Friday, August 26, 2016

Shopify Review : Where To Build Your Online Store

For every business, increase in the number of customers translates to rise in profits. On the other hand, customers seek quality, affordability and convenience. The online platform has been one of the convenient ways sellers and buyers transact. There are many types of software from which sellers and buyers meet. Shopify is one of such e-commerce stores.

What is Shopify?

http://1.shopifytrack.com/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=12362 It is a worldwide e-commerce platform where sellers present their products to the world. It is a project of computer software whose headquarters are in Canada. According to reviews, the company has been in the software business for many years. With this experience in the e-commerce industry, Shopify had some professionalism in it.

Since its launch in 2004, Shopify has good reviews from big brands such as CNET who claimed it is a transparent and genuine selling partner. The idea of a global online store was innovative and the company has many awards for it. Starting is easy since you have to log in and accept the terms and conditions and you connect to the global market.

Shopify Unique Features

Shopify for mobile gadgets

Shopify is a technological company and therefore understands the technological revolutions. Most of us are using android gadgets to transact businesses. Shopify POS is a cracked software for compatibility with an iPad and iPhone device. The features and applications are similar to the desktop version and are very responsive.

This POS features increase convenience and optimize your phone to transact all manner of business requirements. You can trace all products and their catalogs invoices and inventories and payments systems all from your phone. How much easier can your business get? It saves you time, money and is free of errors.

Shopify fees and charges

Building an online store was always expensive and hectic. The many procedures and requirements are time consuming and most of us give up. However, Shopify has made everything easy and affordable for everyone. They have made pay plans for all types of businesses from one time sellers to long-term big companies.

There are three Pricing plans:

Basic Shopify Plan

It is the cheapest plan on which you can use to build an online store. It will cost you just $29 a month from which you can make hundreds of dollars from the market exposure. You will never get any cheaper marketer charges.

Shopify normal plan

With this plan, your bid to build an online store is easier given the basic advertisement Shopify guarantees. It is as cheap as $79 per month and is suitable for upcoming merchants.

Advanced Shopify Plan

It is an executive plan with unlimited online stores and market. At $299 a month, you are assured of a bigger and profitable online stores and marketing. Given the results from this plan, it is very affordable and rewarding.


Why Shopify

There are many companies dealing with online-store softwares. However, it is always wise to look at the quality of results and relate it to the charges. The developers of Shopify combined convenience to efficiency to build software that is perfect to build any size of online stores. Even with the global connection, the features are always responsive.


The main purpose of building an online store is increase target market. With Shopify, you have all the essential features and channels to reach out the world. The SEO is perfect allowing Meta descriptions and title tags for your store visitors. Add-ons such as Search Console and sitemaps make your SEO look informative to customers.

Among all online store platforms, Shopify allows marketing campaigns through emails and AdWords. Access to landing pages is easy and you are able to market your store.

Hosting speed and security

Shopify Hosting Speed Test
When operating online stores, the speed of processing and security of payments cards is of a major concern. With Shopify, web hosting speeds are reliable and fast to every user. The processing of credit cards is secure since they have integrated with relevant payment providers. This is the only online store that the client enjoys less than five seconds for a page to load.

Reliable support 

When operating an online store, sometimes you require help from the hosts. For most of the hosts, their focus is the money you are making for them and not the smoothness of service. Shopify is different because other than the FAQ sheet, the friendly support team responds to every logical question.

With this back up information, it is easy to run the online store since you will an easy time answering questions from clients. The support team is one you will never get with any other online platform.

Design and Add-ons

Shopify has a theme system that allows you to customize the application to suit your preferred needs. There are free themes for those who those on budget and a theme market in case your shop requires some uniqueness.

The Software has all the relevant Add-on features for storeowners. The App Store has additional features that you can use to make your store livelier.


Shopify cons

Shopify has a few challenges, both avoidable and unavoidable. For some, the pricing of the software is higher especially for credit card users. However, given the nature of features and service the software brings to your store, the prices are a bit fair. The app is a long-term profit type of business given the nature and speed of transactions.

The initial Shopify app had challenges with installation but the renovated Shopify 2 is better. However, it still has some initiation problems that the team needs to work on. The built-in software has a limited content marketing scope compared to WordPress. Although it offers a great opportunity to build your store, content is limited.

For people who love working without full-on customization, Shopify will seem disturbing. This is especially the case for first timers. The lock-in aspect and the Jargon are still part of this selling platform as they are with all e-commerce channels.


If building a global online store is your aim, then Shopify is the e-commerce partner. The features of the software allow you to sell your products to the world. The speed of the SEO sites is one your customers will enjoy as they search through your store. In addition, the theme store will give your online store the look that suits your nature of products.

Install the Shopify app and connect your products to the whole world. it is time you increase your profits even higher with e-commerce.


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