Thursday, August 29, 2019

How To Transfer Files To Your VPS Server With SFTP

WinSCP is a light weight open source SFTP program use to transfer files from your local directory to the remote vps server. You can download the software here https://winscp.net/eng/download.php after installing all you need to do is to enter details of your vps login credential and your can easily transfer files with drag and drop interference.

Step by Step DIY Guide
After installing you just need to enter the Host Name, Port number("Most web hosting provider emails you with these details when your purchase web hosting with them". If you somehow you didn't have these contact your web hosting provider) which by default 22 for SFTP while 21 for FTP so leave it 22 as it's a SFTP connection.

Add your username and password and click login if your login credentials are correct your will be connected with your vps server. On the right side is your files and folders stored in your remote vps server and on the left side you will see your files of your computer.

For transferring files from your computer to your vps server right click on the file which you want to send or drag to to select multiples files and then right click to select upload.
For downloading do the same process but at the right side and click on download. As shown in the picture below.

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