Monday, May 23, 2016

Linked University Review : Generate Leads For Your Business Using LinkedIn

Have you tried marketing your business and products on all other social media platforms except LinkedIn? I know I’m not alone here, and I know how it feels when the furthest you can go is creating a LinkedIn profile.

I wanted to increase my business sales and be able to counter the cutthroat competition that was setting in the market. I thought and researched on all the possible platforms I could have used to market my business. It is when I made a checklist of all social media platforms that I could use. From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumbler and LinkedIn. Luckily, I managed in all the rest, except LINKEDIN.

What made the matter worse, is reading and hearing success stories of businesspersons and marketers like me, who got their breakthrough on LinkedIn, while the furthest I could go was creating a business profile. I didn't give up. I went ahead to check on blog posts and manuals on how to use LinkedIn. Luckily, I bumped into a website, and my LinkedIn story changed. This online website is LinkedIn University.

And because I know how it feels to try marketing on LinkedIn without any success, I decided to do this review, targeting-
  1. Those who are almost giving up on trying to use LinkedIn platform
  2. Anybody who has managed to signup on LinkedIn, but nothing much is coming their way and,
  3. Anyone who have been planning to use LinkedIn but you are yet there, there is something for you all, Linked University
What is Linked University?
Linked University is a program that was started by Josh Turner, targeting businesses and persons who have been using LinkedIn but haven’t got any real results. There is one thing that makes this program stand out; it goes beyond the basics and introduces you the LinkedIn world, that you could take years before knowing about. Additionally, Josh Turner takes you step by step. So whether you are trying LinkedIn for the first time or you are there already but with no positive results, you will find it useful.

I know you may have developed a negative attitude towards many online programs since most of them finally turn out to be scams. But hold on a little, LinkedIn University is not one of that. That’s why; Turner has been featured on some of the greatest online platforms and newspapers that a scammer cannot get close to.

What does Linked University teach? 
This program takes you through three critical stages, which is all you need, to get positive results from LinkedIn either for your business or professional services.
  1. How to establish yourself or your business on LinkedIn and how to be an expert in your field.
  2. How to establish a marketing process and develop systems that will enable you to start generating leads and,
  3. How to increase business or personal sales
Why has Turner got so much interest in LinkedIn?
You may be asking yourself, why not Facebook, Twitter or any of the other 5 great social media platforms? But do you know that currently LinkedIn has more than 350 million users? And all these users are potential customers for your products. You only need to know the way, on how to tap and convert these business connections and start earning from them

Secondly, LinkedIn is not for everybody. It is not just like any other social media platform for everyone. On this platform are serious professionals, businesses and decision makers. Also from a past independent research it was shown that LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective than all other social media platforms. Does that tell you the potential in LinkedIn?

Who is this program for?
Linked University is packaged to help the following category of people-
  1. Business owners
  2. Service providers
  3. Marketers
  4. Sales professionals 
  5. Social media consultants and
  6. If you don’t belong to any of the above 5 classes of individuals, but you are looking for a way to grow your sales or introduce yourself as an expert using LinkedIn
What is taught in Linked University?
According to Turner, he says in Linked University you will find more than coaches, mentors, and trainers. They walk the talk, each step, with you.
  1. How to establish your business, and identify qualified and new business opportunities, for your business and if you are a service provider, for your services.
  2. Hot to create your profile and position it in a way that when any search is done, your business will always appear at the top
  3. How to create and develop a database of your first-degree connections and how to grow these connections and start earning from them.
  4. How to drive traffic from LinkedIn to your business or personal website
  5. How to create a marketing campaign that will make your services and business visible to all high profile connections and prospects.
  6. If you are a service provider or a professional you will be taught on how to position yourself, create a brand, and become an expert in your field on LinkedIn
  7. How to place your content strategically on LinkedIn so that you are able to generate leads from the site and convert it to potential customers for your good and services
  8. How to start your LinkedIn group and how to grow the group, while at the same time getting lead from these groups,
  9. How to identify people who are specifically looking for the exact product and services you are offering and how to tap them, make the potential customers and direct them to your website.
  10. How you can use LinkedIn in promoting your webinars and local events
What do you get in Linked University?
After signing up, you will get a host of product and materials that are made to help you achieve the three main purposes that motivated Turner to develop this program. The package contains:-
  1. Workbooks
  2. A massive collection of training courses and video tutorials, that are made to take you step by step on how to establish yourself or your business on LinkedIn and how to increase sales and make yourself an expert in your field.
  3. Business and personal templates that are very useful when using LinkedIn. These templates make it very easy to use this platform.
  4. Audio files that you can listen while traveling. They are very useful when you are traveling; you can listen to them when you are driving. 
  5. Monthly releases that comprise of sales statistics that can help you chart your path and also learn from other persons and businesses using the same platform
  6. Monthly group coaching that is done live
  7. More resources specifically prepared to help you achieve your desired results

  1. The program takes you step to step on how to get started and how to achieve positive results when using LinkedIn.
  2. There is a collection of many materials that are designed to help you understand the process and how to execute the plan.
  3. You are given an in-depth teaching on each of the 11 objectives of the course
  4. It takes you through one of the social media platforms that other people are shying off from while there is a lot to gain from this site.
  5. The registration, payments and accessing the program is simple and safe
  6. It meets the needs of anyone who can benefit from using LinkedIn from businesses to professionals
  7. There is a lot of bonuses and gifts when you join
  8. When you register, you will be getting monthly release that addresses emerging issues and trends that you need to keep you going
  9. The live coaching sessions allow you to ask questions, where your specific needs can be met
  10. The program has an incredible customer care support team, to answer and provide clarifications on any issues you may be having.
  11. There are no other hidden payments or stages that you must unlock when you become a member
The program needs sacrifice and commitment to achieve your desired results
It will take time before you capture all secrets to start getting sales from LinkedIn
You must be ready for a learning journey, in each section

LinkedIn is one area where many businesses and professionals can generate sales and may be where your breakthrough will occur. While many people think that using and being able to navigate LinkedIn is hard, that is not the case. You just need someone to hold your hand and show you the path. Luckily with Linked University, you have the best companion. You are taken step by step, to help you achieve your desired results and see your business performance go to the next stage. Nobody should face the struggles I faced before getting this program.

To me, this has been an incredible program. As Turner says, Linked University is not just about videos, the coaches, mentors, and trainers, walk with you step by step. No matter how knowledgeable you are on LinkedIn, this program has got you covered. The reviews and people who recommended this program will also impress you. It is just incredible.

I also love the program, for the fact that, Turner doesn't let you go after joining the program; he wants you to stay around, help you start and help you achieve exactly what you are looking for!
So if you have been looking for the best LinkedIn use trainer, this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for.


  1. This program is OK. The problem with LinkedIn University is it is expensive and annual. Trust me there many other programs on the market that are fare less expensive with just as good or better training that include updates for one free. I found some of Josh Turners suggestions did not work and frankly counter productive to what is being suggested by LinkedIn. Don't be fooled by Josh Turner and his money game. Check out his new program. Josh Turner is not all about helping you with LinkedIn. I urge you to check out other similar programs and options.

  2. I have had great experience across the board with LU. I have found, like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.... and you get what you pay for