Friday, August 26, 2016

Shopify Review : Where To Build Your Online Store

For every business, increase in the number of customers translates to rise in profits. On the other hand, customers seek quality, affordability and convenience. The online platform has been one of the convenient ways sellers and buyers transact. There are many types of software from which sellers and buyers meet. Shopify is one of such e-commerce stores.

What is Shopify? It is a worldwide e-commerce platform where sellers present their products to the world. It is a project of computer software whose headquarters are in Canada. According to reviews, the company has been in the software business for many years. With this experience in the e-commerce industry, Shopify had some professionalism in it.

Since its launch in 2004, Shopify has good reviews from big brands such as CNET who claimed it is a transparent and genuine selling partner. The idea of a global online store was innovative and the company has many awards for it. Starting is easy since you have to log in and accept the terms and conditions and you connect to the global market.

Shopify Unique Features

Shopify for mobile gadgets

Shopify is a technological company and therefore understands the technological revolutions. Most of us are using android gadgets to transact businesses. Shopify POS is a cracked software for compatibility with an iPad and iPhone device. The features and applications are similar to the desktop version and are very responsive.

This POS features increase convenience and optimize your phone to transact all manner of business requirements. You can trace all products and their catalogs invoices and inventories and payments systems all from your phone. How much easier can your business get? It saves you time, money and is free of errors.

Shopify fees and charges

Building an online store was always expensive and hectic. The many procedures and requirements are time consuming and most of us give up. However, Shopify has made everything easy and affordable for everyone. They have made pay plans for all types of businesses from one time sellers to long-term big companies.

There are three Pricing plans:

Basic Shopify Plan

It is the cheapest plan on which you can use to build an online store. It will cost you just $29 a month from which you can make hundreds of dollars from the market exposure. You will never get any cheaper marketer charges.

Shopify normal plan

With this plan, your bid to build an online store is easier given the basic advertisement Shopify guarantees. It is as cheap as $79 per month and is suitable for upcoming merchants.

Advanced Shopify Plan

It is an executive plan with unlimited online stores and market. At $299 a month, you are assured of a bigger and profitable online stores and marketing. Given the results from this plan, it is very affordable and rewarding.

Why Shopify

There are many companies dealing with online-store softwares. However, it is always wise to look at the quality of results and relate it to the charges. The developers of Shopify combined convenience to efficiency to build software that is perfect to build any size of online stores. Even with the global connection, the features are always responsive.


The main purpose of building an online store is increase target market. With Shopify, you have all the essential features and channels to reach out the world. The SEO is perfect allowing Meta descriptions and title tags for your store visitors. Add-ons such as Search Console and sitemaps make your SEO look informative to customers.

Among all online store platforms, Shopify allows marketing campaigns through emails and AdWords. Access to landing pages is easy and you are able to market your store.

Hosting speed and security

Shopify Hosting Speed Test
When operating online stores, the speed of processing and security of payments cards is of a major concern. With Shopify, web hosting speeds are reliable and fast to every user. The processing of credit cards is secure since they have integrated with relevant payment providers. This is the only online store that the client enjoys less than five seconds for a page to load.

Reliable support 

When operating an online store, sometimes you require help from the hosts. For most of the hosts, their focus is the money you are making for them and not the smoothness of service. Shopify is different because other than the FAQ sheet, the friendly support team responds to every logical question.

With this back up information, it is easy to run the online store since you will an easy time answering questions from clients. The support team is one you will never get with any other online platform.

Design and Add-ons

Shopify has a theme system that allows you to customize the application to suit your preferred needs. There are free themes for those who those on budget and a theme market in case your shop requires some uniqueness.

The Software has all the relevant Add-on features for storeowners. The App Store has additional features that you can use to make your store livelier.

Shopify cons

Shopify has a few challenges, both avoidable and unavoidable. For some, the pricing of the software is higher especially for credit card users. However, given the nature of features and service the software brings to your store, the prices are a bit fair. The app is a long-term profit type of business given the nature and speed of transactions.

The initial Shopify app had challenges with installation but the renovated Shopify 2 is better. However, it still has some initiation problems that the team needs to work on. The built-in software has a limited content marketing scope compared to WordPress. Although it offers a great opportunity to build your store, content is limited.

For people who love working without full-on customization, Shopify will seem disturbing. This is especially the case for first timers. The lock-in aspect and the Jargon are still part of this selling platform as they are with all e-commerce channels.


If building a global online store is your aim, then Shopify is the e-commerce partner. The features of the software allow you to sell your products to the world. The speed of the SEO sites is one your customers will enjoy as they search through your store. In addition, the theme store will give your online store the look that suits your nature of products.

