions on autopilot.

Two well-reputed internet marketers, Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye are the brains behind this program. They believe in automation and really understand how to save time and energy through use of some automated tools. This is why they employ the power of automation in nearly all of their programs. They claim that the will be the ideal program for those, who find an automated system which helps them turn their online business into profit, as well as rank in massive CB checks with ease.

CB Pirate provides WordPress sites that are pre-loaded with material that one can use to promote Clickbank Pirate. This program provides learners with professionally designed video squeeze pages that can pull efficiently-designed profit, in addition to being able to suck in leads quicker than they could say residual income. Moreover, this turn-key Clickbank system or ultimate plug reveals learners’ techniques to build a recession proof that earn recur income in an easy-and-quick manner. In addition, users don’t have to set up anything with this system, it also doesn’t require any hosting account, any autoresponder, any domain, and even previous technical skill.

This system comes with hosting for your website, free downloads for your online visitors to encourage them to leave an e-mail, in essence everything you’ll supposedly need to generate money selling CB Pirate is included in your package. When you buy CB Pirate, you will instantly become a member of CB Pirate forum.

Who is CB Pirate For?

If I were to speak for the-creators of CBP.com then my response would be, that this course is for beginners who’ve a slight idea how to create sites and generate traffic. It is basically a newbie friendly program because of its ease of use. Creators of the program designed it for the people who do not have any experience or expertise to take the proper action to generate money online. However, advanced online marketers can also take advantage of some of the features of CB Pirate yet its main attraction is for beginners who’re totally clueless where and how-to take the initial step in the internet marketing world.

What is Included In Your CB Pirate Business In-A-Box

CB Pirate is a product sold on Clickbank, a reputable market-place for affiliate sales with a good refund policy. With CB Pirate system you’ll obtain high-converting video squeeze pages, monthly web-hosting service, auto-responder already integrated for you, pre-made sales pages which prospects can’t resist, as well as promotional tools: articles, banner ads, pre-written emails, etc. In short, this is a complete business in-a-box and could easily help you get started online.

Make Money With Clickbank – How Clickbank Pirate Works

How this system works is quite simple, the authors provide you a pre-loaded website with pre-written material which links to the home page of Clickbank Pirate where the sale for their business in a box is hypothetically finalized. When you buy this CB Pirate product, you’ll also receive 5 money-making programs which will help you promote products on Clickbank in addition to earning money from these products.

In addition, the authors give users free access to CB Pirate’s training area. The authors provide learners with reports, pre-written content and articles which help them start create their own mail list. Besides, learners will obtain promotion tools that include banners, , blog posts, articles, cut and paste pre-written advertising and much more from Cindy together with Soren.

To help you understand more about how Clickbank Pirate works, and how to use these pre-written promotion tools, the authors have provided a video tutorial and detailed instructions in form of a PDF format which shows you how to become rich with Clickbank. Your job in this system is to get the traffic to your website and funnel this traffic to Clickbank Pirates site. In theory, this turn-key business sounds like a no-brainer opportunity.


  1. CB Pirate is sold via Clickbank, so it is easy to get a refund
  2. This guide is suitable both for beginners and advanced marketers
  3. CB Pirate is easy to use as it covers detailed instructions and features video tutorials.
  4. CB Pirate has an interface which is easy to follow
  5. You found this CB Pirate review (hopefully) before buying
  6. The authors also give a policy of money back within 8 weeks if the program doesn’t work effectively
  7. The program helps users save time as it contains pre written articles as well as templates
  8. They offer 3 free bonuses which support you in promoting products on Clickbank such as traffic generation 101, plug and play blog, as well as training and coaching
  9. Besides, if you buy this program, you’ll receive a 24/7 technical-support from the providers.


  1. Clickbank Pirate does cover a lot of benefits; though, the program also has some disadvantages. It isn’t a perfect program to help people do everything for their business. They’ve to spend time and effort over and above them having to get own business plans since this program isn’t an automatic money-making machine.
CB Affiliate – Final Verdict

This complete Clickbank Pirate review is made by me to honestly review whether CB Pirate works for you or not. In my experience, Clickbank Pirate is worth for your money, particularly for people who desire to earn extra online money. Obviously CB Pirate isn’t a scam since it does offer value for your investment.


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