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KDROI Review: Spread Your Kindle Across Many Channels

In this honest review, I will answer all the questions you might have about this program. Please read along to find out more.

KDROI Review

Kdroi is a highly valuable browser extension that aims to help you submit your book to multiple Kindle directory website within the blink of an eye. In fact, it is designed to help you send your book to over thirty-four sites in seconds. Without any doubt, kdroi is fast and profitable. It is compatible with both Mac and PC, and it can be accessed from anywhere across the globe as long as you are connected to the internet.
Have you attempted almost everything to market Kindle books with little success? Well, today is your lucky day. Those who have tried promoting Kindle books before can confirm that it can prove to be a difficult task particularly if you don’t know where to begin, or you lack an expert to guide you through the process. Besides, it can cost a lot of cash which you might not have if you are starting out. So, instead of toiling hard to market your Kindle eBooks, how about you try this fantastic chrome browser extension called kdroi and make that process a walk in the park? Look, everything that you have tried out is now working, and that is why your competitors are doing better than you. However, with this software, you will be able to market your Kindle eBook and make more money than they do.

The five steps that you need to follow to send your Kindle books to the top sites for free include:

Setting up a free KDP promo for your eBook.
Viewing your eBook on the Kindle Store by clicking the link provided in your KDP.

Next, kdroi will retrieve all the relevant information for your chosen Kindle eBook. It works in the background to capture all the essential information from your publication. Once you can view your eBook on the Kindle store, the app will list the web page. All this is done by a single click and two steps that include picking whether your book is nonfiction or fiction and keying in your email address.

Confirm the details of your book for instance author bio, Kindle cover image to mention a few. If you need to change, the details ensure that you correct them in the boxes provided. Besides, you can also change kindle cover image if you don’t like it. Once you are done, click next.

Pick the atart and end date of your free promotion. All you are required to is to choose the start and end data of your cost-free promotion and click next.

Elect the websites you want to send your book to and then you will be offered an ever-growing list of locations that will offer your Kindle eBook on their site until the free promotion is over.
Click on submit promo and you will be done in less that fifteen seconds. That’s all.

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1. Browser integration

Unlike other Kindle eBook promotion software buried on your computer system, kdroi integrates directly into your web browser. The principal advantage of this function is that it allows you to send your book directly from your Kindle eBook web page.

2. Speed
I have tried out a couple of Kindle eBook promotion tools and to be honest, this is the quickest I have come across so far. Besides, this app will automatically upload ninety-nine percent of information about your Kindle eBook if you forget to enter it manually. By investing in this amazing software, you will be saving time as well as money.

3. Quick and Easy Installation

You don’t have to understand rocket science to install this program on your computer. With just a single click you will be able to install this software. In fact, you can do it while closing your eyes. Besides, it only takes four seconds for the installation to end. And that is not all; this software uses tiny disk space because it mounts right into your browser.

About Author:

Wes Atkins is the brain behind this amazing tool. Besides, he is also the brain behind KDSpy. Those who have tried out products from Wes before won't fail to tell you how he strives to give nothing but the best to his clients when it comes to quality. What’s even more exciting about getting products from Wes is that he is always available to give assistance.
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  • Unlike other Kindle eBook promotion tools, kdroi will send your free KDP chosen days to advertising sites to make the process of promoting your Kindle eBook a breeze.
  • Kdroi is very easy to install and does not consume lots of your tome during installation.
  • This product is cost effective because once you purchase it, you don’t have to pay any more to promote your eBook in this age.
  • Kdroi is compatible with both Mac and PC.
  • Kdroi allows you to submit your book to multiple Kindle directory websites within seconds.
  • The product allows you unlimited eBook submissions so that you can post as many books as you wish.
  • Lastly, this product comes with lifetime updates so that it can give you the best service.

  • You have to be connected to the internet to use Kdroi.

Verdict: Is Kdroi Worth Purchasing?

When it comes to promoting Kindle books, a lot of avenues have been talked about, but one thing is that you’ll hardly find one that surpasses voice over service provision especially regarding earning potential. Kdroi is the ideal program you should consider if you are looking to promote your Kindle books and make real money. It has existed for a while and has received numerous rave reviews regarding its effectiveness in assisting users market their Kindle books and achieve huge financial success. Kdroi comes with a risk-free 60-day cash back guarantee which means you won’t lose anything if its outcomes don’t meet your expectation. Get you copy today and begin the journey of promoting your Kindle books on the right foot! Probably, you have learned a few new things about kdroi and that you will consider using it the next time you are looking to sell your Kindle eBook.
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