Install the Shopify app and connect your products to the whole world. it is time you increase your profits even higher with e-commerce.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

KDROI Review: Spread Your Kindle Across Many Channels

In this honest review, I will answer all the questions you might have about this program. Please read along to find out more.

KDROI Review

Kdroi is a highly valuable browser extension that aims to help you submit your book to multiple Kindle directory website within the blink of an eye. In fact, it is designed to help you send your book to over thirty-four sites in seconds. Without any doubt, kdroi is fast and profitable. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and it can be accessed from anywhere across the globe as long as you are connected to the internet.
Have you attempted almost everything to market Kindle books with little success? Well, today is your lucky day. Those who have tried promoting Kindle books before can confirm that it can prove to be a difficult task particularly if you don’t know where to begin, or you lack an expert to guide you through the process. Besides, it can cost a lot of cash which you might not have if you are starting out. So, instead of toiling hard to market your Kindle eBooks, how about you try this fantastic chrome browser extension called kdroi and make that process a walk in the park? Look, everything that you have tried out is now working, and that is why your competitors are doing better than you. However, with this software, you will be able to market your Kindle eBook and make more money than they do.

The five steps that you need to follow to send your Kindle books to the top sites for free include:

Setting up a free KDP promo for your eBook.
Viewing your eBook on the Kindle Store by clicking the link provided in your KDP.

Next, kdroi will retrieve all the relevant information for your chosen Kindle eBook. It works in the background to capture all the essential information from your publication. Once you can view your eBook on the Kindle store, the app will list the web page. All this is done by a single click and two steps that include picking whether your book is nonfiction or fiction and keying in your email address.

Confirm the details of your book for instance author bio, Kindle cover image to mention a few. If you need to change, the details ensure that you correct them in the boxes provided. Besides, you can also change kindle cover image if you don’t like it. Once you are done, click next.

Pick the atart and end date of your free promotion. All you are required to is to choose the start and end data of your cost-free promotion and click next.

Elect the websites you want to send your book to and then you will be offered an ever-growing list of locations that will offer your Kindle eBook on their site until the free promotion is over.
Click on submit promo and you will be done in less that fifteen seconds. That’s all.

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1. Browser integration

Unlike other Kindle eBook promotion software buried on your computer system, kdroi integrates directly into your web browser. The principal advantage of this function is that it allows you to send your book directly from your Kindle eBook web page.

2. Speed
I have tried out a couple of Kindle eBook promotion tools and to be honest, this is the quickest I have come across so far. Besides, this app will automatically upload ninety-nine percent of information about your Kindle eBook if you forget to enter it manually. By investing in this amazing software, you will be saving time as well as money.

3. Quick and Easy Installation

You don’t have to understand rocket science to install this program on your computer. With just a single click you will be able to install this software. In fact, you can do it while closing your eyes. Besides, it only takes four seconds for the installation to end. And that is not all; this software uses tiny disk space because it mounts right into your browser.

About Author:

Wes Atkins is the brain behind this amazing tool. Besides, he is also the brain behind KDSpy. Those who have tried out products from Wes before won't fail to tell you how he strives to give nothing but the best to his clients when it comes to quality. What’s even more exciting about getting products from Wes is that he is always available to give assistance.
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  • Unlike other Kindle eBook promotion tools, kdroi will send your free KDP chosen days to advertising sites to make the process of promoting your Kindle eBook a breeze.
  • Kdroi is very easy to install and does not consume lots of your tome during installation.
  • This product is cost effective because once you purchase it, you don’t have to pay any more to promote your eBook in this age.
  • Kdroi is compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Kdroi allows you to submit your book to multiple Kindle directory websites within seconds.
  • The product allows you unlimited eBook submissions so that you can post as many books as you wish.
  • Lastly, this product comes with lifetime updates so that it can give you the best service.

  • You have to be connected to the internet to use Kdroi.

Verdict: Is Kdroi Worth Purchasing?

When it comes to promoting Kindle books, a lot of avenues have been talked about, but one thing is that you’ll hardly find one that surpasses voice over service provision especially regarding earning potential. Kdroi is the ideal program you should consider if you are looking to promote your Kindle books and make real money. It has existed for a while and has received numerous rave reviews regarding its effectiveness in assisting users market their Kindle books and achieve huge financial success. Kdroi comes with a risk-free 60-day cash back guarantee which means you won’t lose anything if its outcomes don’t meet your expectation. Get you copy today and begin the journey of promoting your Kindle books on the right foot! Probably, you have learned a few new things about kdroi and that you will consider using it the next time you are looking to sell your Kindle eBook.
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Friday, August 5, 2016

Zamurai PBN Blueprint Review : Get Number One Ranking on Google

Want to Rank Number one on Google? How about instantly driving traffic to your website? Do you want to get any keyword ranked in the Google search engines with the least amount of effort? If you have answered yes to the following questions then take a moment of your time and continue reading to find out.

If for one second you think that ranking number on Google is a walk in the park then think again. You are going to need all the help you can get and Zamurai PBN Blueprint is just the thing you need to put you on the cutting edge of SEO rankings on Google.

Yes, you have that right! Google rankings are definitely the main search engine you want to aspire to being number one. So stick with me while I outline your options and show you why Zumurai Private Blog Network is all the blueprint you will ever need to achieve this feat!
For those who are not aware, PBN stands for Private Blog Networks and the Zumurai PBN Blueprint is your ticket to ensuring that your business soars to the top of the Google ranking chain and stay there.

The Zumurai PBN Blueprint will help you create your own customized PBN system easy for direct backlinks. An easy to understand Method with no drastic learning curve, you just get onto it and in no time you can witness your website go from the bottom of Google rankings to the top, or at least the first page, all at an affordable cost.

By using this Private Blog Network programme it will help your business to succeed just by ranking higher on Google.

The Zumurai PBN has recently developed an easy six-step programme which demonstrates how you can rank high on Google page in just 27 days or less by just implementing your own Private Blog Network. And this is without having to spend a fortune. It is so easy to use that you would need very little experience to ensure that you are number one in the Google rankings.

You will be able to master these six steps in no time and the following you will achieve:

  • Reach number one Rankings in 27 days or Less 
  • Reach your profit goals faster.
  • Get more competitive terms for bigger profit margins.
  • Drive more traffic to your website faster.
  • Target lead opportunities
  • You can then Charge your customers more SEO GuaranteedPush out with confidence knowing that Google’s got your back
  • Knock the competition right out of the ring

What makes the Zamurai Blueprint program such as success is that they operate on the following premises which take these little-known fact into consideration for the creation of this highly successful blueprint.

  • B2C companies with active blogs get 88% more leads monthly that B2C companies within the same niches that don't have blogs
  • 57% of entities get their clients through their blog
  • Entities that runs a blog have 97% more incoming links
  • Blogs are rated highly as assets by 81% of companies
  • Nine out of 10 Companies approximately 92% companies that blog several times per day acquire a customer
  • Companies that double their blogging on monthly efforts saw their leads double as well
  • There are 6.7 Million people (and counting) who blog on blogging sites and 12 Million plus people who blog by Social Media Networks 
What are PBN’s?
These private Blog Networks are groups of blogs or sites that are being controlled by one entity with the objective of increasing links on a particular niche inside the network with the distinct aim of getting it to rank on the first pages of Google. Utilized in the generation of links for SEO.

Comprised of a network of sites with some formidable backlinks automatically makes the PBN Network an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. If designed with care and efficiency, it will be built with all sites in your niche and one would never recognize, not even search engines themselves, that there is a PBN network at large in your company.

So it would be accurate or safe to say that blogging networks are a very good way of ranking high on search engine sites such as Google.

PBN’s have established themselves over time and have proven that they are very helpful when it comes to improving significantly the prospects of grow in your fledging business. By getting those high PR backlinks they help you a great deal in getting high PR backlinks steering right at your website which invariably gets you discovered in no time. Just ensure that you private blog networks are relevant your niche brand for your company and this will generate the traffic you need in record time.

The Importance of Private Blog Networks
Domains are very important in the PBN's Blueprint. They are utilized to build up rankings of a site in search engine optimization. They build the highest ranking and create authority for the site and the niches and back links specific to the company’s brand. The Blueprint will show you how to gain and exude control over these links, also proving to be far less expensive long term.

It’s no puzzle that Private Blog Networks are much more effective than their opposites (public link network). This is so because of their ability to offer ranking on demand.

Another crucial benefit of investing in a properly constructed PBN and we speak of none other than the Zamurai PBN Blueprint, is that it is designed to help you get the traffic specific to your niche right where you want it with the least amount of effort there is.
Zamurai PBN Blueprint will also help you determine how many leads that land on your website. This will help to ensure that you are fulfilling the wants and needs of every customer that lands on your web page.

Zamurai PBN Blueprint will not disappoint when it comes to seeing positive results in the improvement of your rankings on Google Search Engine. You will achieve those traffic numbers in 27 days or less and improve your understanding of the essentials of websites and blogs for your company. So why not start now. What are you waiting for? You now have the knowledge about Zamurai PBN Blueprint to set you on the winning path to website ranking success. So don’t delay, use Zamurai PBN Blueprint to achieve for your company the success it deserves.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A Comprehensive Review Of Landing Page Monkey

What is Landing Page Monkey?
For the majority of the marketers, it is a huge inconvenience to create landing pages. There is a choice: employ a designer or try it for yourself.
Besides developing a gorgeous page to suit your needs, the designer will furthermore drain your finances. And you need to shell out more cash whenever you require a new page so that the designer can pay for his lattes. it yourself will be the other choice. However, it will require quite a long time to produce each one of these landing pages. You need to know some coding to make them appear great. In addition, you have to get yourself a script or tracking tool if you wish to monitor your campaigns for verifying if the landing page is actually converting.
It is hardly any surprise that although they're leaving behind cash on the table, a lot of marketers have only a few landing pages. It is simply too much time, too much work or a lot of cash for putting them together; at the very least if you want to do them correctly.

About the makers of Landing Page Monkey
Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson are well-known Internet marketers and are extremely prosperous online businesses; nevertheless, there are more renowned for assisting other marketers. They have utilized their expertise through the years for producing a number of products which were designed to aid others to become productive marketers. Landing Page Monkey is actually their most recent release.

How does Landing Page Monkey function?
The Landing Page Monkey application takes away almost all of the work by easily and quickly producing spectacular landing pages with simply a few clicks of the mouse.

You don't require touching any line of code. It is not necessary to employ a designer or programmer. Even the script isn't needed to be downloaded and installed due to the fact that it is a web application.
You just have to log into the application dashboard, click on through the very intuitive form, and you will definitely have a modern, mobile responsive as well as a high converting landing page in only 5 minutes to sell your items or create your mailing list.

All these pages may be used to get webinar registrations, close more sales, obtain mailing list customers and run contests. If you want a landing page having an opt-in application form or a polished sales page, Landing Page Monkey will produce it extremely fast.
These are the primary features of the Landing Page Monkey app:

1. Provides highly personalized pages. The landing pages can be instantly fine-tuned to have the perfect feel and look for effortlessly integrating with the site. Landing Page Monkey enables you to modify font colors, font styles, layouts, background videos and also background images to deliver the landing page a sophisticated, cutting-edge style which is certain to impress.

2. Make modifications instantly. It is possible to modify the landing page but not affect signups or
even sales, upload anything or even touch the code. All you need to do will be to simply sign into the dashboard, make the changes, and then hit save to quickly update the pages.

3. Functions with all main email service companies, such as Aweber, GetResponse plus more.

4. Landing Page Monkey is going to host the page on your behalf. You are able to upload all these landing pages to your personal site, or even save bandwidth by allowing Landing Page Monkey host your page at no additional cost. You do not even require your own site to start creating a mailing list together with Landing Page Monkey.

5. Monitors your campaigns. The app monitors your mailing list sign ups to enable you to improve the campaigns for optimum profits.

6. Fully responsive, 0% mistakes. You never ever have to be worried about defective code throwing mistakes whenever Landing Page Monkey produces your pages which mean almost all your visitors are going to find the landing page. These pages are going to appear on your mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers and other gadgets. Additionally, they have been carefully screened to work on various platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer as well as other main browsers.

7. Saves you money and time. In just a few minutes you will get an attractive landing page which appears like it has been developed by an expensive web designer. And also the clone feature of Landing Page Monkey enables you to reproduce your preferred landing pages instantaneously and put them on the Internet quickly.

8. Eliminate tech headaches. It is a web-based application, therefore, there is absolutely nothing to download and install, no more fiddling with personalizing scripts. Simply log in and you are ready to begin creating pages immediately.


  •  There is no requirement for any prior skill.
  •  You only need an online connection for assessing the software.
  •  Amazing pages could be created that can be also effortlessly changed.
  •  100% compatible with most of the email auto responders.

  • Has to be connected to the Internet which could be a bit unpleasant to many individuals.
  • Why does every one of us love Landing Page Monkey?
  • As much as over 12,500 business owners are utilizing this particular Landing Page Monkey at present. 
  • The app is extremely marketer friendly. It is a page building platform that can assure more opt-ins and also lesser hassles. The pages will appear better than ever before in any internet browser on any gadget. Therefore, why don’t you need to try out something totally new?
  • It is software with endless pages. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of pages you create or pages that are hosted on your behalf.
  • Obtain all four bonus packages with Landing Page Monkey.


Because it is a web-based app, you don't need to mount, run or even to fiddle along with the manuscripts. You simply need to check in and begin generating pages immediately. It is extremely hard to obtain a better, less complex or faster means to develop and also disperse landing web pages. You can produce a web page just like an expert by using Landing Page Monkey if you have got the capacity to factor as well as click your mouse. Therefore, quit monkeying around with all those uncomfortable tools to find out on your own exactly why Landing Page Monkey does make list structure so simple.